e-Book Thanksgiving Is Here! download

e-Book Thanksgiving Is Here! download

by Diane Goode

ISBN: 0060515880
ISBN13: 978-0060515881
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins; 1 edition (September 2, 2003)
Pages: 32
Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.7
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Maggie knows that Gramdma and Grandpa rise early on Thanksgiving morning. They want to get the turkey in the oven before the guests arrive and the commotion begins.

Maggie's glamorous aunt, a crybaby, an uncle with a slippery hairpiece, and an acrobatic cousin are just a few of the twenty-eight relatives and friends who come to help, "yackety-yak," and eat. As day stretches into evening, events unfold. There's a mysterious present, a budding romance, and a little dog that tags after Maggie. But whose dog is he? And what's Great-Grandma knitting? There is so much to discover here?

Like a memorable meal with family and friends, this joyous celebration of Thanksgiving will leave you smiling and fulfilled.

Illustrations are adorable and colorful. There's a whole lot to see, and the illustrator is very detailed in her drawings. The book will take about ten minutes to read, there isn't that many words. It is one lined sentences. The book is hardcover book jacket. Cover looks just like the picture shown. The book is big lengthwise. The pages are made of glossy quality paper. It is thread bound.

I bought it directly from Amazon. It arrived within a week with Free Super Saving Shipping. It arrived new and nothing was damaged during shipping. I recommend.

I bought this book for my almost 5 year old daughter. It was too simple for her. It is a good book for younger children.

my nephew loved it!

Great story and my grandchildren love the book

If you have big noisy Thanksgiving Dinners, this book captures that atmosphere perfectly. The text is fairly simple, but the illustrations are great. There is a lot going on and to look at. My 4 year old and 6 year old both really enjoyed reading this book.

Diane Goode went to a lot of large family gatherings when she was growing up, which is why when she asked herself "What happens at Thanksgiving?" the answer was "Why, everything!" This idea is important because you want to pay attention to the details in these pen-and-ink drawings with a watercolor wash that tell the story of what happens when twenty-eight friends and relatives arrive on Thanksgiving Day. It begins with Grandma and Grandpa rising early on Thanksgiving morning to get the turkey in the oven before the guests arrive to help, talk, and eat (not necessarily in that order). The story is told by young Maggie, who arrives with her family first, when it is time to peel the potatoes and roll out the dough. But then more people arrive, from Maggie's glamorous aunt and the uncle with a hairpiece that cannot stay in one place to the acrobatic cousin and the friendly dog that follow Maggie around. Intended for young readers age 3-8, being able to read the simple text of "Thanksgiving Is Here!" is only part of the fun. The main part comes from looking at the pictures and discovering what is in the surprise package, who might be interested in becoming more than friends, and several other things that can be learned only by carefully studying each and every illustration. "Thanksgiving Is Here!" is either a perfect reward for young readers who have helped prepare the food or set the table, or as a fun way of keeping them occupied while the adults have all the Turkey Day fun.

I just pulled this book out of my sons' bookshelf to read with them again, as I do every fall. It's a gem of a book, celebrating a holiday that never seems to get a lot of attention (though it should). I love how this book is so simple in its story -- a large extended family gathers at Grandma and Grandpa's to have Thanksgiving dinner. There's nothing flashy, nothing gimmicky, just a celebration of family and togetherness and gathering around a table. The illustrations have so much character and charm, and a fair amount of humor, too. This is a book that holds kids' attention and it's a great way to help them look forward to their own Thanksgiving family celebrations. It's a very, very special book.

The busy, whimsical illustrations tell much of the story in this book that kids will enjoy poring over. Grandma and Grandpa are up early to wrestle the turkey into the oven. Aunts, uncles and cousins start arriving, with assorted babies, pets, paraphernalia and packages.
The simple acts of peeling potatoes, setting the table, hunting for extra chairs, yakking, horseplay -- and several visual subplots --are joyfully depicted in this celebration of family gatherings.

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