e-Book The Snowman download

e-Book The Snowman download

by Raymond Briggs

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Publisher: Demco Media (March 1, 1987)
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The Snowman is an animated television film based on Raymond Briggs' 1978 picture book The Snowman. It was directed by Dianne Jackson for the British public service Channel 4. It was first shown on 26 December 1982, and was an immediate success.

The Snowman is an animated television film based on Raymond Briggs' 1978 picture book The Snowman. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and won a BAFTA TV Award. The story is told through pictures, action and music, scored by Howard Blake, and is wordless, with the exception of the central song "Walking in the Air"

Illustrated in full color, this is a wordless story. English artist and picture-book creator Raymond Briggs, whose comic-book tale of a grouchy Father Christmas won the Kate Greenaway Medal in 1973, utilized the same style (sans words) in this story of a boy and his snowman, first published in 1978. Rushing outside one wintry day, the boy slowly builds a snowman beneath his window, but finds that, once it's time to come back inside, he can't take his mind off his creation.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Everyone's favourite snowman, with a sparkly glitter cover and introduction by Raymond Briggs.

Raymond Briggs is one of our most respected and beloved artists creating characters including Fungus the Bogeyman, Father Christmas and The Snowman. Raymond Briggs is one of our most respected and beloved artists. Born in Wimbledon Park in 1934, he studied at the Wimbledon School of Art and later at the Slade School of Fine Art, and went on to produce a treasure trove of work. He has created characters that are now icons for generations of children, including Fungus the Bogeyman, Father Christmas and, of course, the beloved Snowman.

the) Snowman - The Snowman a children’s book (1978) written and illustrated by Raymond Briggs. It is the story of a small boy’s adventures with a ↑snowman ( a figure of a man made with snow). seful english dictionary. The Snowman - es un libro infantil inglés escrito por el autor Raymond Briggs publicado en 1978, en formato de álbum ilustrado. En 1982 el libro se convirtió en unos 26 minutos de duración para la película de animación de Dianne Jackson. The Snowman - This article is about the 1982 film.

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs Amazing instrumental musical score Raymond Briggs has built a reputation as a curmudgeon ever since he portrayed Father Christmas as a crotchety grumbler in one of his books published in the Seventies.

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs Amazing instrumental musical score. Raymond Briggs has built a reputation as a curmudgeon ever since he portrayed Father Christmas as a crotchety grumbler in one of his books published in the Seventies, but he has finally found. The sequel to The Snowman, called The Snowman and the Snowdog, will be shown on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve. This is an image from the book The Snowman by Ray Briggs.

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Individual picture frames, arranged in a way similar to filmstrip sequences, reveal a little boy's dream about playing with a snowman that has come to life
I should have read the description more carefully, to learn that this is NOT a Raymond Briggs book but rather "based on characters" created by Briggs in "The Snowman." The story begins with a child moving to a new home and his dog dying (on the second page of text!) It ends with the boy and his new dog kneeling in sorrow in the snow where his snowman had melted. What a bummer of a story! Briggs created his classic picture book without words, leaving to the imagination of the child (or adult) to create the details. In the Snowdog parody, each illustration is explained to the reader, with nothing left to the imagination. Much of the story is repetition of Briggs' original book. Why the death of a pet was a necessary beginning to the book is beyond me. I would not purchase this book again.

My review is specifically for the board book. We absolutely love the movie version. The board book is small, with very small versions of the pictures from the actual book. Due to that hand drawn/colored pencil style of the illustrations, that means these tiny images aren't of very great clarity or quality. I assumed that the board book would be the same as the original book, just with heavier cardboard pages for younger kids. It is not. We will be ordering the original book next, because this was extremely disappointing.

Why yes, I know it's a children's book and show. That doesn't stop me from getting it to enjoy, and to perhaps read to my niece and nephew when wintertime comes. I have a warmth of nostalgia for The Snowman as I remember the short animation from when I was a child. It was so beautiful in it soft pastel textures and the instrumental music. I always felt saddened at that one's end. But in a way it teaches a child that things are temporary in this world even with magical things. Needless to say Mr. Cumberbatch adds a soothing narrative to the story, and the background sound and music gives it that hauntingly beautiful feeling as The Snowman animation had done years back. This one pulls at the heartstrings too, but has an interesting surprise at the end
(SPOILER: think of The Velveteen Rabbit).

My three-year-old watches The Snowman over and over and absolutely loves it. I decided that getting her the source of the film, the book, would be a great idea. She absolutely loves it, and I am glad I made the purchase.

The hardbound book is pretty big, just under 12 x 9, which is perfect because as everyone knows the book is all pictures. Some of the pages contain multiple scenes, so the size allows for a better viewing. The hardbound book also comes with a really nice dust-jacket!

Truly a magical book that tells a story that everyone should remember in their every day lives: cherish the moments as they are short and you might miss them if you don't pay attention and appreciate them. In other words, live life to its fullest and enjoy the company of those you love as you never know what tomorrow brings, or what it takes.

I would recommend this book to readers of all ages and cultures. It can be read individually, but its true value comes when you share it with someone and discuss the symbolism of the story.

Also, great service by the third party seller: fast delivery and product as described.

If you are considering this book, may I suggest you get the physical version rather than the Kindle version. I purchased this on a whim based on my browsing various Raymond Briggs items on Amazon and it being the only one available for the Kindle. The book features pictures from the film rather than the book. There is no dialog in the book or movie but this version contains explanatory text for young readers or parents who want to explain what's going on to their children. I have an iPad (first version) and was expecting to have the ability to zoom the illustrations. Unfortunately you are unable to do this and the book only takes up about half the screen (centered like a letterboxed film). You are able to enlarge the text only by double-tapping on it. Also, you can only view the book landscape view, not page view. The item says "book and cd" but there is no music or dialog included.

Ok, well oddly enough it appears there is another Kindle version of this item that costs about a buck more. In looking closely at the description (after purchasing the item and writing the above paragraph) it indicates it is "optimized for larger devices". So, if you are set on purchasing this you might want to try that one.

I bought a copy of this book to have at home when our nearly two-year-old grandson comes to visit, and he loved it so much I immediately sent for another for him to take home with him. There are many board books, but not many classy ones. This one is. It has plenty (over 35) of lift-the-flaps to explore, but there is so much more, too. The illustrations are beautiful, with muted colors, both indoor and outdoor scenes, and both active and quiet activities. There are lots of things to count on each page, and items of different colors, too, so toddlers can practice these skills. The best is the last double-page spread, with all the houses with flaps. You can look inside each one and see what the people are doing. Our grandson loves all his books, but this one is special, and he loves to sit by himself and look at it, lifting all the flaps, as well as have someone read it with him. It's a truly fine book.

This is the original story, before being made into the short film, so there are scenes that I was expecting to see in the book that weren’t there.

ISBN: 1857248368
ISBN13: 978-1857248364
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