e-Book Just Henry (Costa Book Award - Children's Book Award) download

e-Book Just Henry (Costa Book Award - Children's Book Award) download

by Michelle Magorian

ISBN: 1405227575
ISBN13: 978-1405227575
Language: English
Publisher: Egmont UK (October 1, 2009)
Pages: 720
Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.2
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They were inaugurated for 1971 publications and known as the Whitbread Book Awards until 2006 when Costa Coffee, then a subsidiary of Whitbread, took over sponsorship. The companion Costa Short Story Award was established in 2012.

Michelle Magorian (born 6 November 1947) is an English author of children's books. She is best known for her first novel, Goodnight Mister Tom, which won the 1982 Guardian Prize for British children's books and has been adapted several times for screen or stage. Two other well-known works are Back Home and A Little Love Song. She resides in Petersfield, Hampshire.

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See contact information and details about Michelle Magorian. Guardian Children's Book Award. Costa Book Prize, Favourite Puffin Book Of All Time. Just Henry (a Costa award winner) was made into a ninety minute drama by ITV Productions last summer with a talented cast including Josh Bolt, Sheila Hancock, Dean Andrews, and Barbara Flynn. It was chosen as one of Radio Times’ 12 Christmas Cracker treats. An adaptation of Back Home was made for television twice. The first one, starring Hayley Mills won the Gold Award at the New York Film and Television Festival in 1990.

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Costa book awards shortlist memoir of homeless couple's coast walk. The Salt Path by Raynor Winn is acclaimed by judges as ‘an absolutely brilliant story about the human capacity to endure’. Published: 22 Nov 2018. Costa book awards shortlist memoir of homeless couple's coast walk. Book of the day Now We Shall be Entirely Free by Andrew Miller – a sparkling return to history.

Michelle Magorian’s first book, Goodnight Mister Tom, has sold in excess of . million copies, won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award, the International Reading Association Children’s Book Award, and been adapted into an BAFTA award-winning TV film by ITV. Her post wa. Her post war story,Just Henry, has been released as a widely acclaimed ITV drama, showing Michelle Magorian to be a master storyteller for a broad audience. This rich, absorbing novel. will appeal to old fans.

Winner of the 2008 Costa Children's Book Award [The Costa Book Awards (formerly Whitbreads) reward the most enjoyable books .

Winner of the 2008 Costa Children's Book Award . While pursuing an acting career, Magorian became interested in children's books, writing her first novel for young readers (Goodnight, Mr. Tom) over the course of four and a half years. Other books in the series. Hollis Family (4 books).

They became the Costa Book Awards in 2006. There are six awards:, Novel Award, First Novel Award, Biography Award, Poetry Award and Children’s Book Award winners (£5,000 each), Book of the Year (selected from five winners above): £30,000, Total prize fund is £55,000. COSTA WINNERS 2006 – present. BOOK OF THE YEAR First Novel Award. Novel Award Biography Award Poetry Award Children’s Book Award. BOOK OF THE YEAR First Novel Award Novel Award Biography Award Poetry Award Children's Book Award.

It's 1949 and life is bleak for Henry. He misses his father who died a war hero, and he escapes from his annoying stepfather and stepsister whenever he can by going to the movies. One day he meets Mr. Beaumont, a man who also loves films and agrees to lend Henry a camera for his school project. Henry is disgusted to learn that he's been put in a group with Jeffries, the son of a man who went AWOL, and Pip, who was born illegitimate. Henry begins to learn that tolerance and friendship are more important than social stigmas when he processes the film and makes an alarming discovery. Like a bomb waiting to explode, Henry's world is about to unravel, and he will need his new friends to keep disaster in check.

While on vacation in the UK last summer I was excited to see the new book by Michelle Magorium. I had recently read and enjoyed Goodnight Mr. Tom so I picked up her new book without hesitation. My time with this book was one of the most satisfying reading experiences in recent memory. This is not a children's book which only children will enjoy.

Henry is a 14 year old boy living in post WWII England. (1949). He lives in a world of poverty and prejudice and, as the story begins, Henry is as hateful and prejudiced as everyone else around him. His father died during the war while saving the life of a comrade and Henry now lives with his mother, step father, half sister and his paternal grandmother. He is a sad, conflicted, hate filled and very lonely boy who finds solace in going to the movies. Movies for Henry are an escape, a way to leave his own life behind and enter,for a short time a new world. As the story develops the function of movies in Henrys life changes often. They start as an escape and end up becoming a destination of sorts. From being an escape from reality to actually being his reality. Just one of the many ironies weaved throughout the plot. This book has it all. Secrets, mysteries, friendship, adventure, fear, love and what might be the most black hearted grandmother in literature.

I could write so much more about this wonderful book but not without giving away some spoilers, and I hate it when spoilers are part of a review.

I give this book my highest recommendation. There is no one I know who would not enjoy this.

I ordered this after reading a glowing review of "Just Henry" in the Guardian, and they were spot on! It's an exciting story, jam-packed with adventure. I'm an adult who enjoys reading children's books, and I couldn't put it down--I read it at home, on the bus, at lunch, and even, toward the end, sneak-read it at my desk at work! (I haven't' done that since the last Connie Willis novel, "Passage," came out.)

Henry is a 14-year old boy in post-WWII Britain. He lives under the misguided influence of his grandmother; he has no friends, misses his war-hero father, and resents his stepfather and stepsister. He goes through a great deal of heartbreak and danger as he comes to important realizations about himself and the world, solving mysteries about his past and becoming part of a community--all against a backdrop of the films he constantly goes to see. But that hardly sums up what a rich and thoughtful story it is; it's full of drama, intrigue, humor, sadness...pretty much everything.

I'd highly recommend this for both children and adults. It's fast-paced and full of warm, believable characters. And the author is good at portraying the excitement people felt when movies like "On the Town," "Rome: Open City," or "The Third Man" were just coming out. It makes me want to rent them and try to look at them not as classics but as fresh new features. In the meantime, I'll be looking for more books by this author.

Michelle Magorian has the gift of being able to create a complete, detailed world that will pull you right back to 1949 along with the characters.
Every character is complete, there are no shadowed people to fill in spaces - you can feel their lives being lived away from the story. As for the story - don't expect to be able to put this one down quickly. You'll be telling yourself "just one more page" but you'll know it's going to be more than that.
In short, a brilliantly gripping story for teens and adults (I'm 33) alike, and surely up to the usual excellence expected from the author.

Too much like a Famous Five story for my liking - not a patch on Good Night, Mr Tom
Suitable for 11 to 12 year olds perhaps.

Good character development and multiple plot trails. I liked the positive morals without being overly judgemental. I shared it with two others who liked it.

Really enjoyable throughout! This is a great book for young and old! Lots of twists and turns and happy endings for all!

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