e-Book Measurement Uncertainty, Fourth Edition: Methods and Applications download

e-Book Measurement Uncertainty, Fourth Edition: Methods and Applications download

by Ronald H. Dieck

ISBN: 1556179154
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Language: English
Publisher: ISA; 4 edition (December 4, 2006)
Pages: 277
Category: Engineering
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Measurement Accuracy .

Measurement Accuracy. Measurement Accuracy. Error: The Normal Distribution and the Uniform Distribution. Uncertainty (Accuracy). Measurement Uncertainty Model. The most common method for estimating those limits is to use the normal distribution. This error and uncertainty classication system is not recommended in this chapter, but will yield a total uncertainty in complete agreement with the recommended classication system - the engineering classication system.

Measurement Uncertainty book. See a Problem? We’d love your help.

and applications of measurement uncertainty analysis.

by Ronald H. Dieck Notice The information presented in this publication is for the general education of the reader. and applications of measurement uncertainty analysis. Sections on the business impact of measurement uncertainty and the treatment of calibration uncertainty have been included.

Measurement Uncertainty: Methods and Applications. This book presents such a method. Measurement uncertainty analysis is a numerical method for defining the potential error that exists in all data. Notice The information presented in this publication is for the general education of the reader. The knowledge of the measurement uncertainty of a test result is as important as the result itself in characterizing the state or performance of a process. Test results should never be reported without also reporting their measurement uncertainty. Introduction to Engineering Experimentation. The application of uncertainty analysis (UA) methods to experimental programs is discussed in an introduction for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of engineering and the physical sciences.

Key Uncertainty Analysis Concepts and Methods Measurement Error and Uncertainty A measurement is a process whereby the value of a quantity is estimated. All measurements are accompanied by error. Our lack of knowledge about the sign and magnitude of measurement error is called measurement uncertainty.

The early chapters teach elementary techniques of error propagation and statistical analysis to enable students to produce successful lab reports. Later chapters treat a number of more advanced mathematical topics, with many examples from mechanics and optics. End-of-chapter problems include many that call for use of calculators or computers, and numerous figures help readers visualize uncertainties using error bars.

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UNIT 2 Fundamentals of Measurement Uncertainty Analysis. 9 2-1 The Purpose of Engineering, Experimental, or Test.

ix, 274 . ill. - In. . 73-274. ISBN-10 1-55617-915-0; ISBN-13 978-1-55617-915-0. Оглавление, Contents. ix. UNIT 1 Introduction and Overview. 3 1-1 Course Coverage UNIT 2 Fundamentals of Measurement Uncertainty Analysis. 9 2-2 Measurement Error Definition.

An analytical method for calculating a coverage interval.

Measurement Uncertainty: Methods and Applications, 4th edn. The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society. Dietrich, C. F. 1973. An analytical method for calculating a coverage interval. Metrologia, 43, 42–45. Fraser, D. A. Reid, . and Wong, A. C. M. 2004.

Literally an entire course between two covers, Measurement Uncertainty: Methods and Applications, Fourth Edition, presents engineering students with a comprehensive tutorial of measurement uncertainty methods in a logically categorized and readily utilized format. The new uncertainty technologies embodied in both U.S. and international standards have been incorporated into this text with a view toward understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both.The book is designed to also serve as a practical desk reference in situations that commonly confront an experimenter. The text presents the basics of the measurement uncertainty model, non-symmetrical systematic standard uncertainties, random standard uncertainties, the use of correlation, curve-fitting problems, and probability plotting, combining results from different test methods, calibration errors, and uncertainty propagation for both independent and dependent error sources. The author draws on years of experience in industry to direct special attention to the problem of developing confidence in uncertainty analysis results and using measurement uncertainty to select instrumentation systems.
This book was written by an expert in the areaa of Measurement Uncertainty with over 30 years in the field. It is based on consensus work done with multiple international standards groups. An excellent introduction AND detailed text for all engineers and scientists interested in the subject.

I had high hopes for this book to improve my understanding of the subject for my work as the quality engineer for a testing laboratory. I was very frustrated by an overdose of theory and a scarcity of concrete examples. I have a BS in chemical engineering and have been an ASQ Certified Quality engineer for 13 years and taught SPC at BMW so I have some solid math credentials. This book may have some utility in the future as an advanced reference on the subject but as an introductory text, I consider this money wasted. There are better introductory books available here on Amazon for less money.

Good to have this along with Coleman & Steele's book on the same subject.

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