e-Book Illustrated Porsche Buyer's Guide download

e-Book Illustrated Porsche Buyer's Guide download

by Dean Batchelor

ISBN: 0879381590
ISBN13: 978-0879381592
Language: English
Publisher: Motorbooks International (August 1, 1983)
Pages: 176
Category: Automotive
Subategory: Building

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Rating: 4.4
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Dean Batchelor started out as a hot rodder, but ultimately became an automotive renaissance man.

Porsche automobiles, Automobiles.

This classic guide has been completely revised and updated by Randy Leffingwell.

Adding new material and revising previous information, this book covers all the Porsche models through 2010, including the last of the air-cooled 911s, the water-cooled 911s, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster, and Panamera.

Published 1983 by Motorbooks International in Osceola, Wis. Porsche automobiles, Purchasing, Automobiles, In library, Protected DAISY.

By (author) Dean Batchelor.

Publisher: Motorbooks. Author(s): Dean Batchelor, Randy Leffingwell. Foreword by: Dean Batchelor. Publishing Date: 2010.

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Adding new material and revising previous information, this book covers all the Porsche models through 2010, including the last of the air-cooled 911s, the water-cooled 911s. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

Book by Batchelor, Dean
This book covers porsche 911 models up to 1995. It does however cover the newer porsche boxters. The photographs provided are small, and lack detail. The technical specifications are scant. If you are a serious porsche fan, don't buy this book.

This is book is not at all sufficient as a buyer's guide, but it would serve as a great first book if you want a Porsche model overview and are not sure you want to buy other porsche books. I use it all the time just to read up on different models. But the information is VERY basic. Another negative - all photos are black and white - color photos would very much improve this book. But there are very adequate histories of many models, so this book serves as a decent, quick overview. These comments refer to the fourth edition.

This book provides good, general information about the Porsche line of cars from the first 356 up to the '97 Boxster. Information is generally more detailed about the earlier cars (pre '80) and then the author(s) seem to run out of steam, adding only brief paragraphs to describe modifications during the more recent years. This is perhaps understandable, as all Porsche cars are evolutionary, with small changes being made over the years.
The book will be useful if you are just starting to think about buying a used Porsche, and aren't even sure which model interests you. If you have already narrowed your search to a particular model, then there are other sources of information. For example, there is a great webpage of the evolution of the 911 which contains most of the information contained in this book on model changes. The Early 911 FAQ website also has a lot of detail on individual model year changes, plus some performance information and a great section on the possible trouble spots.
This book will not provide enough information for the final selection of a good used Porsche. It warns of the most obvious troublesome Porsches (ie. 2.7L 911s) but lacks the details for some other common problems that are smaller, but potentially very expensive if overlooked. Consider the book a good primer, but definitely look elsewhere for detailed pre-purchase advice.

If you are a new Porsche enthusiast and are looking for a basic background on the various higher production models this is the book for you. Like the other Illustrated Buyers Guides by Motorbooks this book gives a several page overview on each model produced describing the differences between previous models, the available options during different years, and general specifications on the model. If you are a seasoned enthusiast there is probably little information within this book that is new to you.

I found this book very useful in the search and subsequent purchase of my first Porsche. The book does not go into great detail about anything but focuses on the high and low points of each model. It reviews briefly the running changes made to each production model up to the Boxster and, most importantly, mentions the less desirable qualities of certain models and some of the trade-offs each model presents. For someone that is dead set on a particular year and model this book is of little help, but for someone who has a general idea of what they are looking for, a range if you will, then this book will provide the necessary information to narrow the search. All the pictures are black and white, but they are still fun to look at. This book is a must for anyone looking for their first Porsche and could well save them much money and hours of grief and regret on an uninformed purchase.

Book was very dissapointing. The author originally wrote the book a long time ago and claims to have updated information, but it is scare. If you want a Porsche from before 1985 the book is fine otherwise forget it.

... and not more. You should not use it as a reference for Porsche models in history. However, it is enough information for people who only want to know about some facts like horsepower or fuel consumption.

Great book

ISBN: 0760302901
ISBN13: 978-0760302903
language: English
Subcategory: Automotive
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