e-Book KJV - Defender's Study Bible by Dr. Henry Morris, Ph.D. download

e-Book KJV - Defender's Study Bible by Dr. Henry Morris, Ph.D. download

by Henry M. Morris

ISBN: 0529104466
ISBN13: 978-0529104465
Language: English
Publisher: World Publishing; Box edition (March 30, 1996)
Category: Bible Study and Reference
Subategory: Christian Books

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Henry Morris KJV Study Bible, The - The King James Version Apologetic Study Bible with over 10,000 comprehensive study notes. KJV New Defenders Study Bible. Dr. Henry Morris P.

Henry Morris KJV Study Bible, The - The King James Version Apologetic Study Bible with over 10,000 comprehensive study notes.

KJV - Defender's Study Bible by Dr. Henry Morris, P. The Defender's Study Bible, King James Version. KJV - Defender's Study Bible by Dr. Henry Madison Morris. Henry Morris has proved his scholarly skill in expounding the scriptures well and the notes in this Bible are full of information and facts that every believer (and doubters) need to defend their faith written in a style that is easy to understand and read.

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New Defenders Study Bible-KJV book. To those who own The Defender’s Study Bible and wish to know how it compares to the Henry Morris Study Bible, this work includes a new appendix, Addressing Alternate Explanations for Age of the Earth, including notes on theistic evolution, progressive creation, the day-age theory and the gap theory. The Introduction to this study Bible gives several good reasons why you ought to use the Henry Morris Study Bible. I’ll give you an additional one.

In 1995, Morris completed The Defenders Study Bible which includes his scientific & theological notes . Revised in 2006 as the New Defender's Study Bible. The Henry Morris Study Bible, Master Books, Green Forest, 2012.

In 1995, Morris completed The Defenders Study Bible which includes his scientific & theological notes accompanying the King James Version. Just prior to his death in 2006 he completed a significant expansion of that work titled The New Defender's Study Bible  . a b c d e f g h i j k l "Henry M. Morris".

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KJV New Defenders Study Bible. by Dr. The New Defender's Study Bible: King James Version New Defenders Study: ISBN 9780529123053 (978-0-529-12305-3) Hardcover, Thomas Nelson Inc, 2006. Founded in 1997, BookFinder. ISBN 9780529121622 (978-0-529-12162-2) Hardcover, World Publishing, 2005. Find signed collectible books: 'KJV New Defenders Study Bible'. Coauthors & Alternates.

J. Gordon Henry, E.

This study Bible provides a handbook for a solid defense of the accuracy, integrity, and inspiration of the Bible, a seven-day creation, and Jesus as God's incarnate Son.
Love this bible. Best footnotes ever

This defender's study bible is full of historical background information and cross referencing of concepts that greatly enriches the readers experience of the Holy Bible. Also sound thinking regarding the creation of earth and all on it.
I love it.

Mysterious Wrench

The Defenders Study Bible by Dr. Henry Morris is THE BEST Bible I have ever owned. I have been a Christian for most of my life and I own several different study Bibles but they all pale in comparison. Why? Because they compromise the word of God. In most of my other study Bibles, they make you doubt Gods word, especially in regarding the creation in Genesis by adding that the creation could have occurred over a longer period of time.
Dr. Morris verifies the six day creation with other bible verses. He doesn't rely on his beliefs, he relies on other scriptures for verification. The Lord would not need longer periods of time to create the world because he did it right the first time and does not need more time to let things "correct" themselves. He is a perfect God and he created a perfect world in six days. Why would God say six days when he meant something else? This is where faith plays a vital role in reading and interpreting the scriptures. You either believe God means exactly what he says or you don't. Satan compromised the word of God to Eve and look what happened. God means exactly what he says. Exactly.
Another plus is the scientific analysis of creation and the great flood. He describes using other scripture how the flood occured and the effects of the flood on the world scientifically. It really strengthens Gods word.
Having this Bible in the King James Version is comforting also because it is as close to the original Hebrew and Greek text as we can get. There is no interpretations. I compare verses from this Bible to my other Bibles and the changes are dramatic and sometimes entirely different. To me this can be dangerous.
In Job, some of my Bibles change the words Behemoth to Hippo or elephant and Leviathan to Alligator..... Now I have never seen a hippo or an elephant with a tail the size of a ceder tree, and I have never seen an alligator have smoke and fire come out of his mouth and nostrils.
I recommend this Bible and all of Dr. Morris' other books to all Christians, both new and old.

Henry Morris has never been one to shy away from controversial issues, and that is reflected in the footnotes he penned in this study Bible. He has comments on passages that others often totally ignore in their editions. He frequently challenges the conventional interpretation of difficult passages (for example, his identification of the rider of the white horse in Revelation 6:2 as Jesus Christ, rather than Anti-Christ.)
Morris' notes are clearly based on the literal hermeneutic: that is, dispensationalism. In addition, he is unabashedly baptistic when it comes to church polity. And of course, he is definitely a young-earth creationist. If you are unwilling to accept this sort of perspective on the Scripture, you should probably look at a different study Bible.
Morris gives a clear and concise defense of his choice of the Authorized Version as the text. His defense indicates that he is in the mainstream of the Majority Text/Textus Receptus camp. He is *not* KJV-only.
The text provided Word does have certain shortcomings. The italics for words which are implied but not stated in the original languages are missing from this text. In addition, the concordance is essentially worthless. If you are away from home and don't have access to your Strong's or Cruden's concordances, trying to use the concordance is very frustrating.
This Bible is now my primary study Bible. It doesn't replace my Scofields (original and new editions) nor my Thompson Chain Reference Bible, but I do find it refreshing to read and study from.

This is the second best Bible I have ever read (the best is the New Defender's Study Bible). I've read three types of NIV's, the NASB, the Holman Christian Study Bible, the Net Bible and others cover to cover. This is the King James Version (KJV) with notes by Dr. Henry Morris. Dr. Morris is incredibly visionary and helpful about many things and is likely correct on most issues. This is a must read for any student of the Bible.

This is an excellent Study Bible! It has plenty of notes dealing with Creation as well as a wide variety of other important topics. It supports literal Biblical Creationism and follows a literal approach to all of the Bible!

Dr. Morris has provided us with 50+ years of bible study in his notes, and does so by NEVER stating "I feel" or "in my opinion". He ALWAYS uses Scripture to verify Scripture. This is also the only Bible that has notes that stand on a 6-day, 24-hour creation period, AS GOD STATES, A N D is the ONLY bible where you will have notes that explain that Behemoth in Job 40 is indeed a dinosaur. Every other publisher gives in to the lie of Evolution and describes that as an elephant or hippo... please, with the "tail of a cedar"?
Dr. Morris is a very godly Christian man who has dedicated his life to the accuracy and perfectness of Scripture. The notes in the Defender's Bible will make ANYONE have a truer understanding with the difficult passages of Scripture, and even have their questions answered, such as "Where did Cain get his wife?" and "How do the Dinosaurs fit in with the Bible?", plus the truth about fossils, Carbon 14 dating, the Grand Canyon (result of the Flood), etc.
The Bible text is the best: the robust, accurate King James. There are 18 appendices that fill in scientific data as well. An ABSOLUTE must-have.

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