e-Book Wings of Refuge download

e-Book Wings of Refuge download

by Lynn Austin

ISBN: 0764221965
ISBN13: 978-0764221965
Language: English
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (June 1, 2000)
Pages: 398
Category: Literature and Fiction
Subategory: Christian Books

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Published by Bethany House Publishers. May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.

Published by Bethany House Publishers. 11400 Hampshire Avenue South. Bloomington, Minnesota 55438. The central paradigm of Jewish religion is redemption.

Books by. Lynn Austin. From bethany house publishers. Lynn Austin, Wings of Refuge. Thank you for reading books on BookFrom. While We’re Far Apart. 63. 0. Published: 2004.

As they pass through the Valley of Weeping, they make it a place of springs. She stopped when she noticed more strange marks in her Bible. She stopped when she noticed more strange marks in her Bible eeping, the g and s in springs. She scribbled the letters in the margin of her journal, spelling them forward and backward, then tried to unscramble them like a puzzle. She had forgotten to ask Emily about them. Abby had been too enraged to remember anything after reading Emily’s last letter.

Lynn Austin has sold more than one and a half million copies of her books worldwide. A former teacher who now writes and speaks full-time, she has won eight Christy Awards for her historical fiction. One of those novels, Hidden Places, has also been made into an Original Hallmark Channel movie.

Wings of Refuge - Lynn Austin. If you make the Most High your dwelling-even the Lord, who is my refuge-then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

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Wings of Refuge book. You can always count on Lynn Austin to write a good book. I have enjoyed every one that I've read so far. This one is no exception

Wings of Refuge book. This one is no exception. Three different perspectives are told. So much history is revealed. Even though the story was slow in a few places I found it quite interesting. There is love, loss and redemption. Lynn and her husband have raised three children and make their home in western Michigan. Learn more at ww. ynnaustin. Библиографические данные.

Lynn Austin is the American author of many Christian fiction novels and holds the record for most Christy Awards won: eight. One of her books, Hidden Places was turned into a Hallmark Channel movie. She and her husband have three children and live in Holland, Michigan. Austin began her writing career as a reader. She did not like the feeling of hopelessness she was often left with and sought to write what she would want to read

A Powerful Story Set Against the Backdrop of Today's IsraelNothing in Abigail MacLeod's life as a wife, a mother, and a teacher has prepared her for what she will experience during her summer in Israel. At forty-two, her life is in chaos, even before she leaves home--her marriage is dissolving before her very eyes, her faith is in shambles. This pilgrimage to Israel was supposed to be a new beginning for her. But by the end of the first day, she is forced to board an Israeli jetliner in spit of a bomb threat, and watches helplessly as a kind, fatherly gentleman she befriended on the plane dies in her arms.This is a summer Abby will spend learning about archaeology, delving into the past. And it's a summer that will change her life in ways she never imagined.
It starts off with a fearful woman (Abby) at a terminal just trying to get her seat assigned on a flight to Tel Aviv, when she finds out the ticket is not a valid one. She's suppose to go with a group to Israel for an archeological dig but she was afraid to fly with them to Athens with the group, so she went into a non-terrorist involved city alone as her stop over before proceeding to Israel. She then becomes the suspected terrorist.... at least to security. Too many things didn't add up about her traveling conditions, and it was assumed she was a mule (carrier of something suspicious) for the tour guide not with her.
From there things just don't stop. She witnesses someone killed at the Tel Aviv airport, which ends up to be the cousin of the archaeologist/professor in charge of the dig (Hannah). Also, a suspicious recently added archeologist stays close to her throughout the team's stay in Israel, and her house back home in Illinois is ransacked, but she stays in Israel.
And as is normal for Lynn Austin books, there are 2 other stories going on simultaneously. One is Hannah's story from childhood to present, the other is of Leah, a young woman from first-century Israel.
This book has some of the best described historical and biblical events I've ever read in fiction.
I have three specific people I want to recommend it to, so I'm off to do that now!

Absolutely loved it. I never fail to enjoy a Lynn Austin book because the background is always well researched and they usually address issues. In 'Wings of Refuge' the Israeli background, the dig, the fulfillment of prophecies about the Messiah were all well researched and insightful and the issues of forgive or destroy yourself both in the Arab Israeli conflict and in infidelity were very sensitively handled. This is a book that I will definitely and read again even if only for her explanation of the Passover Supper. I highly recommend it.
WARNING PLEASE NOTE: In with Lynn (double N) Austin books is an author by the name of Lyn (single N)Austin. I sent for a sample chapter of her book and although the story was grabbing me I didn't like the sexual innuendos and rather colourful words so decided to read some of the reviews before I bought it. I am very grateful to the reviewer who pointed out the difference in Christian names and the difference in content from Lynn Austins books. Go and read her review before you buy.

Every book of Ms. Austin’s I read, I try to convince myself is better than the last one. I am definitely right in this scenario. What makes this book so unique is the gap she bridges regarding forgiveness stretching over the vast expanse of countries, religion, and international security. She gives you insight into biblical strategies that have touched upon the battle of land and religion. She allows the reader to get a glimpse of pride both of these countries and religions feel in referencing their hurt and pain. How strongly they feel that sense of pride to the extent that they are willing to die for it centuries later. I would highly recommend this book.

I loved the way Lynn Austin pulled 3 different people's stories from 3 different historical times, and connected them all in a beautiful mosaic that stands the test of time. This book is an eye opener for those who want to know more about the Jewish culture and how Jesus fulfilled all aspects of the promised Messiah. I was drawn into the characters, the mysteries involved , and the power of overcoming bitterness, anger and hate through Yeshua, who gives us the strength to forgive.

Lynn you did it again! Wow what a wait up call and understanding of the different Jewish religions. I can not believe it, you educated me along with giving me more insight of God ' s grace! Thank you! I will have to read this again as a historical perspective. It was so much wonderful information. God bless you and keep up the great writing.

Abby leaves the United States to go on an archeological dig in the Holy Land. She is filing for divorce after her husband's infidelity, and hopes the month-long trip will help her come to grips with reality. On the plane she befriends a kindly Israeli man sitting next to her. He is shot and dies in her arms at the airport. Under suspicion by the Israeli government, she goes on the dig.

Abby meets and instantly likes Hannah, the leader of the group. As artifacts are uncovered, the story flashes back to 46 A.D., showing the life of Leah, who will become one of the early Christians. We are also shown the past of Hannah and her family. The book moves seamlessly and brilliantly from one to another. The overall theme is how love and forgiveness are essential through difficult times and events.

The plot of the story is good; there are twists, turns and surprises to keep you turning the pages. At the same time, the characterization is superb. You will care about each person in this book. The ending is great. Reading Wings of Refuge is like taking part in the story. I really loved this book and plan to read everything that Lynn Austin has written!

Wonderful book and writing. You do have to follow it very closely though because it jumps around to different time periods. So, it is easy to get mixed up on which time frame you are reading under. But, this was a very touching book. With a wonderful message. I really did enjoy it very much!

This is the kind of book I dream of reading. It is exciting, tragic, inspiring, and full of wonderful truths. I cried, I laughed, and my heart grew excited. This is a Symphony in words on paper. I give it two thumbs up, four stars, and ALL SMILES!

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