e-Book The Natural Superiority of Women download

e-Book The Natural Superiority of Women download

by Ashley Montagu

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Start by marking The Natural Superiority of Women as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. A lengthy foreword by Susan Sperling contextualizes the book within the intellectual histories of feminism and anthropology, noting the huge social and intellectual changes that are spanned in Montagu's life and writing.

mosomes that the female owes her biological superiority.

We take great pride in accurately describing the condition of our books and media, ship within 48 hours, and offer a 100% money back guarantee. The Natural Superiority of Women Paperback – 1970. by. Ashley Montagu (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central.

Montagu, Ashley, 1905-1999. Women, Feminism, Sex role, Femmes, Women. New York, Collier Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana.

NATURAL SUPERIORITY OF WOMEN Ashley Montagu. Questions about the reading. show us an active and complex scene. The Octopus - six angular arms with buckets on the ends - reeled in a circle round and round, each bucket revolving on its own axis. The round-up, a centripetal device, started flat, like a potter's wheel, and then stood up on edge, with the riders pressed hard against the rim.

Montagu's foundational book is an important addition to the library of all gender scholars. Making revolutionary arguments upon its first publication in 1953, The Natural Superiority of Women stands as one of the original feminist arguments against biological determinism. An iconoclast, Montagu wielded his encyclopedic knowledge of physical anthropology in critique of the conventional wisdom of women as the "weaker sex," showing how women's biological, genetic, and physical makeup made her not only man's equal, but his superior.

Among the central issues of the modern feminist movement, the debate over biology and culture over sex and gender, over genetics and gender roles has certainly been one of the most passionately contested.

Montaugu's last book, The Natural Superiority Of Women (originally published in 1952) has been . I learned so much of the truth of women and men from reading this book in college. I can't believe it's gone out of print

Montaugu's last book, The Natural Superiority Of Women (originally published in 1952) has been expanded and updated to fortify his theme: women are superior to men. The book argues that the female of the species is biologically, sexually, emotionally, and even intellectually superior to the male. Montagu explains that this thesis is supported by scientific evidence. Like Socrates, he challenges his readers to distinguish between facts and opinions. I can't believe it's gone out of print. Every teenage daughter (and maybe son) should be given a copy.

Ashley Montagu Quotes. The natural superiority of women is a biological fact, and a socially acknowledged reality. Cite this Page: Citation.

I was glad to see how "feminine" characteristics like empathy and community were shown in a new light, new for me anyway, but I didn't like how this was portrayed as being a "woman" thing. A lot of good info and views, made me stop and think on more than 1 occasion. I am a Feminist and have been since before Gloria Steinem was in a Playboy Bunny suit but you don't have to elevate one and degrade the other. There is a need and want for both masculine and feminine and BOTH should be promoted. I will keep to reread again tho at some point.

A common sense look at the cultural and chemical understanding of why the female body is superior in many ways because of it's destiny to reproduce, thus had to be made so that it was strong enough to be drained of it's energies as it keeps giving to its progeny.

The Natural Superiority of Women by Ashley Montagu should be on everyone's shelf. A seminal work by a revolutionary psychologist, anthropologist and author, this book was a catalyst for the Women's Movement and remains as important today as when it was originally published in the early 1950s. I have bought and given away more copies than I can count. You will read things like this: "All human beings should enjoy the rights that are theirs by virtue of their being human, and not one iota of their rights should ever be abridged on the ground of sex; but to secure them women will have to labor hard. It cannot be too often repeated that they will have to do most of the work themselves in improving their status. Getting laws passed will not be enough; the long hard pull will be to achieve full recognition and acceptance of their abilities in all phases of national and international life." And this: "Human societies must be based on human relations first, and economic activities must be a function of human relations--not the other way round". Read The Natural Superiority of Women, you won't be sorry, but you will be changed.

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Pleased to note this book is still in print. Read it many years ago; pivotal in developing my beliefs. Have always been amazed that it has not drawn more attention or been more widely read.

Montague makes a very good and logical case for his view that nature has graced the female with better survival skills than the male. He presents scientific data to support his findings and offers direction to a more harmonious world. He addresses the world of survival of the strongest rather than survival of the fittest. In valuing the "might" of the primitive brain over intellect and reason, we have programed ourselves to never ending conflict. Montague offers both humor and stern warnings concerning the future of our species. It is, of course, a great Feminist read; yet offers much food for thought and action by all who recognize that we are of the earth and a part of the interconnected web of all that is.

Classic book

I read this book in the 50's. I liked it then and I like it now. Most men will not care for it at all.

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