e-Book The Twelve Step Warrior download

e-Book The Twelve Step Warrior download

by Peter Skillen

ISBN: 1903490790
ISBN13: 978-1903490792
Language: English
Publisher: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers (August 1, 2012)
Pages: 203
Category: Addiction and Recovery
Subategory: Diets and Fitness

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Rating: 4.8
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The Twelve Step Warrior book.

The Twelve Step Warrior Book: I highly recommend Peter Skillen, I highly recommend this book. I am humbled by Peter Skillen book, so brave, so honest well done - I have just finished it and could NOT put it down. 25 November 2013 at 12:05. 25 November 2013 at 12:05 amily I've really enjoyed reading it up to know.

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The Acts of Peter and the Twelve is one of the texts from the New Testament apocrypha which was found in the Nag Hammadi library. The text contains two parts, an initial allegory, and a subsequent gnostic exposition of its meaning

The Acts of Peter and the Twelve is one of the texts from the New Testament apocrypha which was found in the Nag Hammadi library. The text contains two parts, an initial allegory, and a subsequent gnostic exposition of its meaning. The allegory is thought to have been originally a work in its own right. The text is dated to the 2nd or 3rd century and is attested Greek and Coptic. The author claims to be Peter the Apostle, and thus is pseudepigraphical.

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Peter Skillen was born in Leicester in the summer of 1970 and raised in the market town of Loughborough. Peter has recently finished his 5th year of study and gained his BSc with Honours degree in TV and Film Production. Peter has achieved multiple black belts from some of the most respected martial arts practitioners teaching today.

12 Aug 2016- Posts all about my Book. The Twelve Step Warrior. uk: Peter Skillen: 9781495977381: Books. books Standing Process0001.

I spent most of my young life searching; searching for a meaning to my existence. The problem was, I was searching in the wrong place. My search was conducted on the very edge of society among fellow outcasts, all of them looking for answers, all making the same mistakes, all looking in the wrong places. I wasn't going to find a life worth living among the thieves, fighters, gamblers and one-time somebodies that propped up the bars of the worst drinking holes I attended back then on a nightly basis.
The 12 Step Warrior by Peter Skillen
`It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.'
- Joseph Campbell
I met Peter Skillen for the first time in 2006 while attending a course with martial arts expert Dave Turton. The seminar was organised by Peter's brother John Skillen in the John Skillen's Martial Arts Centre in Loughborough. After being introduced to Peter by John, Peter was kind enough to partner up with me during the seminar and he mentored me through the techniques as shown. After the seminar Peter brought me to the Chinese restaurant where his Brother John, John's wife Tina and another student were having a meal. After bringing me there Peter took off and told me he would come back later. The plan was that Peter would take me to Nottingham and Sherwood forest next day. During the meal John brought up the subject of hill sprinting and asked me if I had ever done it before. I said: No'. As if choreographed right after my reply Peter came in, John said: `Peter, forget about Nottingham. Nick is going to come hill sprinting with us tomorrow!'
After that first meeting I met and spoke with Peter on multiple occasions during visits to John's place as well as on Geoff Thompson's masterclasses. I knew only a little about his background. Reading the book I realised that what I knew was the tip of the iceberg.
The book took hold of my attention from page one and held it in a vice-like grip till the very end. To quote Winston Churchill: `If you going through hell, keep going'. This book tells the courageous story of a boy who, as he grows up through adolescence into manhood, grows into a world of alcohol and violence. After having resided in most of Dante's nine circles of hell he receives an epiphany which sets him off on a quest to overcome his addiction and turn his life around.
This book gave me the feeling of being there and allowed me to feel all the emotions Peter went through during the occasions described. After finishing the book I felt most of all admiration. It must have taken a lot of courage to keep on going through the dark tunnel and show up on the other end like Peter did. It must have taken again at least as much tremendous courage to make his story public.
This well written, easy to read book gleans us an insight into the mind of a man whose reality consists out of alcohol and violence and it offers hope and inspiration for everyone who is in the same or a similar boat and anyone who is going through hell.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is going through darkness and needs a guiding light and anyone who looks for inspiration.

One of the better books out there for life changing advice. More then just a 12-Step program. An inspiration for those wishing to turn their own lives around. Great book for those in the martial arts or into making spiritual improvements in their lives. Peter's life story is deeply moving and offers up many good examples on how he changed his path in life and how that is changed not only his but others lives as well. This book should be in your own personal library!

The Twelve Step Warrior is a very powerful piece of writing. A very personal account of one man's journey. Falling into the depths of despair, yet managing to find immense strength to climb towards the light: towards a positive, successful life full of purpose. A truly courageous journey. I am grateful that the author had the courage to publish this book and share his story. Truly inspiring. I highly recommend reading The Twelve Step warrior.

This is a great book....personally an emotional read for me as it struck many a chord in my own life....its brutal honesty at its best and Will help people who may not think they have problems realise there may be cracks in the foundations and they too can look towards the light.....thanks peter :)))

A great read and very insitefull an honest.humble account of Peters journey to freedom I recommend this book with a passion

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