e-Book When I Am King... download

e-Book When I Am King... download

by Chet Haase

ISBN: 1440466971
ISBN13: 978-1440466977
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace (November 26, 2008)
Pages: 170
Category: Humor
Subategory: Drollery

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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 705
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this book will be required reading. Chet Haase is a software geek and writer living and working in Silicon Valley

this book will be required reading. Until then, consider it important background reading on future social policy. And an excellent beer coaster. With life comes life's many critical problems. Chet Haase is a software geek and writer living and working in Silicon Valley.

Libro electrónico escrito por Chet Haase When I am King. this book will be required reading.

Libro electrónico escrito por Chet Haase. para leerlo sin conexión, destacar texto, agregar marcadores o tomar notas.

this book will be required reading.

Real problems require surreal solutions.

Город: CaliforniaПодписчиков: 22 ты. себе: Technology and comedy, not necessarily . .

I'm on the Android Developer Relations team Google.

ISBN 10: 1440466971 ISBN 13: 9781440466977. Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2008.

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When I Am King is a wordless infinite canvas webcomic by Swiss artist demian5 about an Egyptian king's travels through a desert. The king of Egypt wakes up, dresses himself in a royal towel and goes for a stroll, but a camel eats his towel.

Here, I am building my experience in the corporate world so that I can use their powers against them

Here, I am building my experience in the corporate world so that I can use their powers against them. For every stapler I sell, I’m figuring out how to market products to consumers, and how the money flows from people to the corporate bureaucracy that we all live within (Hint - it’s through the cash register). I’m also building my knowledge of costs and profits, as I take the money from people ( cost ) and give them back their change( profit ). These lessons will be invaluable in my future endeavors, when I next venture out on my own to take the business world by storm. Never stop innovating,.

When I am King... this book will be required reading. Until then, consider it important background reading on future social policy. And an excellent beer coaster.

With life comes life's many critical problems, such as:

Why are wedding ceremonies so very long, often outlasting the marriages themselves? Why are we forced to celebrate wedding anniversaries, inevitably leading to stress, forgetfullness, guilt, anger, recriminations, and alimony? We're constantly making mistakes in life and have no one to blame but ourselves. Why can't we hire someone to take the blame? Why are women's showers so packed with bottles and substances that there's no room left for the people? Why aren't newborn babies clearly labeled with their sex to avoid awkward assumptions by strangers? Why are newborn stats reported in weight and length, like fish?

Fortunately, this manifesto exists to deal with these and other pressing problems that we all face in work, relationships, parenting, eating, and life overall.

Chet has a very specific, very clever, and painfully amusing sense of humor, word choice, and subject matter. Especially if you're a geek/engineer, but certainly not exclusively.

If you're even remotely considering NOT buying this book, read one of my favorite works by the author: The Best Defense is a Good Office ([...] and be sure you have your credit card handy afterwards. Here's a bit of it:

"Your office is a critical part of your image. It's an important part of the façade, like the shrink wrap on fancy cucumbers or the wax coating on otherwise soft and dull apples. Or like an exciting picture on the jacket of another dull mystery novel. Your office needs to clearly state, 'This is who I am. Kneel Before Me in Awe. And bring me a donut.'
Most offices today have a low-pile carpet designed for easy cleaning as well as providing decent camouflage of coffee and blood stains. But battles were never fought on carpet, and today's Corporate Warrior can't hope to reach his or her potential on such feeble grounding. Have marble or granite installed in the floor of your cube. Wear shoes with heels that make a clear clack of authority when walking on it. Pace often, and tap your foot constantly. Your co-workers all over the building will hear you being important all day long."

Chet Haase is a cynic of the best kind! He appreciates the subtle idiosyncracies of life and is able to present them on paper. This is a perfect book to take with you for short bouts of entertainment during a busy schedule, or to keep in the water closet for those special moments.
I hope to see more from this guy!
(Yeah, OK, I'm his aunt, but even if I wasn't I would write this review. Really.)

What a great book to have handy after all is unwrapped and the living room is covered in wrinkled packaging and ribbons. This book is the one to pick up out of the mess go off in a corner and enjoy like there is no room out there. It will take you away on a humor filled cloud. Chet has a great sense of humor about life that everyone can relate to. Even when you put down the book for that special holiday breakfast, you will keep that inner smile you get when reading it. Enjoy it - it is a great little gift gem.

I attended college with Chet, where I had the privilege of witnessing his outstanding humor first hand. This book displays his wit and cynicism at its best, but with the maturity that comes with a few more years of life experience behind him. In fact, it's been a good read for the entire family, so much so that the kids started arguing over who gets to read it first. We solved the problem by putting it in the bathroom. This allows everyone to get an equal chance, with the added benefit that the essays are just the right length for the function of its location. So, although it may be a while before Chet wears his destined crown, he occupies the throne of honor in our house.

An entertaining book you can read one piece at a time. The perfect format for a good distraction during a busy day.

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ISBN13: 978-1598698176
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