e-Book Mediterranean Light download

e-Book Mediterranean Light download

by Martha Rose Shulman

ISBN: 0553053523
ISBN13: 978-0553053524
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam; A Later Printing edition (July 1, 1989)
Pages: 432
Category: Regional and International
Subategory: Cooking and Drinks

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About Martha Rose Shulman. For over 30 years I have been writing cookbooks devoted to eating well.

About Martha Rose Shulman. The region continues to be my richest source of culinary inspiration. To date, I have 27 cookbooks to my name. My work has been of a piece; not all of my books are vegetarian, but they all have a healthy focus. Several of my books have been nominated for cookbook awards and three have won them.

Martha Rose Shulman is an American cookbook author, cooking teacher and food columnist for The New York Times. Her father was author Max Shulman. Shulman resides in Los Angeles, California. Shulman has been writing healthy eating cookbooks for over 30 years since the 1970s. Shulman tries to always use fresh, seasonal, and organic ingredients.

by. Martha Rose Shulman.

Her articles have appeared in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Cooking Light, Saveur, the Los Angeles Times, Health Magazine, and other publications. She has taught cooking classes around the country and has been featured on radio and television, including Good Morning America and the Food Network. She lives in Los Angeles.

I have lots of cookbooks but few are as reliable as this one by Ms. Shulman. The lower-fat hummus recipe alone is worth the price of the book.

by Martha Rose Shulman. I have lots of cookbooks but few are as reliable as this one by Ms.

She presents authentic contemporary variations as well.

Provides Mediterranean-style recipes for breads, salads, soups, pasta, pizza, vegetables, fish, chicken, rabbit, and desserts
I love this book for its fresh and light Mediterranean cuisine IDEAS. I am enjoying losing 30# over the last few months and continue to lose weight slowly by creating delicious meals using simple, healthy, natural ingredients. It is not a diet book. It is a eat healthy book. It is a change of cuisine rather than just saying no to the things helping me to maintain a gross weight gain. Try it.

I love all of this food writer's recipes -- happily, she is now a columnist in the NY Times, so I can continue to get new recipes from her. We have been using this "Mediterranean Light" cookbook for many years, and her recipies have been the key to successful dinner parties.

Wild Python
I wrote in April of 2000 that I had lost 50 lbs. I've lost another 20 lbs - 70 in all and maintain that loss now for almost 4 years using this cookbook. I have given it to many friends and relatives. It has changed my eating style for the better for life. Every time there's a news story about the best way to eat it mirrors what Ms Shulman teaches in her books. It's no chore eating this way. I love it.

I wrote that review 4 years ago. In July 1999 I weighed 240 lbs. Now February 2007 I weigh 145 lbs. Yes, almost 100 lbs loss. I now have Mexican Light and Provencial Light too and I love all of them. It's still easy to eat this way for life.

This book was recommended by a friend who has some health problems. Definitely a great set of recipes that are delicious and healthy too, Recommend it especially for those that need some heart healthy recipes to cut down on the "bad" fats.

This cookbook is much too difficult and complex for the average working person. Everything in it is from scratch and takes several hours to make. When people come home from work they don't want to spend 3 hours in the kitchen just to get dinner on the table particularly if there are young children at home. The Mediterranean diet is nothing more than eating more vegetables, grains and legumes and cutting back on sugar, salt and red meat which we all know. The author talks about where she ate each dish that she makes. Food is her profession, but it isn't everyone's and this book just didn't help me at all.

The recipes in this book contain easy to find ingredients. In some ethnic cookbooks, you nearly have to visit the country to find everything needed. It starts with appetizers, goes to many assorted main dishes, to deserts and even includes bread recipes. The author has taken traditional recipes and made them healthier.

Many of the recipes in this cookbook are okay, but when I ordered it I failed to notice that it contains a "Forward by Dean Ornish, M.D." That would have been the tip-off.
We all know that too much fat is bad for us, and like many Americans my husband and I eat "light" nowadays--nonfat dairy products; very little beef, lamb or pork; no butter or margerine; skinless chicken and turkey. But much has changed in the dietary world since Shulman's book was first published in 1989. We now know that there are "good" fats as well as bad ones, and that an EXTREMELY low fat diet can be almost as unhealthy as a high-fat one.
If you are vegetarian, this book will probably be useful to you. However, it contains only nine recipes that contain chicken (note that most are not truly "chicken dishes"). Few recipes contain cheese or dairy products of any kind, and most disturbing is her insistance on reducing the olive oil content of most dishes to a miniscule amount. She even includes a recipe for a traditional provencal onion pissaladiere (pizza) which always includes olives: she writes she "left out the olives . . .for the diet version"!
There are many, many excellent mediterranean cookbooks on the market without going to the extreme of Shulman's. Dr. Atkins and Dr. Ornish are at the opposite extremes of the twenty-year- long fat versus carb controversy. Try an alternative mediterranean cookbook and find yourself a satisfying middle ground. I suggest The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook or any of Paula Wolfert's cookbooks. Another, unfortunately out of print, is Mediterranean Cooking the Healthful Way by Marilyn Spieler--my personal favorite. Go ahead: drizzle, don't dump, olive oil on your food and pop a couple of kalamata olives in your mouth. It's okay!

I love Italian food and need to watch those calories. However, I did not find these recipes that intriguing to use in lieu of any Cooking Light or Weight Watchers recipes based on Italian cuisine.


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