e-Book Power Walking download

e-Book Power Walking download

by Steve Reeves

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Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill Co; Underlining edition (July 1, 1982)
Category: Exercise and Fitness
Subategory: Diets and Fitness

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This was a very good book, Steve the legend Reeves even talks about working out, nutrition, and stretching along with power walking.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Reeves, Steve. 3 people found this helpful.

Reeves posing for Powerwalking book at his ranch in Valley Center. In 1982, Steve authored a best-selling book entitled "Power Walking" that many, many critics admired. Former University of California Irvine sprinter and current high school track coach Kira Helmer performs Powerwalking at Newport Beach. Steve with his dog Shep on ranch in the early stages of developing Powerwalking.

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Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Steve Reeves's books. Steve Reeves’s Followers (2). Steve Reeves. Steve Reeves’s books. Building the Classic Physique: The Natural Way by. Steve Reeves, John Little.

Power Walking or speed walking is the act of walking with a speed at the upper end of the natural range for the walking gait, typically 7 to 9 km/h (. to . mph). To qualify as power walking as opposed to jogging or running, at least one foot must be in contact with the ground at all times (see walking for a formal definition). Power Walking was founded in the 1990s of the 20th century. In 1999, the Berlin Marathon included a Power Walking division.

Steve Reeves Author of Power Walking. Reeves Reeves practicing Power Walking which he later wrote a book about. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Steve Reeves is one of the most inspirational bodybuilders the sport had ever seen, and that still stands true today. Having both a successful career as a bodybuilder and actor, Steve Reeves was one of the first of the community to present large muscles on a global platform. It was this act that inspired a generation, from Schwarzenegger to Stallone, all the greats of that era owe their determination and drive to the example Reeves set those years ago. Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. Universe, and if it was around at the time, probably Mr. Olympia.

Regarding frequency, Steve recommended doing power walking four times per week for 30 minutes. To get in shape walk 2-to-3 miles; to stay in shape walk one to two miles.

Outlines a program for physical fitness that relies on brisk walking with long strides, reinforced by rhythmic breathing
A bit dated in terms of the pictures and very basic info, Steve does a great job of motivating the reader to get and stay fit by power walking. If the internet in its commercial form had been available when this book was written, Steve would have started a power walking revolution!

It is not a book about olympic style speed walking but rather a book for a lifestyle change. I applaud the author, as he was ahead of his time. It might be in print again; if so, get it!

As an old fan of Steve Reeves when he was a legend in bodybuilding, I bought this book when it first came out in 1982 and it has been in my vast collection since that time. It covers Mr. Reeves method of vigorous walking, which he terms "power walking." This classic text covers how he developed his walking method, why walking may be better than running, stretching movements, evaluating your progress, winning the losing game, mobile meditation, super fitness, questions and answers about power walking, and making health your top priority.

In conclusion, this is a book for anyone who wants a simple but effective total fitness walking program.

Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Monadnock Defensive Tactics System).

ISBN: 0881462705
ISBN13: 978-0881462708
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