e-Book Phantom Horse Goes to Ireland download

e-Book Phantom Horse Goes to Ireland download

by Eric Rowe,Christine Pullein-Thompson

ISBN: 0861638433
ISBN13: 978-0861638437
Language: English
Publisher: Award Publications Ltd (July 1997)
Pages: 176
Subategory: For Kids

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Phantom Horse Goes to Ireland (Phantom Horse, Phantom Horse Goes to Scotland (Phantom Horse, by. Christine Pullein-Thompson, Eric Rowe (illustrator).

Phantom Horse Goes to Scotland (Phantom Horse, by.

Christine Pullein-Thompson was a co-author with sisters, writing prolifically about horses. Phantom Horse Goes To Ireland 1972, has prequels in 1955 and 1970. I’d appreciate this third volume better if I’d known them. I praise most of all the Irish scenery. Jean & Angus register it bleakly at first. I love their transition to awe, as its beauty bursts forth. A couple has a son and daughter in rural England. Phantom is an extraordinary horse and their Dad, a governmental agent of travel and secrecy

Phantom Horse, Christine Pullein-Thompson, UsedVeryGood . Phantom Horse Goes to Scotland,Christine Pullein-Thompson, Eric Rowe.

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Christine Pullein-Thompson's much-loved series features their exciting adventures. товар 2 Phantom Horse 2: Phantom Horse Comes Home by Christine Pullein-Thompso Paperback -Phantom Horse 2: Phantom Horse Comes Home by Christine Pullein-Thompso Paperback. 259,35 RUB. Бесплатная доставка. товар 3 Phantom Horse - Comes Home: The Wild Palomino (Award Phantom Horse Books) By Ch -Phantom Horse - Comes Home: The Wild Palomino (Award Phantom Horse Books) By Ch.

Phantom Horse 3: Phantom Horse Disappears. This is a great series, the author, Christine Pullein-Thompson has written over a hundred pony books and I think the Phantom Horse series is among the best of them. In the second book in the series, The family move back to England and Jean and Angus are thrilled to be able to bring Phantom home with them so their adventures can continue!. The other books in the series are Phantom Horse Comes Home, Phantom horse goes to Ireland, Phantom Horse goes to Scotland, Phantom Horse in Danger and Phantom Horse Wait for Me. Read online.

Phantom Horse - Phantom Horse (Paperback). Christine Pullein-Thompson (author), Eric Rowe (illustrator), Jennifer Bell (illustrator). The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two. Philip Pullman.

Christine Pullein-Thompson. Books by Christine Pullein-Thompson. Wait for Me Phantom Horse. by Christine Pullein-Thompson and Eric Rowe. 1 (30 used & new offers).

Christine Pullein-Thompson, British children's writer. Phantom Horse - Disappears (Award Phantom Horse Books). Running wild in the Virginia Mountains, Phantom the palomino horse is tamed by Jean and Angus and brought to England. Christine Pullein-Thompson s much-loved series features their exciting adventures. 58215/?tag prabook0b-20.

Phantom Horse series
I've been reading the P-T sisters for more than forty years and I still can't quite put my finger on a strange latency effect in the narration. It always feels as if the story telling lags the action by half a step. I never did get into the Phantom series when I was a teenager but I do remember Riders from Afar and its sequel set in America, and this reminds me of that. I enjoyed this story and will no doubt read my way through the series.

Jean caught and tamed a wild horse in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, in the first of this series, Phantom Horse. She was on holiday from England and by this instalment she has been able to bring Phantom back home and train him. I thought the earlier books were better than this one.
Jean's family go to visit Ireland and bring Phantom but for all the sights they see, they might as well have stayed in a cottage in England. What makes the book uniquely Irish? The hooded terrorists who get involved in nocturnal kidnaps. The perception at the time in England may well have been that this was a frequent occurrence but the story could as easily have been written about escaped convicts on Dartmoor without maligning Ireland. The book could be genuinely frightening for a young reader unused to more serious adventures but really youngsters do know that Phantom and his owner are going to get out of trouble.
Now the tale comes across as dated but even at the time it wasn't my favourite of the series. However pony-mad youngsters will enjoy reading any of Phantom's adventures.

Jean is staying with her British family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and there is a wild horse running free on the mountains. He is a palomino - blonde mane and tail, golden coat. Most of the book is taken up with Jean dreaming about the Phantom and trying to capture him. Finally she does of course and is allowed to keep him and take him home to England - in the next book, Phantom Horse Comes Home.
There is a good sense of place and adventure and it is very readable. I thought it the best of the series.
Young horse lovers will enjoy it.

In the first book, Phantom Horse, Jean and her family were visiting in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and Jean managed to capture a wild horse. He is a palomino and she has been able to bring him home to England in this story. Phantom has a lot of difficulty getting used to everything but it is clear that he and Jean and her brother Angus are going to have fine adventures together.
This is a good read for young pony-mad people although dated.

I think this book is really good. It is a book which I read in a day because I could not put it down. I read it all day! I think people should read this book beacause it has a brilliant start, middle and end just what all books need. The story never gets boring. I highly recommend this book to people from 8-12.

This is the only bok I have read out of the series and i really want to read all the others right now!!

This is the best book I have read in ages!

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