e-Book Where's Bin Laden?: and many others.... download

e-Book Where's Bin Laden?: and many others.... download

by Daniel Lalic

ISBN: 1741103320
ISBN13: 978-1741103328
Language: English
Publisher: New Holland Publishers (October 1, 2006)
Pages: 32
Category: Humor
Subategory: Drollery

ePub size: 1263 kb
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DJVU size: 1426 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 693
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Where's Bin Laden? book.

If it's been in their collection for some time, say years old or more, some pages might be discoloured and there may be other minor age blemishes, but that won't affect its readability. Please note this is a damaged book.

See if your friends have read any of Daniel Lalic's books. Daniel Lalic’s Followers. None yet. Daniel Lalic. Daniel Lalic’s books. Wheres Bin Laden?: The Last Chapter. by. Xavier Waterkeyn (Illustrations), Daniel Lalic (Illustrator).

You can look for Bin Laden (or Bin Baby) among all kinds of weird and wonderful characters, and in all sorts of places, and The Posse, Bin Ladketeers, NSA Agent Jimmy Dorch, Patty Hurst and Moonie too. Product Identifiers.

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Following on from the phenomenal success of "Where's Bin Laden", here is "Where's Elvis"

Following on from the phenomenal success of "Where's Bin Laden", here is "Where's Elvis". Is Elvis in Hollywood, Gracelands or just working in a fish shop? Look through this pictorial book of astoundingly intricate drawings and a lot of tongue in cheek for Elvis in all sorts of locations and amongst all kinds of weird and wonderful characters. It includes a checklist of further things and people to look for at the back of the book.

Published by New Holland Australia, 2007. View all copies of this book. Description: Ships with Tracking Number!

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Agent, your mission is to locate Osama Bin Laden and his posse as well as plenty of other people and objects on each of the brilliant and colourful spreads inside this book.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Where& bin laden Waterkeyn, Xavier Lalic, Daniel Tuttle . Gift book containing humorous quotes and predictions from scientists and other famous faces which didn& quite prove to be true.

Where& bin laden Waterkeyn, Xavier Lalic, Daniel Tuttle 9781741106237 : Includes puzzles, riddles, tongue twisters, and several jokes. This work also contains characters such as Bin Laden (or Bin Baby), The Posse, Bin Ladketeers, NSA Agent Jimmy Dorch, Patty Hurst and Moonie. Автор: Sarah Massini Godwin Название: Where& Caterpillar?

Agent, your mission is to locate Osama Bin Laden and his posse as well as plenty of other people and objects on each of the brilliant and colourful spreads inside this book. Set in some of the biggest iconic locations of the decadent Western capitalist lifestyle Paris, London and New York among others this tongue-in-cheek and fun-filled book also has a host of local characters and objects to find and tick off in the Checklist at the back of the book. Meet Jimmy Dorch, the NSA agent, groupie Patty Furst, the ?exhibitionist? Moonie and many others inside, and find the scimitars, stolen CIA handbooks and bundles of dynamite hours of fun.
Fast Lovebird
So let me tell you the story of how I came by this little gem of a book.

First off, I have to tell you first that my boyfriend's last name is Waldo (yes and it has haunted him for his entire life). With that being said, one day during lunch my colleagues and I were talking about one of their recent visits to the eye doctor where he read "the most politically incorrect book of his life"....the where's bin laden book! Of course, seconds within hearing about this spin on where's waldo I was on amazon buying it for under $10 (winning). It arrived in the mail super quickly, and the commentary throughout the book is HILARIOUS. The boyfriend also liked it a lot and ignored me for a full 10 minutes looking for bin laden when I first gifted it to him.

So if you have a good sense of humor, and you have a boyfriend who's last name is Waldo...I highly recommend this book!

This book is like a series of "Where's Waldo" games. There are a series of scenes, each spread across the seam between two pages, including Dizzyland, California, U.S.A.; Sydney, Australia; and Barcelona, Spain. Each scene contains certain people (such as "Bin Baby", his Ladketeers, and NSA Agent Dorsch and Patty Furst) and items (such as a scimitar, a landmine, a machinegun and a United Nations Map of Installations of Mass Destruction), as well as people and items specific to the scene, such as snails and frogs in France; bulls in Spain; and killer koalas, crocodiles and kangaroos in Australia!

Someone donated a copy of this book to the troops here in Iraq, and several soldiers were passing it around when I discovered it and liked it so much, that I ordered a copy of my own!

It provided me with plenty of entertainment while waiting in airports/at airbases on my way to and from the U.S.A. for my mid-tour leave, and I still haven't looked for Bin Baby in all of the scenes!

My father in law got this as a present for Christmas. It was cute and funny, until we got to the back. In all Waldo books, there are extra lists in the back for items to search for in each spread. In the back of this book, there are similar lists. Some of these items are SO funny!!! They can be pretty crude things, so don't buy this for someone who is straight edged.
After looking through his copy, my husband and I thought of a couple people who would love this. I came directly on Amazon and bought a copy. I got the CIA version cause it was cheaper, but it was cheaper because it was much smaller than the other. If you can find the regular version, definitely buy it instead of the CIA version. It is worth the couple extra dollars.

This was bought as a Christmas gift for my friend who is serving in Iraq. I sent it over to him and he and his buddies had a blast trying to find out where Bin Ladin and the other people on the page where. A great gift for a good laugh for someone who doesn't get offended over the title of the book.

A fun book but you really have to work hard to find bin Laden. But I guess that's the whole idea.

Very interesting!

The book is hilarious! It arrived in excellent condition, although, it took a really long time to arrive!

The pictures are a little larger than what you're used to with Where's Wally.

I saw this book on the shelf and was immediately attracted to it thinking, wow has someone done a parody of the Where's Wally series replacing Wally (Waldo, North America) with the hide and seek champion coward Osama Bin Laden. That's exactly what this book is, in fact you not only have to find Osama, but a number of his henchmen as well, who are hiding in all the major cities around the world, New York, Paris, Sydney, Cairo to name but a few. It is also not just the bad guys the reader has to find. The concept of the humour of this book is playing on the fact that America can't find Osama, so you also have to find the American secret service agent as well, who obviously since he can't find the highest profile person on the planet may need help finding himself. You'll also need to find hidden weapons of mass destruction and other objects

Obviously extremist patriotic Americans with no sense of humour will not get the joke that is the concept of Where's Bin Laden but everyone else including most other Americans will have at least a smile on their faces when they first see this book. It is pretty much the same thing visually as the Where's Wally books if you just want it for the find an image amongst a lot large more complicated visual image, so if you were going to get one of those books but want a laugh as well I'd get this instead.

Each of the cities portrayed has a small blurb on why they are now terrorist targets such as Sydney because Australia supported the USA in invading Iraq so obviously the author has certain views that you may or may not agree with, but you can just ignore those text boxes and enjoy the book purely for its visual humour anyway.

The book achieves what it sets out to. I have no idea if Daniel Lalic is the Weird Al Yankovic of the picture book world. I can't compare it to other books of his as this is the only one I've ever come across. I can say though that without a doubt, if you take a copy of this to your workplace or wherever else, everyone will want to have a look at it. Many people will ask where did you get this? So if you have read it and shown it to everyone you know, you'll have no problem selling it onto someone else who wants to show it to their friends and getting your money back. Get a copy and check it out, it's a good laugh!

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