e-Book Human Body (HIDDEN WORLD) download

e-Book Human Body (HIDDEN WORLD) download

by Gallimard Jeunesse,Pierre-Marie Valat,Claude Delafosse

ISBN: 0439106818
ISBN13: 978-0439106818
Language: English
Publisher: Scholastic (October 1, 1999)
Pages: 24
Category: Education and Reference
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.3
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Space (First Discovery Hidden World Book).

Space (First Discovery Hidden World Book). In this book you remove the paper flashlight from the back page and then slide it between the black pages and the transparencies to & (actually just draw attention too) parts of the pictures.

Hidden World: Human Body (A First Discovery Book). Claude Delafosse, Pierre-Marie Valat. Published October 1st 1999 by Scholastic. Spiral-bound, 24 pages. Author(s): Claude Delafosse, Pierre-Marie Valat.

by Claude Delafosse, Pierre-Marie Valat, Raoul Sautai.

Human Body: Hidden World (A First Discovery Book) By Claude Delafosse and Gallimard Jeunesse; illustrated by Pierre-Marie Valat. 2000, Scholastic) Children use a paper flashlight to see what their bodies look like and do on the inside. The acetate overlays make for an engaging format. The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body By Joanna Cole; illustrated by Bruce Degen. 1989, Scholastic) Ms. Frizzle’s class takes their bus inside the human body to get a firsthand look at the major parts of the body and how they work

Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes.

This book can be found in: Children's & Teenage Hobbies & interests Science & technology Children's & Teenage Personal & social issues Body & health. Inside the Body - My First ht (Hardback). Pierre-Marie Valat (illustrator), Claude Delafosse (author), Clare Best (translator). Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes.

ISBN 10: 043910680X ISBN 13: 9780439106801. Publisher: Cartwheel Books, 2000. Complete with a paper flashlight, a sturdy addition to the Hidden World series introduces young readers to the wondrous world of caves with detailed illustrations of stalagmites, natural sculptures, and more.

by Claude Delafosse, Gallimard Jeunesse. Pierre-Marie Valat Claude Delafosse. ISBN 9780590582810 (978-0-590-58281-0) Hardcover, Cartwheel Books, 1996. Coauthors & Alternates.

Inside the Body by Pierre-Marie Valat (illustrator), Claude Delafosse, Clare. Hardback Mind, Body & Spirit Books in English. Doreen Virtue Hardback Mind, Body & Spirit Books. Free postage -Inside the Body, Hardcover by Delafosse, Claude (CRT); Jeunesse, Gallimard (. . Hardback Mind, Body & Spirit Books in Japanese. Hardback 2000-2010 Mind, Body & Spirit Books. Tarot Hardback Mind, Body & Spirit Books. We started out with "Hidden World - Inside the Human Body" and loved it. This book came our way and was good as well but not quite as good and "Human Body"

Space (First Discovery Hidden World Book). This book came our way and was good as well but not quite as good and "Human Body". It is really unique in that there are dark overlays on many of the pages. Then the reader gets a "flashlight" that pops out of a page in the back of the book, and uses that flashlight to 'shine' between the dark overlay and the page directly behind. What happens is the images on the dark overlay are now visible because the flashlight puts a white paper section behind them. Hence the name "Hidden.

Claude Delafosse, Clare Best, Pierre-Marie Valat. Features a press-out paper "torch," along with a slot to store it in at the back of each book. By the creator of Animal Faces: 15 Punch-Out Animal Masks.

Curious readers are introduced to various functions of the body through an illustrated "internal" and informative tour, in a sturdy book which includes acetate pages and a "magic" paper flashlight.
The book is missing the "magic flashlight," which makes it less useful. Was not noted in the description. Please provide.

I was disappointed that this book was sold with a missing piece. In order to look at the pictures on some pages there was a pull out "viewer" in the back. That viewer was missing from the space it was suppose to be in. The book is not usable without it.

This is clever little book that uses transparencies and a paper flashlight to add a little fun to an tremendously interesting topic: what the human body is all about.

In this book you remove the paper flashlight from the back page and then slide it between the black pages and the transparencies to `illuminate' (actually just draw attention too) parts of the pictures.

Topics include:

The Diversity Of The Human Form

How A Baby Grows In It's Mommy's Tummy

Parts Of Digestion



The Five Senses

Dreams And Sleep

Smaller Parts Of The Body As One Might See Them Under A Microscope

...at the end there are pictures and the question: "Did you find these hidden pictures..."

If you are interested in detail here's a little more about the topics:

The diversity of the human form - actually this is only two pages that show different kids and you will probably have to point out to them that people come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The text is: "Each human body is a wonderful world! Turn the page to find out how human life begins.

How a baby grows in it's mommy's tummy - One page shows a mom and babe with the development of the mommy's belly and the relative size of the baby in silhouette. There is also a transparency that shows a baby at one, one-and-a- half, 3, and 5 months.

Parts of digestion - An girl is shown in silhouette with a the 5 parts of digestion labeled beneath: chew, swallow, digest, absorb, and eliminate. A blue circle indicates where the food is in the process.

The accompanying transparency depicts the parts of the body: such as esophagus, liver, pancreas, etc. The digestive processes, as well, is briefly discussed: teeth, saliva, etc. They do not mention stomach acid, but only say that in the stomach food is broken down even further. They then say that it passes into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed. Then through the large intestine and out the rectum.

Bones -- there is an xray type picture. They touch on the structural aspects of bones as well.

Teeth -The transparency shows an `xray' type picture of a boy's skull with bones, nasal cavities and teeth showing. Sure to be of interest is the fact that baby teeth are `pushed out' by the adult teeth.

Dreams and Sleep - a really useless transparency of no real merit accompanies text that reminds us that while we sleep, our brains stay active.

Smaller parts of the body as one might see them under a microscope - these include what a slide with a skin bisection with a hair might look like. In addition: white blood cells; red blood cells, muscle, bone, brain; egg and sperm cells.

Four Stars. This book is not comprehensive (and perhaps should not be for this age group) but it does have gaps which they could have easily been covered.

Also, there is nothing graphic or yucky in this mom's opinion and although it is hardly comprehensive, it probably contains enough detail for the six and under crowd.

**See Magic School Bus videos for a fun ride through Arnold's digestive track. For the bodies defense system, take a ride through Ralphies' body.

My 3 year old wanted to know how food gets to the stomach and beyond (of course). This book serves to explain how food is digested, how 1/2 of the skeleton looks (no feet, mom), and how a baby grows in the mother...but it misses muscles, circulatory system, nervous system and isn't very detailed when it does discuss the five senses. The main attraction of this book is the fascinating paper flash light that seems to illuminate the very good illustrations on transparencies. It is a winner - we just wish it covered more and answered more questions.

The price is a little steep-- the book is child-sized, meaning it's about seven square inches big-- but boy does it make up for its size in presentation! The flip-transparencies are ingenious, as well as the method for viewing it. My 5 1/2 year old son couldn't put it down. Its language is clear but not dumbed-down. There may be a few vocabulary words that the younger readers will ask about. But honestly, this is a GREAT introduction to human anatomy for this age group-- by far the best one I've seen.

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