e-Book Lord of the Nutcracker Men (Readers Circle) download

e-Book Lord of the Nutcracker Men (Readers Circle) download

by Iain Lawrence

ISBN: 0440418127
ISBN13: 978-0440418122
Language: English
Publisher: Laurel Leaf; Reprint edition (May 13, 2003)
Category: Literature and Fiction
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.2
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Series: Readers Circle. Mass Market Paperback: 240 pages.

Series: Readers Circle.

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To call the line a trench is rather kind. It's really just a ditch scraped through the mud, filled to my ankles with foul, brown water

To call the line a trench is rather kind. It's really just a ditch scraped through the mud, filled to my ankles with foul, brown water no-man's-land that's even worse in daylight than it is in darkness. Flat, black, broken by shells, it is divided by coils of barbed wire that glisten in the sun, going on and on as far as I can see. Scattered across this no-man's-land lie men who seem to be sleeping, all flung about in the mud. A leg pokes up from here, a head from there.

Lord of the Nutcracker Men is a novel by Canadian author Iain Lawrence that takes place in England during the first year of World War I. The book was first published in October 2001 by the Delacorte Press. The book was first published in October 2001 by the Delacorte Press, and it was later reprinted in May 2003 by Dell-Laurel Leaf, an imprint of a division of Random House, Inc. The book has become a bestseller, and is included in the required reading lists of many American high schools.

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Readers will relish this companion to the highly acclaimed adventure, The Wreckers: Young John is charmed by the Dragon, the schooner he is planning to sail to London and use for the honest wool trade. But a mysterious gentleman delivers an ominous warning to "steer clear of that ship," because the ship was "christened with blood. Lord of the Nutcracker Men. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading.

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The book I chose was called Lord of the Nutcracker Men. My Opinion of this book is that it was pretty good. When I rule the world every man, woman, and child will be handed a copy of Iain Lawrence's brilliant "Lord of the Nutcracker Men" for their home library. I thought it was sad because so many people died. Every country in the world will have it translated. And every human being will know it. Too high praise for a book that so few people (let alone librarians and booksellers) have heard of? Not at all. The amount of reception a book receives is not always indicative of how good it is. And this book is good.

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Ten-year-old Johnny eagerly plays at war with the army of nutcracker soldiers his toymaker father whittles for him. He demolishes imaginary foes. But in 1914 Germany looms as the real enemy of Europe, and all too soon Johnny’s father is swept up in the war to end all wars. He proudly enlists with his British countrymen to fight at the front in France. The war, though, is nothing like what any soldier or person at home expected.The letters that arrive from Johnny’s dad reveal the ugly realities of combat — and the soldiers he carves and encloses begin to bear its scars. Still, Johnny adds these soldiers to his armies of Huns, Tommies, and Frenchmen, engaging them in furious fights. But when these games seem to foretell his dad’s real battles, Johnny thinks he possesses godlike powers over his wooden men. He fears he controls his father’s fate, the lives of all the soldiers in no-man’s land, and the outcome of the war itself.From the Hardcover edition.
This is a very interesting book for middle school students about WWI. It is definitely anti-war and depicts how war destroys the lives of families involved in war even if they are not under attack. There is a great deal of symbolism in the novel which is difficult for the average middle schooler to comprehend.

Throw her heart
One of the most profound little works of fiction about WW1. Discussed at length in book Mixing Memory and Desire: Why Literature Can't Forget the Great War.

With Lord of the Nutcracker Men Iain Lawrence provides readers with an engaging story that focuses on how war, through the experiences of Johnny Briggs's and his family, affects its participants and those left behind. In addition, lovers of historical fiction will find that Lawrence's work accurately reflects the time period in which he sets the novel. Using letters from the front, though fictional, Lawrence cogently blends Johnny's experiences with those of his mother's and father's efforts to, in their own way, contribute to the war effort providing readers with a panoramic view the conflict. Lord of the Nutcracker Men, I think, represents a worthwhile read for those who enjoy history, fiction, or a combination of the two.

My 10 year old is a great reader but we struggle to find books that he finds interesting. This is a great book that teaches about WWI, has a great story and which held his attention throughout!

great and quick delivery

Fantastic book! Enjoyed reading it with my nine year old!!

I felt this book was well written and told a good story about a family being directly impacted by war. It is told somewhat by Johnny but also through his Aunti Ivy. The symbolism that is used in the carved figures by his father is great. The author describes some the conditions of trench warfare to give some ides. Overall it will keep your attention and wanting to learn more about the that event WWI.

Good one

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