e-Book The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Age download

e-Book The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Age download

by Peter Jones

ISBN: 0875522858
ISBN13: 978-0875522852
Language: English
Publisher: Presbyterian & Reformed Pub Co (November 1, 1992)
Pages: 112
Category: Christian Living
Subategory: Christian Books

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This is an excellent book on both the New Age Movement and the ancient Gnostic cult. Author compares old Gnosticism with modern (1992) New Age philosophy promoted by both sixties revolutionaries and liberal New Testament scholars.

This is an excellent book on both the New Age Movement and the ancient Gnostic cult. The author compares both movements and shows how the NAM is not unlike Gnosticism. In many ways, adherents of the NAM intentionally are reverting back to ancient Gnostic beliefs. James Thomas rated it it was amazing Feb 23, 2015.

This book is a warning to Christians that the old heresy of Gnosticism is back with a vengeance. Gnostic Empire Strikes Back. com User, May 1, 2000. I'm a former Presbyterian who is indebted to Dr. Jones. This work is very concise (I read it in a couple of hours the first time) yet thorough in it's examination of this branch of the apostate church. Having been a member for thirty years I had witnessed many changes in the leaderships' ability or willingness to talk about absolute truth and after reading The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back I began to understand why.

As always, hilariously predictably, whenever a Leftists get SO angry at the truth coming out in a book, their veneer of tolerance evaporates, their mask of "selective tolerance" slips, and they "revert to fascist type". coz, of course, THEY KNOW BEST, and they demand the absolute power to tell everyone else what to do, think, say,,, and of course. read! Just remember, though, that not all FASCIST "book burners" use matches! And yes, before.

A concise comparison of Gnosticism and the New Age spirituality (Oneism). It is an easy read and still a delight. 112 pages (P&R Publishing, Phillipsburg, NJ, 1992).

Peter Ronald Jones, religious studies educator, author, speaker. The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Age. (Book by Peter Jones). Member American Academy Religions, Society Biblical Literature. Spirit Wars: Pagan Revival in Christian America Paperback July, 1997.

Growing up the 1960s, I now look back and see how Jungian psychology influenced my understanding (or lack thereof) of Christianity.

Peter Jones' new book is spot on! His historical, theological, and cultural analysis is of the highest caliber, inspiring both great concern for the Church of the 21st century and great hope. Growing up the 1960s, I now look back and see how Jungian psychology influenced my understanding (or lack thereof) of Christianity.

an Against Heresies for our time-although he would rightly insist on the singular, "heresy," instead of its plural.

Peter Jones (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) is the author of many books, including One or Two: Seeing a World of Difference, The God of Sex: How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality, and The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Ag. Harry L. Reeder, Senior Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama The Christian faith's battles are sometimes described as "culture wars," but Peter Jones' new book shows them to be nothing less than a war of worldviews. an Against Heresies for our time-although he would rightly insist on the singular, "heresy," instead of its plural.

Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Age, Peter Jones. SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids (Cook/Life Journey, 2006), Marcia Montenegro. Faith Undone, Roger Oakland. A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child's Mind, Michael D. O'Brien. Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook, Updated and Expanded, Donal O'Mathuna and Walter Larrimore, .

March 9, 2012 History. an old heresy for the New Age. by Jones, Peter. The Gnostic empire strikes back. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove The Gnostic empire strikes back from your list? The Gnostic empire strikes back.

Book by Peter Jones
Very Old Chap
This book is a little dated and narrow in its scope. The book is about the association of Feminism, new age spirituality and the Gnostic Heresy of the early church, which tends to make its scope narrow. I got and read this book, because of having read the book "Disappearing Church." I am afraid that the modern church has ignored the Gnostic heresy to its determinant. I would encourage anyone wanting to see the underbelly of the current "gender identification problem" to read this book. Clearly there is an anger and violence toward God, because the gnostic teaching is that we are gods.

