e-Book Drama Queen (Sweet Valley Jr. High No. 25) download

e-Book Drama Queen (Sweet Valley Jr. High No. 25) download

by Francine Pascal

ISBN: 0553487272
ISBN13: 978-0553487275
Language: English
Publisher: Sweet Valley (January 9, 2001)
Pages: 160
Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.3
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Book 25 of 30 in the Sweet Valley Jr. High Series. Best known for creating Sweet Valley, Francine Pascal has also written magazine articles, TV scripts, novels, and a Broadway musical.

Book 25 of 30 in the Sweet Valley Jr. Age Range: 8 - 12 years. Grade Level: 3 - 7. Series: Sweet Valley Jr. High(TM) (Book 25). Paperback: 160 pages.

Sweet Valley Junior High is a fictional young adult book series written by Francine Pascal. The first book of the series, Get Real, was published on February 1, 1999. The final entry in the series, Too Many Good-byes, was published on June 12, 2001. The story occurs when Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield's middle school have been rezoned to Sweet Valley Jr. High for 8th grade. Elizabeth adjusts quickly to the new school and becomes popular among her peers

The complete series list for - Sweet Valley Jr. High Francine Pascal. Francine Pascal Series List. Sweet Valley Jr. High. Series List:30 titles.

The complete series list for - Sweet Valley Jr. Genre: All Kids (12 & Under) Kids: Middle Grade Contemporary Romance Romance.

The greatest weapon against a serial killer?A girl with no fear From Francine Pascal, creator of Sweet Valley High and author of the New York Times bestselling Sweet Valley.

The greatest weapon against a serial killer?A girl with no fear. Gaia Moore isn't like anyone else in the world.

This series occurs when the twins are eighth graders. Elizabeth and Jessica are rezoned to Sweet Valley Junior High, where a number of new characters are introduced. Elizabeth adjusts quickly to the new school and becomes popular among her peers. She becomes close friends with Anna Wang and Salvador del Valle, and the three are actively involved with producing the school's alternative zine.

Sweet Valley High: Who's Who No. 62 by Francine Pascal (1990, Paperback). Б/у: 184,60 RUB. Sweet Valley High: The New Elizabeth No. 63 by Francine Pascal (1990, Paperback).

1 - 20 of 65 Works in Sweet Valley High - Francine Pascal. Especially when Ataru's very soul was never healed from the incident in "Just The Two of Us", then both souls got the chance to live as separate people. Navigation and Actions. One half becoming Tariko Katabarbe, one of the most dangerous beings on the World of the Forge, Yiziba. but now brims with enough outrage towards a lot of people - his would-be "wife" being the primary one - that Mujaki's move to make Lum's perfect dream is about to hit a wall of solid DIAMOND.

Can Anna and Toby's relationship survive creative differences?Anna thought things with Toby were perfect. Until she had to spend every minute with him working on a stupid play.Now they argue 24/7. Part of her says they should just break up, but another part really likes him.So what happens now?
After at least five books of waiting, readers can finally find out how the big play at school turns out. The main characters in this book are Toby, who is nervous about being prepared for opening night, and Anna, who has been assigned the leading role not long before the actual play. Larissa was also a fun, strong, means-buisness character in this book, and I enjoy reading about her (She's my favorite character).

This book is also about the school Olympics that Sweet Valley Junior High is holding. Jessica and her team are great, and would probably be better if they didn't have slacker, snotty Lacey on their team. But let's just say that she starts feeling competitive, and gets a little more into the game.

The story is entertaining, and has little parts here and there that make it memorable. If you want to find out how opening night went, you have to read this book! It is a good book, and I highly recommend it and the rest of the series to any girl looking for an entertaining read.

Blue teaches Brian how to Surf,Jessica and others hold a Olympics[That's what they do with the money left over from the carnival]. Bianca Lechance[Maria] in West Side Story gets strep throat and Anna is chosen to take her place,and Larissa is chosen to take Anna's place as Anita. They have only a week to practice. Toby and Anna practice alot together. Jessica and Lacey are not getting along because Lacey acts like a selfish brat most of the time.The come in second in the finals.

Drama Queen is THE best book yet. It talx mostly about Olympics Week and Toby and Anna. I think Toby and Anna are a GREAT couple! However, what the bad part I didn't like was that Toby was acting like a know-it-all since Anna got the part of Maria. And when I say Toby and Anna a good couple, I mean it though I wish Toby wouldn't act so,"I'm a lead actor so I'm the best actor," mode thing. But read the book and you'll see what happens b/w Lacey and Jess.

I loved this book! They focused perfectly on the characters. Lacey and Jessica were slightly in the background, but enough in the book to be focused on. The Toby and Anna situation came out perfect! It was simultaneous with the play. I think that very slowly (gasp) Jessica and Lacey could become friends. I stress the word "could." They seem to be more comfortable with each other. Plus, they seem to get things done together, and quickly, too! This is one of the must-have books of the series! Happy Reading!

may actually become FRIENDS! I'm serious i think that they could, they gave each other a high-five didn't they? I don't understand why lacey has to be such a snot, because if she wasn't a snot she and jessica would have been friends from the start. Lavey actually acts like a kid sometimes, but like bethell said, awww our lil lacey is growing up. Lacey became a tad bit nicer in this book {suprise suprise}! About Toby and Anna, they have a fight but lets not get into details! {don't worry they are still together!}

This book was the best out of the jr. high series. I am so glad that Anna finally has a life. I'm really glad that Francine Pascal is focusing on other characters than Liz and Jessica Wakefield. I really liked this book, but it was one of those books you better be prepared not to be able to put it down.

ISBN: 1440731756
ISBN13: 978-1440731754
language: English
Subcategory: World
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