e-Book Phoebe Who? (Charmed) download

e-Book Phoebe Who? (Charmed) download

by Constance M. Burge

ISBN: 1416926666
ISBN13: 978-1416926665
Language: English
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's (2007)
Pages: 208
Category: Arts Music and Photography
Subategory: For Kids

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Constance M. Burge is an American television writer, creator, and producer. She created the short-lived series Savannah and the long-running series Charmed.

Constance M. Burge was also a writer for Judging Amy, Ally McBeal and Boston Public and worked as a producer for several other shows too. In Charmed, she was executive producer and staff writer until Season 2, and then left her place because of a disagreement between her and fellow executive producer Brad Kern.

Charmed is an American fantasy drama television series created by Constance M. Burge and produced by Aaron Spelling and his production company Spelling Television, with Brad Kern serving as showrunner

Charmed is an American fantasy drama television series created by Constance M. Burge and produced by Aaron Spelling and his production company Spelling Television, with Brad Kern serving as showrunner. The series was originally broadcast by The WB for eight seasons from October 7, 1998, until May 21, 2006.

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com's Constance M. Burge Author Page. Books By Constance M. Light of the World (Charmed) by Constance M. Burge (2006-09-04) Jan 1, 1713. Burge (Author). Book 1 of 41 in the Charmed Series. Prue had been engaged to Roger - until Phoebe announced that Roger had tried to seduce her. When Prue confronted Roger, he told her that it was Phoebe who had made a pass at him. Prue didn't know what to think. She broke up with Roger, but she blamed Phoebe for the whole mess and never forgave her.

Charmed creator Constance M. Burge is taking bosses at CBS Studios to court over allegations she was cheated out . Zenescope's "Charmed" comic book series will pick up with an original story that takes place after the series' eighth season. Burge is taking bosses at CBS Studios to court over allegations she was cheated out of profits from the supernatural TV show. Burge's contract for the series, which starred Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano and ran from 1998 to 2006, gave her a salary as well as a portion of the show's proceeds. Paul Ruditis and Raven Gregory ("The Gift") are co-writing the title with artist Dave Hoover ("Captain America").

Authors : Burge, Constance M. Phoebe Who?. Phoebe Who? by Constance M. Burge (Paperback, 2007). Brand new: lowest price. Good A copy that has been read but remains in clean condition.

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This was an okay Charmed book. It read like an episode, mostly. In it we have Paige rushing in, on her own, to take down demons and, as usual when she does this, gets in over her head. The book mostly focuses on Phoebe, who feels overwhelmed with work, family, and her charmed ones' life. I would've liked a bit more on the Aura, Delilah, and Terra - how they met, why they decided it was a good idea to steal the amulets, et. .The ending was good, abrupt but covered what was needed.

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Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Authors: Diana G. Gallagher, Constance M. Burge, Emma Harrison, Paul Ruditis, Laura J. Burns. Related Series: Star Trek: Voyager - Starfleet Academy, Buffyverse Novels, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7-8, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2. The Charmed book series by multiple authors includes books The Power of Three, Kiss of Darkness, The Crimson Spell, and several more.


A battle's finale, one sister lost --

Enemies disguised as friends,

aim to cross.

Two sisters must remind her what she can't recall:

To bring her home safely and restore power to all.

Phoebe is exhausted -- between work, demon fighting, and helping her sisters, she has no time for herself. When she wakes from a battle not knowing who or where she is, Phoebe gets her long-awaited getaway and then some. A stranger named Aura promptly finds her and takes Phoebe into her care. There's something off about Aura and her friends, but Phoebe ignores her instinct and tries to settle into this new, relaxed lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Piper and Paige fear the worst. They scry for Phoebe, but she is nowhere to be found. Not only have Aura and her friends put a cloaking spell on Phoebe, but they have also reintroduced her to magic, taking her on "missions" to steal protection charms from good witches. Their latest mission? Convincing Phoebe that Piper and Paige are evil and need to be rendered powerless. Will Piper and Paige be able to find Phoebe -- and help her find herself -- in time to restore the Power of Three?

