e-Book Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten (Miss Bindergarten Books) download

e-Book Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten (Miss Bindergarten Books) download

by Joseph Slate

ISBN: 0525454462
ISBN13: 978-0525454465
Language: English
Publisher: Dutton Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (September 1, 1996)
Pages: 48
Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.7
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This rhyming, brightly illustrated book is the perfect way to practice the alphabet and to introduce young children to kindergarten.It's the first day of kindergarten and Miss Bindergarten is hard at work getting the classroom ready for her twenty-six new students. Meanwhile, Adam Krupp wakes up, Brenda Heath brushes her teeth, and Christopher Beaker finds his sneaker. Miss Bindergarten puts the finishing touches on the room just in time, and the students arrive. Now the fun can begin! "Multifaceted and appealing, this book can be enjoyed in many ways, at home and at school." --The New York Times Book ReviewFor readers of Kindergarten, Here I Come and The Night Before Kindergarten.
Like many others I looked for a starting Kindergarten book only to find ones that talked about being scared or doing out of control things. I've gotten all the Miss Bindergarten books now, they are funny with excellent illustrations..such a good artist to be able to draw animals doing such human activities! All these are just great. I got them for a 5 yr old boy who seems to love Kindergarten so far!

I purchased at least 10 "kindergarten" themed books to try to ease my daughter's fears this summer. This is the one she consistenly asks for. She thoroughly enjoys the illustrations, and finds new details each time we read it. We have to read the class photo list at the end of the book every time, and last night before bed I heard her murmuring some of their names. LOL She really connects to these simple little characters, and I think they remind her of students she knew in Pre-K, who she won't be seeing again this Fall. We liked this so much, I also purchased "Miss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day in Kindergarten" and that is the new favorite. I'm very glad they kept the same cast of students she was familiar with. I personally thought all the books I purchased were adorable, but if you can only get one, I would start with this one.

Such a fun book! It shows Miss Bindergarten starting with her class all in disarray and how she is preparing for the first day. We got this book and started reading about a month before school started. When I took my daughter to her Kindergarten preview night the teacher was just getting started with the classroom set up so it was kind of a mess. My husband and I were a little worried because the other kindergarten classrooms were all neat and complete and student ready. My girl looked around at the chaos and shouted "Mom! It's just like Miss Bindergarten!" Seriously, it was fantastic. Her soon-to-be teacher overheard and showed us she too had the book! It's a wonderful book!

I think this book is charming, and my younger child loves the animal illustrations. But my kindergartener isn't interested in it, and now that he has actually started kindergarten, I can guess one possible reason why: the classroom shown in the book bears ZERO resemblance to his kindergarten room. Where we live, kindergarten in the public schools isn't about toys and art and dramatic play. It's about desks and workbooks. So the classroom in the book shows my son everything he misses from pre-K. In his shoes, I think I would hate this book for that reason. And as a parent, this book makes me all the more unhappy about his real kindergarten. This is not the book's fault, of course, but it's a small lesson in unintended consequences for me as a parent.

This book was on my soon-to-be Kindergartner's summer reading list. It was the perfect reading level. Other than reading some of the names, she read the book to me in about 2 evenings (even with stopping to discuss the pictures). The book is great for kids starting Kindergarten. It doesn't talk down to them or give them new ideas of what to fear in starting elementary school. My daughter is so proud to have read the book on her own.

I think this is a marvelous story....from a whole different perspective of the teacher getting ready for Kindergarten and the teacher preparing her classroom which started out quite dreary looking and uninviting. The pictures tell the story and my son giggled seeing the teacher getting ready. It was neat to have the story unfolding in real time as you see the animal kids getting ready for school too. To make the book go over the top for me, the 26 classmates all are named with the first letters of the alphabet so it was a creative alphabet book too and you see them introduced in order from A to Z. It is a perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to reinforce the alphabet and phonic sounds to get the kids to guess the animal while at the same time it shows all "different" types of kids and how they each prepare and arrive to school in different ways with differnt feelings. Then we see the time pass, check out the clock on the wall another teachable moment---2 hours have past and we see Miss Bindergarten's Kindergarten classroom that she has transformed! My son and I loved flipping back and forward to see the transformation. It is nice that book gave me an opportunity to talk to him about thinking of how Miss Bindergarten was also nervous and excited to meet her new friends and how much work that the teachers put into making the classroom cheery and fun. The illustrations are great. It humanizes the teacher and I like that I can sneak in a lesson of thinking about getting ready for Kindergarten from another perspective but still has plenty of implied perspective from the kids point of view too . The book truly has it all and if you are trying to figure out a few books to read before Kindergarten, I would say this has to be at the top of the list...I can't wait to get the other books in this series.

I bought this for my 5 year old going into Kindergarten this year. It is so cute! I love that it shows that other kids are having different feelings about starting school, and that the teacher has to get ready too! Highly recommended!

My kids beg me to read this to them every night. Nice book with animals as the teacher and students. It's a rhyming book. At the very end, it actually gives names of the animal students in ABC order in the form of a yearbook class page(Adam-Alligator, Brenda-Beaver, Christopher-Cat, etc.), which we enjoy. I have to read them off as well. They get excited for kindergarten each time I read it to them! (My twin boys start in August.) I recommend it.

ISBN: 0761301917
ISBN13: 978-0761301912
language: English
Subcategory: Growing Up and Facts of Life
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