e-Book Lipitor Thief of Memory download

e-Book Lipitor Thief of Memory download

by Kilmer S. McCully,Jay S. Cohen,Duane Graveline

ISBN: 1424301629
ISBN13: 978-1424301621
Language: English
Publisher: Duane Graveline, M.D.; 1 edition (November 1, 2006)
Pages: 196
Subategory: Diets and Fitness

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Duane Graveline (Author), Kilmer S. ISBN-13: 978-1424301621.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Lipitor® Thief of Memory. I don't remember whether I had both at the same time, but it would make sense since I stopped taking the stuff fairly soon. Every doctor I've talked to about this has said they couldn't take statins because of muscle pain.

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Lipitor Thief of Memory book.

Graveline was a contributor to the book NASA's by David Shayler and Colin Burgess. Lipitor – Thief of Memory". Graveline's brief career in the astronaut corps is discussed in Codex Regius (2014).

Cognitive and memory side effects of Lipitor - atorvastatin. Kilmer S. McCully . Lipitor, Thief of Memory. Over 12,000 reader posts: spacedoc Forum. Bio. Kilmer McCully - Homocysteine - 1. Kilmer McCully - Homocysteine - 2. Kilmer McCully - Vulnerable Plaques - P. of 2. BP, Personality, and Heart Attack. Duane Graveline MD MPH Former USAF Flight Surgeon Former NASA Astronaut Retired Family Doctor.

Lipitor, Thief of Memory : Statin Drugs and the Misguided War on Cholesterol.

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Truly a must read.

He suffered from statins to the point he had severe amnesia. He wouldn't enter their home because he didn't remember his wife.

I don't know whether he also mentioned the severe muscle pain that statins give you. I fell once after having grapefruit juice with statin and got handicapped-level soreness. Only months later I put it together with the statins.

I also had the memory problems. The weird part is that I had read about the memory problems and even kept a copy of the results of a memory test, then when I was trying to figure out why I had lost my memory I ran across the paper and ironically didn't remember what it was for. I was telling my therapist about my loss of memory and suddenly started crying when I remembered that I had read about statins causing amnesia.

(I don't remember whether I had both at the same time, but it would make sense since I stopped taking the stuff fairly soon.

Every doctor I've talked to about this has said they couldn't take statins because of muscle pain. The irony is that they always said everyone else should take it, the metaphorical "it ought to be in the drinking water", when they couldn't handle it themselves. I don't know whether they lost their memory too.

You must stop this poison immediately. At the very least take large doses of CoQ10, which is made by the body and is destroyed by statins. People have taken 2,700 milligrams for ALS, but I think that's not much more than the normal dose, so I would recommend a larger dose (be sure to check first. Be sure to get ubiquinol rather than ubiquinone.

If you're taking a statin medication, you MUST read this book. Dr. Graveline writes so that anyone can understand what happened to him when he used statins as well as the evidence based science that demonstrates how this class of medication is overprescribed for people who truly do not need to take it. He outlines how and why the side effects of this medication are real and not in your head. Doctors tell you to take aspirin or Tylenol for the horrific muscle pain while your muscles are deteriorating. The protein breakdown of the muscles is myoglobin. Myoglobin circulates in your blood stream and is filtered out by your kidneys at least until your kidney's (like a dirty furnace filer) can not longer hold all that myoglobin and they stop working. You are then told (probably by the same doctor who told you that the muscle pain was in your head) that you must now go on dialysis! You have no idea that it was the statins that actually caused your kidney failure. Dr. Graveline points out how important it is to take CoQ10 when you are on a statin because statins cause you to either stop making CoQ10 or diminish your ability to make that important molecule in your body. I can not recommend this book strongly enough!

Very interesting. A lot of medical terms but you can look them up in the back of the book. Confirmed my suspicions about statins and their potentially dangerous side effects, and other more natural ways of lowering cholesterol. It also told of the dangers of getting your cholesterol too low. Also about the tendency of doctors to over-prescribe statins, and the greed and avarice of the pharmaceutical industry that encourages the over-prescription of statins.

Not only did Dr. Graveline give his own experience with severe transglobal amnesia as a result of taking Lipitor, but those of others, and a complete description of what statin drugs do in our body. Technical but fully undstandable for a layman. He also gave an excellent, comprehensive.description of how vital cholesterol is to our memory synapses, as well as to the function of every cell in our bodies. I want everyone who is, or who loves someone who is considering taking a statin drug to read this book first and know that they are taking the chance of extreme memory loss as well as muscle damage.

This book is scary. It gives you an idea what all the meds out there have the capability of doing. Not only meds, but also all the other non-food substances that make it into our bodies. It should cause each of us to wonder if the scientific world is for us or against us.

A doctors experience with a statin drug. Good reading for if you are prescribed a statin by your doctor. Be informed, this is a useless med to take.

A must read for anyone who's doctor is asking them to take a statin.
The case against statins is firmly established. We just need the "older medical establishment" to read the right papers.

Everyone who is on Lipitor or knows someone on it (or any statin drug) should read this book. Alzheimer's? Maybe not!

ISBN: 1409142612
ISBN13: 978-1409142614
language: English
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