e-Book The Aging Cure download

e-Book The Aging Cure download

by Jorge Cruise

ISBN: 1455508403
ISBN13: 978-1455508402
Language: English
Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style (February 1, 2012)
Pages: 256
Category: Diets and Weight Loss
Subategory: Diets and Fitness

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Please Pick Your Book Seller . Jorge, again, is on to something; belly fat is surely an indicator of poor health. I’m so grateful for Jorge’s Cruise Control plan, it has given me control over my body and freedom with my diet. Brooke Burke-Charvet

Please Pick Your Book Seller: Join our community. Be supported, encouraged, and motivated with millions of men and women around the world just like YOU! Previous. Actress and New York Times Best-Selling Author. Eat well without dieting or going to the gym with Jorge’s strategies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brooke Burke-Charvet. Television host, model, actress and New York Times Best-Selling Author. Jorge sets you up to win!

Jorge had a very difficult start to life. has used Cruise Control to keep her body healthy and feeling her best.

Jorge had a very difficult start to life. He was raised by his Colombian-Catholic grandmother with oppressive rules about allowing himself to be who he was, a gay young man. This struggle caused him to unknowingly eat to make himself feel better. I always say that I’m Jorge’s physical Body of Evidence, because I’ve been consistently following Cruise Control for the past two years and I’ve never had such high energy, health, and mood and such low body fat in my life. Steve lost 11 pounds!

The Aging Cure by. Jorge Cruise

The Aging Cure by. Jorge Cruise.

The Aging Cure: Reverse 10 years in one week with the FAT-MELTING CARB SWAP.

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Jorge Cruise is used to be 40 pounds overweight. Today, he is America's top fitness expert for stressed dieters and author of eight consecutive New York Times bestselling books, including The Belly Fat Cure and Happy Hormones, Slim Belly

Jorge Cruise is used to be 40 pounds overweight. Today, he is America's top fitness expert for stressed dieters and author of eight consecutive New York Times bestselling books, including The Belly Fat Cure and Happy Hormones, Slim Belly. He has spent over a decade coaching millions of clients to lose belly fat with what cutting-edge science has revealed to be the true starting point for fitness: the kitchen, not the gym. By merging breakthrough dietary science with great taste, Jorge produces belly-fat-melting menus. Country of Publication.

Jorge Cruise: I always tell my clients fitness starts in the kitchen. At least 80 percent of your health is from diet. JC: Intermittent fasting plays a huge role in the anti-aging process. Studies have proven that intermittent fasting boosts human growth hormone. A great start would be to minimize all processed, high-carb and sugary foods. HGH boosts muscle strength, increases weight loss, strengthens bones, reduces cardiovascular disease, decreases obesity, elevates mood, builds cognitive function and improves sleep.

The internationally recognized author and diet expert behind The Belly Fat Cure and The 3-Hour Diet tackles the aging process, offering a nutritious meal plan and exercise regimen to help stop the effects of the march of time on our bodies and mind.
This book makes so much sense you just have be prepared for a lifestyle change for the better. GET THE SUGAR OUT OF YOUR LIFE IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, plain and simple. Nobody said it is easy especially if you enjoy a sweet or two, but if you can do it, it works. I haven't made many of the recipies, but they sound tasty and I will be trying them soon. I have cheated a time or two but very little. The food I miss the most is yogurt even if it is not the real sugar still not good for you. Oh well as we all know the best things if life aren't good for you, sad by true!

But I haven't tried the recipes yet, and lots of them look yummy. Cruise's program is WORKING for me and I'm almost 65. Love it!The protein snacks are important to keep the old metabolism humming. I needed to lose 15 # and have lost 10 in a couple of months. The cool thing is, the loss has sped up for me as I stayed with the plan, instead of slowing down like everything else I've tried! And I've been careful but not perfect. OH, one more thing. I can't believe how fruit was spiking my blood sugar and keeping me overweight. I ate a lot of fruit--healthy, right? Now, I'm delighted with a few blueberries or 1/4 of an apple--always along with protein, of course. And, I finally get that artificial sweeteners are death to my weight loss. Thank you, Mr. Cruise.

This new book has great recipes, especially the pizzas. I am a Belly Fat Cure follower for life, and have found this style of eating the most easiest and delicious, compared to Atkins,etc. Anyhow, kudos to Jorge, and keep the recipes coming!!

I enjoy all of Jorge Cruises' books they are easy to read and understand.

Elastic Skunk
In the first two weeks, I lost 8 lbs. The weight loss has started slowing down (as Jorge predicted it would), but I continue to fit into clothes that I haven't worn in years. The best thing is is that I don't experience cravings or hunger. If I do start to feel hungry, I eat some pistachios or a cheese stick. I really recomment the Sugar & Carb Counter and/or buying the I-Phone app (only $4.99). I've just started Jorge's 8-minute workout, and love how easy it is. I'm a fan for life!

Not as expected need to return. Too.much reading material not enough help with eating and menu planning.

Great! Bought four of his books! Life changer. Spells it right and the colored pictures sold me!

I started with the fast results menu and saw a noticeable difference within the first week! This book has helped me identify food that will raise my insulin high and those that are likely to not. So, it has empowered me to make choices in what foods I eat. There is variety and I didn't feel hungry all the time. Hydration is an important factor when trying the different menus.

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ISBN13: 978-1416549413
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