e-Book Technics and Civilization download

e-Book Technics and Civilization download

by Lewis Mumford

ISBN: 0844661155
ISBN13: 978-0844661155
Language: English
Publisher: Rutledge & Kegan Paul Ltd (June 1, 1984)
Pages: 495
Category: Engineering
Subategory: Building

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Technics and Civilization first presented its compelling history of the machine and critical study of its effects on civilization in 1934-before television.

Technics and Civilization first presented its compelling history of the machine and critical study of its effects on civilization in 1934-before television. Only 15 left in stock (more on the way).

Technics and Civilization book.

Technics and Civilization is a 1934 book by American philosopher and historian of technology Lewis Mumford.

Now the clock is an integral part of civilization. Since its creation it has prepared mankind to be compatible with future machines. But what is a clock and what does it do?

Lewis Mumford has been referred to as one of the twentieth century's most influential "public intellectuals.

Lewis Mumford has been referred to as one of the twentieth century's most influential "public intellectuals. A thinker and writer who denied the narrowness of academic speciality, Mumford embraced a cultural analysis that integrated technology, the natural environment, the urban environment, the individual, and the community.

Technics and Civilization first presented its compelling history of the .

Technics and Civilization first presented its compelling history of the machine and critical study of its effects on civilization in 1934-before television, the personal computer, and the Internet even appeared on our periphery. Lewis Mumford (1895–1990) was a writer whose scope encompassed literary criticism, architecture, history, urban sociology, and philosophy. The author of over thirty books, he was also the architectural critic for The New Yorker for over thirty years.

Technics And Civilization. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item 2015. author: Lewis Mumford d. ate. te: 2009-06-00 d. citation: 1934 d. dentifier. origpath: 84 d. copyno: 1 d.

Отметить неприемлемое содержание. сохранитьСохранить Technics and Civilization Lewis MUMford для последующего чтения. Карусель назад Карусель вперед.

As Mumford writes at the beginning of "Technics and Civilization", "other civilizations reached a high degree of technical proficiency without, apparently, being profoundly influenced by the methods and aims of technics.

How in the world did Chicago decide that Mumford's images were a) not "practical" or "necessary" to include in this edition b) still important enough that they include the original captions and--I am not making this up--a list of hilariously unhelpful "keywords" with which we're supposed to search on the Internet for the images, or else "similar" ones?

One can only assume Chicago, which regularly ruins manuscripts that should have more or better images in them than they do, just refused to pay the 500 bucks it would have taken to prep the b&w images in photoshop and print them in the book. The Chicago explanation makes it sound like it's harder to process images now than it was in 1934! Totally ridiculous.
What a tragedy! I'd been so long waiting for this book to come back in print. Still, I think I'll keep my copy as a cautionary tale for authors considering Chicago. Ugh.

Readers should be aware that the 2010 University of Chicago Press edition of Technics and Civilization omits Mumford's 15 pages of photographs. As an excuse they say that such a reproduction is neither "practical" nor "necessary," instead they provide a set of search terms that may or may not allow one to find each image on the Internet.

I am, to say the least, disappointed by this decision. 1) Given that most of these images are out of copyright and are readily available (if nothing else, one could simply scan them from an earlier edition of the book) what are the practical obstacles to reproduction? 2) The ability to interrupt one's reading to search for and possibly find a particular image on the Internet is hardly a viable substitute for having images embedded in the text.

I suggest that readers find an earlier, complete edition of this work, if possible.

Golden Lama
Even in 2015, Mumford's writing and insights are fresh and provocative. A fascinating read.

He saw a flow of material history in creative point of view using eotechnic era. Even if few decades passed, Lewis Mumford's book is worthy.

Do not let this rating fool you: this will be the most important book you will read all year. Lewis Mumford is a philomath in every sense of the word and this book is nothing short of a masterpiece of history, sociology, psychology, physical & political science, engineering and economics to just name a few, all masterfully woven together with such precision after completing this book I began reading it again....

...however, the condition this book was in was nothing short of dog ass. Had to tape up the cover of the book just so it wouldnt flake off into pieces. Had to tape the spine up a bit just so it wouldnt unravel. If the book was any worse I would have returned it, although it is a first edition and this edition is hard to come by and I couldnt bother myself with the new edition.

Completely essential.

A fascinating book that, despite being obviously dated in places (it is almost 80 years old), can still teach us much. Clearly a seminal work in the emerging field of Science, Technology, and Society.

The 2010 Chicago Press edition is weak. There are typos (e.g. "along with a much needed a willingness" in the foreword), and the note from the publisher "It is not practical to reproduce those images here--nor is it necessary, in an age when readers can find the same, or similar images on the Internet" is insultingly clueless. When people pay you money for hard copy books, you're supposed to provide something not easily available on the Internet, if only the assemblage of text and relevant images into a coherent whole. It's called editing. I'm guessing that reproducing the images in the book was not in their budget; they could have provided a web page with links to these image "or similar images" instead of telling the readers who paid for this book to run off and do the publisher's work for them.

Did not like this book at all. I know it is a classic; however the author is too wordy. Much fewer words could have conveyed the same thoughts. Too long, and too controversial. Wished I would have used a free library version.

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