e-Book Piggins download

e-Book Piggins download

by Jane Dyer,Jane Yolen

ISBN: 0152616861
ISBN13: 978-0152616861
Language: English
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers; First edition (February 28, 1992)
Pages: 32
Category: Animals
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 123
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One night during the Perseid meteor shower, Arianne thinks she sees a shooting star land in the fields surrounding her family's horse farm.

The year is 1942, and Chaim and Gittel, Polish twins, are forced from their beautiful home and made to live in the Lodz Ghetto. Their family's cramped quarters are awful, but when even those dire circumstances become too dangerous, their parents decide to make for the nearby Lagiewniki Forest, where partisan fighters are trying to shepherd Jews to freedom in Russia. One night during the Perseid meteor shower, Arianne thinks she sees a shooting star land in the fields surrounding her family's horse farm. About a year later, one of their horses gives birth to a baby centaur.

Illustrated by Jane Dyer with fantastic color illustrations. This copy is inscribed by yolen. NY et al: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1988). 4to (8 1/2 x 10 1/4"), cloth, As new in as new dust wrapper. The story features Piggins, a butler THAT SOLVES MYSTERIES in an Edwardian household. Illustrated by Jane Dyer with fantastic color illustrations. Bookseller Inventory 36631.

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Dyer grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Dyer grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Piggins, by Jane Yolen; illustrated by Jane Dyer - Orlando, FL : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, c1987. Piggins by Jane Yolen is a dinner mystery reminiscent of mysteries by Agatha Christie

Piggins, by Jane Yolen; illustrated by Jane Dyer - Orlando, FL : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, c1987. SUMMARY: During a dinner party, the lights go out and Mrs. Reynard's beautiful diamond necklace is stolen, but Piggins, the butler, quickly discovers the real thief. Piggins by Jane Yolen is a dinner mystery reminiscent of mysteries by Agatha Christie. The animals show up to dinner in their most splendid of dress, only to be caught up in a robbery, a false accusation, and eventual resolution to the crime. The illustrations that accompany the text are beautifully detailed and sure to captivate young readers.

K-3, 62. 3 YOL at the LMES Media Center and JB Wright at the Wake County Public Library.

Piggins the butler solves the mysterious disappearance of Mrs. Reynard’s diamond lavaliere with the help of a delightful set of characters. “One of a kind--and sure to provide a great deal of fun for many readers and listeners.”--School Library Journal
Jane Yolen is a delightful writer, but it is _Piggins'_ colorful illustrations that make this book extraordinary. Graphic novel style sequences of artful drawings tell the mystery story. The complex prose is explained and enriched by the pictures. But I would have bought this book for the drawings alone. The cover doesn't convey their richness. A beautiful, clever book.

This is a very amusing mystery!

Love it! The book is new and everything is how it should be! Reminds me of being in grade school and now I am sharing with my kids!

I don't understand the fascination behind this book. I didn't enjoy it but read it to my 3rd grade class and most liked it.

I liked it but elected to not give it to my eight year old grandson because I felt that he would not enjoy it.

What a charming way to introduce the little ones to the concept of mystery novels such as those written by Agatha Christe. Here we have the classical closed room mystery (without any murder of course) set in Edwardian times. In this story though, the butler most certainly did not do it as it is the butler, Piggins who solves the mystery.

I would hate to call this one a parody, but in a way it is, since to parody something the audience really must know what is being parodied. It is doubtful if the age group to which this story is targeted has read many Christe novels. On the other hand, any adult reading the book to or with the child will pick up on it immediately.

The characters in this story are all animals; English animals dressed in typical clothing of the Edwardian era. The artist, Jane Dyer, has done a wonderfully detailed and colorful job of this. Each of the animals more or less portrays an individual who perfectly matches what ever critter is used. The use of a pig; Piggins in this case, fits perfectly. You have never seen such a dignified pig in your life. Foxes, rats, rabbits, bloodhounds, and turtles all have their part.

The text is quite well done and the mystery (A stolen diamond lavaliere in this case) is well developed and if the reader is attentive enough, a few clues (not too obvious) have been laid out in nice form.

Even without the illustrations though, the art work in this one is well worth the price of the book. It is one of those that offer pictures with so much detail that each time the child reads the book, something new will be found or noticed.

All in all this is a truly fun book to read.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks

A coterie of opulent reptiles, rodents, and animals are summoned to an extravagant dinner. Mrs. Reynard will display her cursed diamond necklace and offer it for sale. Piggins, the butler is accused of stealing the diamond necklace. The thieves are unearthed. Jane Yolen conjures up entertaining, elegant characters that will delight readers. She gives her fictitious coterie of opulent reptiles, rodents, and animals human attributes and graces and clothes them in the finest raiment. Yolen's plot is priceless since she civilizes relentless rivals giving them poise and diplomacy. Her setting flows cohesively with her plot to reveal a remarkable arc: a rat will be a rat. Jane Dyer's spectacular art complements Yolen's narrative. Dyer adds feminine exquisiteness to her art that does not appear incredulous since readers are aware that PIGGINS is a story. One could ponder if there is ambiguity in Yolen's premise when reptiles, animals, and thieving rats wearing suits and gowns appear civilized.

Piggins is one of those rare gems: A book interesting and simple enough for very young children to enjoy (ages 3-4), with more subtlety in the text and especially in the exquisitely detailed and humorous illustrations. The adult will also enjoy the story for the beauty of the illustrations, the tongue in cheek wit, and the delight of reading and rereading and re-examining the illustrations to catch the clues to the "who was the thief?" mystery within the story.
We read this with my 8 nieces and nephews age 1-21 and all enjoyed it. It seems we still can find a new little gem in the details on every rereading. For a beautifully illustrated and gently humorous story that is very different than the run of the mill read aloud story, every family should own this. I recommend it for a gift to families with a new baby. Parents as well as the kids will love it!

ISBN: 0062003739
ISBN13: 978-0062003737
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