e-Book The Ballad of Blue Eagle download

e-Book The Ballad of Blue Eagle download

by Steven E. Jones Jr.,Steven E. Jones

ISBN: 0974764442
ISBN13: 978-0974764443
Language: English
Publisher: Synergy Books (October 15, 2004)
Pages: 48
Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 974
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I watched my grandchildren, ages 4 through 11 as their grandmother read them the story. All five grandchildren took in every word. With vivacious illustrations and a well-written story that is just plain enjoyable, THE BALLAD OF BLUE EAGLE is a sure winner, and I hope to see these wonderful characters again in future works.

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Steven Earl Jones (born March 25, 1949) is an American physicist. Jones is also known for his association with 9/11 conspiracy theories.

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Jones, Steven E. "Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center . "Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction". Archived from the original on June 10, 2008. Retrieved April 23, 2008. Jones, Steven E. "Environmental anomalies at the World Trade Center: evidence for energetic materials". Retrieved June 9, 2008.

The Ballad of Blue Eagle is a brilliantly illustrated children'ss book that provides valuable lessons. Through delightful characters such as Sammy the Squirrel, Arny Armadillo, Pete Rabbit, and Blue Eagle, Jones's rhythm and rhyme guide the reader. As Clugar the Cougar imposes upon the serenity of Peaceful Valley, the animal community goes into a frenzy until Blue Eagle restores harmony.
Reviewed by Kim Peterson for Reader Views (9/06)

Blue Eagle and the animals of Peaceful Valley reside together in harmony enjoying their friendships and the peace that pervades their valley. Under the watchful eyes of Blue Eagle, their brave protector, the animals look out for each other and enjoy the diversity that they share.

One day during their latest game of Sneak and Peek the animals all practiced camouflaging themselves and Pete Rabbit was chosen to hunt for them. Just when he started to search for his friends, Pete heard a horrible growl. Clugar the Cougar had come down from the mountains to catch a meal. Clugar terrorized the animals chasing Pete and Sammy Squirrel, until Toby Turple and Blue Eagle ended his hunt and restored peace to the valley.

The recipient of a Mom's Choice Award, "The Ballad of Blue Eagle" offers strong moral messages about treating others well, living together peacefully and valuing friendships. The father-son writer-illustrator team share an interesting bedtime tale originally passed down in their family. Children and parents will appreciate the story and the colorful illustrations of the animals in their habitat.

The book provides good parent-child reading time. The animals possess memorable alliterative names and the book provides appropriate descriptions that help children understand the different types of animals. For example, Chip Munk can fit in a shoe and slow Toby Turple never comes soon.

Despite a few troubling tense changes the story is well-written and contains a strong plot for a picture book. The rhythm and the cadence of the story are best appreciated when read aloud. The quality of the book's rhymes varies with some of the two-line stanzas feeling forced and unnatural. But others stanzas flow, like the one about counting fingers and viewing the part in your hair. Children will enjoy the rhythm and rhyme and Toby's Tune at the end of the book. Families will want to watch for more books about Blue Eagle and his friends.

Book received free of charge

Filled with characters with names like Arny Armadillo, Rio Raccoon, Toby Turple, and Petula Porcupine, Jones weaves a story around Peaceful Valley. The rhyming, metered verse, make this an enjoyable story for reading aloud. This inspirational story crosses generational lines and will be loved by young and old as Blue Eagle soars in the sky providing safety from evil forces, lurching in the shadows, waiting to invade Peaceful Valley.

As the animals of Peaceful Valley are playing "sneak and peek", Clugar, the carnivorous cougar, comes out of hiding. He begins to chase Sammy Squirrel. Pete Rabbit runs "like a bullet" to find Blue Eagle for help. Toby Turple talked to a cricket before taunting Clugar trying to distract him from chasing Sammy.

Blue Eagle comes to the rescue. Blue Eagle grasps Clugar with his strong talons and carries him away. Peace is restored to Peaceful Valley and its animal friends. Toby then tells the secret of "Cricket" another hero of the rescue.

Beautifully illustrated, by Steven E. Jones, Jr., the animals come to life as children identify their favorite animal friends, and enjoy the grandeur of Peaceful Valley.

I watched my grandchildren, ages 4 through 11 as their grandmother read them the story. All five grandchildren took in every word. Every eye was glued to the pictures as each page was turned. I found myself reminiscing back to my own childhood and the stories my father often told as he tucked us into the safety of our beds at night.

This Award Winning book is for the family, the classroom, and the school library. Steven E. Jones, Sr. opens the imagination of the reader through his words as Steven E. Jones, Jr. also stirs the imagination through his illustrations. The book is beautifully done and makes an ideal gift.

The land of Pleasant Valley is full of all kinds of animals that live together in relative harmony. The animals feel safe because they know if problems arise, Blue Eagle with his watchful eye will save the day. Blue Eagle is strong and quick and doesn't hesitate to send ill-intending creatures packing. In the book THE BALLAD OF BLUE EAGLE, an array of animals have gotten together for a game of "Sneak and Peek" (their version of hide and seek) when Clugar the Carnivorous Cougar comes prowling. The animals must scurry to save themselves and hope Blue Eagle will come to save the day.

THE BALLAD OF BLUE EAGLE is an exciting tale about a lively group of animal characters. Written in rhyme, the book has a fun cadence that will keep even the youngest of readers listening intently. The story's style is characteristic of a fable, with moral messages about friendship, accepting differences, and avoiding violence wrapped into an engaging tale about a typical day in Pleasant Valley. The author introduces elements of humor which include witty character names such as Grady the Gopher, Mortimer Mole, and best of all Toby the Turple (a purple turtle). While the length of the book may be a bit much for young readers to absorb in one sitting, the author has included chapter breaks, providing logical points to stop and resume the story later. In addition, the story's suspense will leave youngsters eager to return to this book. With vivacious illustrations and a well-written story that is just plain enjoyable, THE BALLAD OF BLUE EAGLE is a sure winner, and I hope to see these wonderful characters again in future works.

Reviewed by Stacey Seay

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