Peter Jones claims in The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back that the seemingly divergent modern phenomena/movements are really related. They are related to each other and all have common themes found in one of the first heresies to attack the church from within: gnosticism. The seemingly divergent modern phenomena include: 1. skewing of gender roles (militant feminism, homosexuality, etc), 2. increase of new age religion (eastern religions, mysticism, yoga, goddess worship, all in one, you are god, spirituality), 3. environmentalism (nature worship, deification of mother nature and natural selection, militant environmentalism), and 4. political correctness (tolerance of all religions/viewpoints except orthodox Christianity). Written in 1992, I am amazed at many of the insights that have proven themselves to be even more true over the last 16 years.

The book reads like a call to arms. Jones uses urgent, apocalyptic, the sky-is-falling language that can, I found, at times make the book difficult to get through. However, that language is consistent with his thesis: "[T]he New Age has a coherent agenda, orchestrated from a diabolical center, moving and reproducing ineluctably, like algae in a lake." (p. 97). He cites example after example of how these seemingly disconnected New Age/gnostic positions have begun quietly and subversively to enter the church. He writes to Christians who claim to believe that the Bible is God's true word, to Christians who view Jesus as Creator God who came physically to earth to die for the sins of His people and who rose from the dead. He writes to alert them that this orthodox position is being attacked from within, from multiple disparate groups that when analyzed with an eye to history (understanding long-'dead' gnosticism), we realize are remarkably related.

This 112-page book is well-documented with about 200 reference footnotes in six chapters. This book will serve well those who believe in the basic tenets that unite conservative "Christendom," both evangelical and catholic. It will alert those who may have been unaware of just how large and influence the New-Age-culture has had even on their own thinking to the danger.

Jones uses the example of frogs who don't jump out of a pot if it is heated slowly to a boil. For those who were unaware of the heating water, this may be the impetus needed to make them jump out and be alert, guarding their heart and doctrine from this threat. This has certainly been the book's effect on me; I have an increased awareness of just how pervasive this new gnosticism has become. However, The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back is certainly not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, nor is it designed to persuade those who have already bought into the lies of the New-Age movement to see the error of their ways. It may very well do this, but the tone of the book will probably turn adherents off to Jones, making them unable to hear his words. Nevertheless, for Christians living in the United States, I echo the recommendations from the back cover: "I recommend this work" - RC Sproul. "These findings throw a flood of light on a dark subject" -Jay Adams. "Jones demonstrates in a thorough and engaging way that the New Age is not new at all...the church desperately needs to hear Professor Jones's call for a clearer comprehension of truth."

Dr. Peter Jones has distilled a lot of historical and theological information down to a very readable and helpful comparison of ancient gnosticism and the current New Age movement. Both were diverse and complex movements and yet there are a suprising number of parallels between the two systems. There are also a number of similar challenges that each posed and poses to the Church of Jesus Christ. This is a must read for all Christians who want an historical perspective on the new (or not so new) trends in spiritual thought.

The only problem with this book is that while sounding a needed call to action for Christians this book's tone may come off as alarmist propaganda for those with a naturally skeptical bent or people with different belief systems. However, it is worth your time to bear with Dr. Jones in this short, but helpful book.

A few of the reviews I read on amazon were so annoying, I thought I'd chime in. Sure, if you are a Gnostic you probably don't agree with Peter Jones' judgments. But don't try to belittle his intelligence or his command of the subject matter. He has a Ph.D. from Princeton Seminary, he's been a theology porfessor for years, and he has written a number of books on the topic. He knows the arguments and counter-arguments. If you disagree, just say so, but don' make these silly attacks on Dr. Jones' competence. He's very sharp.
I found the book to be a good introduction to the topic. I used it in an adult c.e. setting at our church, where we spent 13 weeks with it. Most folks appreciated the book and were challenged by it. It helped us understand the appeal of a puzzling movement, and how a neo-pagan worldview hangs together coherently.
It is concise, rather than comprehensive. It does not explore all the varieties of the New Age movement. Its not intended to do that. But its well worth the investment of a few hours of redaing time and a few dollars.
I bought extra copies for friends and for the church library.

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