e-Book Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping With Peripheral Neuropathy (Numb Toes Series, V. 1) download

e-Book Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping With Peripheral Neuropathy (Numb Toes Series, V. 1) download

by John A. Senneff

ISBN: 0967110726
ISBN13: 978-0967110721
Language: English
Publisher: Medpress; 1 edition (September 15, 1999)
Pages: 300
Category: Diseases and Physical Ailments
Subategory: Diets and Fitness

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The author has taken great pains to assemble accurate and up-to-date information that will be of substantial benefit in helping patients. The book can also be recommended to physicians who want insight into how patients are affected. Numb Toes and Aching Soles has much to offer these 'PNers. - Dr. Richard A. Lewis, Professor of Neurology and Associate Chair, Wayne State.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. There are also special sections for those with diabetic or HIV-related neuropathies (up to half in these groups are affected), as well as reports on experimental drugs in the pipeline. Inputs from 12 leading neurologists have been incorporated.

For people living with peripheral neuropathy this is a life guide. You need all the advise you and get and this books is well written and helpful.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. For people living with peripheral neuropathy this is a life guide.

Nutrients for Neuropathy (The Numb Toes Series, Vol 3). John A. Senneff. After years of suffering this book pointed me in the right diretion. It helped me by understanding the underlying causes, convinced my spouse that it was nor all in my head and made my . Numb Toes and Other Woes: More on Peripheral Neuropathy. take notice and sent me to a specialist who confirmed the presence of neuropathy. With the medication I feel now much better. The BEST Current Work on Neuropathy for Patients. com User, February 12, 2000.

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There are also special sections for those with diabetic or HIV-related neuropathies (up to half in these groups are affected), as well as reports on experimental s in the pipeline. Read full description.

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San Antonio, Tex; Medpress.

Text, for consumers, covering causes, symptoms, testing, and treatments for peripheral neuropathy. Includes more than 200 patient comments and comments from 12 neurologists. Author is a victim of the disease. Hardcover, softcover also available.
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This, and another book by the same author, makes clear that peripheral neuropathy can be caused by many different factors. Matching remedy to symptoms is not a simple task and users often never achieve perfect results. The author is a lawyer but the writing seems accurate and clear. The two books do not cover the same materials and symptoms completely. On the other hand, a very competent neurologist could not find a neurological disease in me and never recommended any medication other than Gabapentin. Had I not seem a more open minded Podiatrist I might never have tried Nerve Renew and gotten significant relief that was available.

I found bought and read this book. It reminds me of intensive reading from online resources and bulletin boards from sufferers who discuss their foot problems. Indeed, this is a book that is much like a read you'd get from extensive online searching and reading, all rolled into one. The author admits this. Different people respond to different treatments, as their body and problems may vary. This is something you can collect yourself online, with a lot of work and effort, but for those without the time, it's a great summary in one place.

It offers good accounts and stories, but it deals a lot with PN, not burning foot syndrome, which is what my mom has, or may have. With burning foot syndrome, one experiences some of the same but also very different problems. Feet burn, and are hot not numb. Good blood flow or over active blood flow happens with burning foot syndrome. Some of the same treatments are tried for burning foot syndrome, but they often backfire and make it worse. I still like this book but it didn't provide a cure, nor does it claim to have one for these troubling diseases of the feet. It provides coping mechanisms, and gives a good list of approaches some have tried.

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I'd give it 5 stars if the published date was later than 1999. New ideas and drugs have been suggested in the last 15 years that this book does not cover. Well written in a conversational style that let's the readers know they are not alone. Since even today doctors have no clue on the origins or treatments for PN, this book suggests literally hundreds of treatments that have worked for some people, and not for others.

I've suffered from idiopathic PN for fifteen years--started in toes--then feet--then calves.
I know the symptoms and have presented them all--numbness, pins and needles, burning cramps, sensitivity, sensation of feet wrapped tightly in rubber bands, loss of balance, abnormal gait.

If you have PN you know you have it--every doctor recognizes it.

I've read this book and several like it, hoping for something--a cure, a way of stopping the pain--of arresting its progression.
The fact is: this is a neurological condition of steady progression for which there is no cure. You can read all the books you like--this one included-- and you will not find a cure--only ten million and one home-cure remedies that have supposedly worked at one time or another for one person or another--the inclusion of which makes interesting reading. You could also go to a witch doctor in hopes of a cure--as I did in Sulawesi. He gave me a foul smelling mixture of seriously polluted water and crushed insects to periodically rub on my feet--another case of the cure being worse than the disease.

As there is no cure, one can only hope to control the pain and there again everyone has their favorite method. As usual, medical science offers only drugs--all of them anti-convulsives, anti-seizure, anti-anxiety disorder drugs from which one will invariably suffer horrid side effects from depression, high anxiety and hallucinations to thoughts of suicide. I rather prefer the witch doctors' insect juice.

You will pick up this book filled with hope and while you read it you will feel warm and fuzzy to discover that millions of others are feeling your pain and you are not alone. You may even see one or two interseting remedies that you think you might try. But you will end the book as frustrated and empty as when you began---there is no cure!
And there is no treatment, lest you wish to take one of Western medicines' mind altering drugs which will quickly turn you into a different person--perhaps a monster.

In the end--I suppose this book is better than no book at all for "hope springs eternal".

There are many worse afflictions than PN and for that we can be thankful! Also, there is always hope that medical science will discover a cure in time to benefit us.
In the meantime I stand in solidarity with each of my fellow sufferers and send out my good thoughts and karma to you all.

And, yeah--go ahead and get this book. I thank John Senneff for writing it. If nothing else, it will help put your life in perspective.

DH Koester--"And There I Was" And There I Was Volume VI: A Backpacking Adventure In Sulawesi

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Every supplement that is recommend in this book is one my moms doctor prescribed for her, so even though it's an older book I think the information is very good.

This book brings together a lot of useful information about peripheral neuropathy, a collections of diseases and disorders that are to a certain extent treatible if not generally curable. I am somewhat less willing than the author to use numerous prescriptions and over the counter medications simultaneously; however, it is difficult to criticize those who suffer chronic and dibilitating pain. One copes as well as he or she can. Few doctors seem to be effective in helping people with these disorders.

I bought this book thinking I might learn something new. It is expensive for a paperback, but its 280-odd pages are in a very large typeface, so its cover leads you to expect more to read than there is. There are numerous anecdotes from people who had struggled with diagnosis of this disease - are doctors really so incompetent? Unfortunately, I did not find many of these to be helpful. The book covers quite a lot of treatment possibilities, many of which are not much use, or not available at present anyway. I did not learn anything new from the book, in spite of my hopes from reading other reviews. I had learned from excellent web sites (neuropathy-trust.org) and other books, and as a patient not afraid to ask questions of my doctors, nor intimidated by them, I found that the book did not give me any new knowledge. It is markedly unhelpful with practical solutions - shoes, socks, etc., that are important for day to day living. A big disappointment after the other rave reviews.

Great book

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