Once again, the sisters are out battling demons, Piper and Paige end up staying close together, but Phoebe ends up in an alley with a demon and the resulting vanquish gives her a swift bump to the head. When Phoebe wakes up, she has no memory of who she is, where she lives, or that she's even a witch.

While Phoebe is missing, Piper and Paige attempt to find their sister, but all they get is a house full of magical beings that are waiting for Phoebe, as she promised to give them some advice. Meanwhile, Phoebe is taking in by a bunch of girls that claim her name is Ruth and that she's lived with them for several years. They convince her that they are a group of good witches that are supposed to take away amulets from evil witches that would only give them the power to do harm. "Ruth" goes along with this as she doesn't know any better (thanks to a nice memory spell the girls have placed upon her).

The manor becomes wrecked, thanks to the magical beings that refuse to leave the house because they feel Piper and Paige are lying about Phoebe's disappearance. It doesn't help the demons they were fighting the day Phoebe disappeared have begun to show up at the manor either. Thankfully, on a spell ingriedient run, Paige see's Phoebe with the girls , which are attempting to steal the amulet from another good witch. With that in mind, Piper and Paige are finally able to set about finding Phoebe and restoring her memory.

This is a great read, and wonderful edition to the Charmed library. This reminded me of an actual episode of the show. Every Charmed fan should read this.

The TV show is awesome but these books open your mind and your thoughts about the show and sisters.

Includes when Piper and Paige are fighting over Paige wanting to be independent with her temp jobs. Piper actually told Paige that she was degressing back to when Paige first found her 1/2 sisters. Total

season six moments between the two half sisters in this book. Phoebe is wonderfully funny at the end of chapter eleven. Expect a lot of magical friends to show up at the manor.

I must say that this is another great Charmed Novel and another one to add to my ever growing faviote list.Phoebe Who? (Charmed) I will willing and totally recommand this book to any and all Charmed fan out there.

love the charmed novel series

It was not supposed to have so many rips and bends.. but not too bad for the price. Thank you.

This is a very good book. It keeps you entertained from beginning to end. Any of the Charmed Series books are great.

As Charmed books go, this is a very good one. It begins with some non-magic conflict between the sisters. Phoebe is feeling under-appreciated by her sisters, who don’t realize she also has important things to do. Soon, everyone will see how important she is because during a battle with demons, Phoebe gets separated from her sisters. A knock on the head, and a spell from bad witches later, she’s convinced by the evil witches seeking amulets which will give them ultimate magical power, that she’s their good friend, Ruth, and together they battle evil.

Meanwhile back at Halliwell Manor, Leo can’t locate the missing Phoebe, and scrying doesn’t work either. As of yet, no one realizes what’s going on, or that a spell is preventing them from finding Phoebe, and keeping Phoebe’s memories of Piper and Paige buried. While Ruth/Phoebe helps her “sister” witches retrieve the amulets, despite a feeling of unease, Piper and Paige have to deal with Flector demons, and could really use the power of three. They could also use Phoebe on the home-front. Piper and Paige have a house full of magical creatures demanding the counseling and advice session promised them by Phoebe.

While the magical creature part of the story can get a bit frivolous at times, and the bad witches’ interactions with Ruth a tad tiring, things get much better once Paige encounters Phoebe and her fellow “good” witches in action, and realizes Phoebe has completely forgotten her real sisters. It’s all well written, and for the most part pretty enjoyable. The conclusion helped a great deal, as it was both exciting and fun, and had a couple of wonderful moments between sisters toward the end. It very much retained the feel of the show, so gets high marks on that front.

Probably a 4.2 for me, just because a few frivolous moments bored me, and the series works best when all three sisters have more scenes together. Overall, however, this is a very enjoyable entry which captured nicely the feel of the series. Highly recommended for fans of the show as a light and entertaining read which now has the added bonus of being nostalgic; this show debuted two decades ago! My, how time flies…

ISBN: 114551801X
ISBN13: 978-1145518018
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