e-Book Good Luck, Arizona Man download

e-Book Good Luck, Arizona Man download

by Rex Benedict

ISBN: 0241023076
ISBN13: 978-0241023075
Language: English
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Ltd (February 15, 1973)
Pages: 176
Subategory: For Kids

ePub size: 1860 kb
Fb2 size: 1772 kb
DJVU size: 1195 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 658
Other Formats: mbr lit rtf azw

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Good luck Arizona man. by. Benedict, Rex, 1920-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Apache Indians, Buried treasure. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Tracey Gutierres on May 14, 2014. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

So ran the old Indian saying, but, whatever the danger, Arizona Slim wanted to solve the mystery of his own origins, and if he found the gold too, so much the better. In good condition with some shelf wear. Whoever finds the gold of the Guadalupes must di. So ran the old Indian saying, but, whatever the danger, Arizona Slim wanted to solve the mystery of his own origins, and if he found the gold too, so much the better.

My favourite book, hilarious and fast-moving. com User, June 4, 1999. Arizona Slim tells the story as if he's chatting to you, and the misspellings help a lot. While reading you feel like you're in the book, with him. With a cast of entertaining characters, vivid descriptions and strong humour, Rex Benedict presents a truly exciting mystery of the old West. Cover design only by Quentin Blake. Publisher Hamish Hamilton. ISBN 241 02307 6. Date Published 1972.

Rex Benedict's GOOD LUCK ARIZONA MAN (Pantheon. Harriet M. Luger, in THE LAST STRONGHOLD (Scott. Only the figure of Sopete, the Wichita Indian youth living among the Zuni in their cliff dwellings at Cicuye (south of what is now Taos), seems as memorable. Sopete is the main character of Betty Baker's A STRANGER AND AFRAID (Macmillan.

Manufacturer: Pantheon Books Release date: 19 August 1972 ISBN-10 : 039492441X ISBN-13: 9780241023075.

If you thought that the quainttalkin' image-shatterin' western wouldn't hold up through one more go round, a story like Good Luck Arizona Man's helps ""keep your wonderment alive. Ain't nothin' startlingly original 'bout little big Arizona Slim, raised by the Apaches so that he's savvy to both Injun and White Eye ways.

I too read this book as a pre-teen some 30 years ago. I read and enjoyed many young adventure books (Zilpha Keatley Snyder's novels, The Three Investigators series), but this is the only one that I read over and over and over. There are passages that would make me laugh out loud every time! My mother will be selling my childhood home soon, and I hope to find my old, dogeared copy when I visit this summer so I can pass it to my son. If I don't, I'll find a used copy for him. All kids should read this treasure of a book!

My father read this book to me when I was fairly young. He slipped it in between Watership Down and The Lord of the Rings, and so naturally when I grew of age, I expected it to be a classic know all over the globe. I have found that this is not the case and I am rather disappointed with the world. Sometimes there are fiction books that outdo the fantasy series in fantasy, or the ancient myths in myth. This is a myth which we can understand, because we half-belong to culture of the book. There is something about this tale that makes it sound as if it is spun right at the fireside where ole Wicky-up sits up straight, half asleep.

As with the other two people who have reviewed this book, I was introduced to it by my father. I very much enjoyed listening to this story. In the 20 years since, I have read this book several times - my copy is now ragged! I have also enjoyed reading this book to young people while working as a day care provider. There is enough mischief and mayhem, enough sneaky twists, and enough action to keep your attention. The language is, at times, poetic, at other times just plain funny. It is truly a crime that this book is not in print. I want to send a copy to my eleven year old half-sister, but don't want to give mine up!

This book is one of the funniest ever! Years ago, when I drove my latency-aged children across country, we had the book in the car, and to avoid sibling conflict on the long road trip, I had my daughter read it aloud. It's one of my most treasured memories. It has everything: Treasure, bad guys, good guys (Indians), clever kids who win the day. The publisher needs to get its head examined for not keeping it in print.

I read this when I was a kid and I loved it so much that it is one of the very few books I kept. Now, I am super-glad I kept it as I am reading it to my kids, and it is one of the very few books (in fact the only book so far) that they are enjoying as much as I did.

I had read this 30 years ago or so when I was a kid and I had fond memories of the book but couldn't remember what it was about. So, I bought a copy to read to my 9-year old daughter as a bedtime story and we were not disappointed. It is captivating, but you have to read the whole thing for all the pieces to come together and for the story to make sense. My daughter had me read some pages over and over because they were so funny.

This was my favorite book in the 5th grade and continues to be. If only I had know it and his others would go out of print I would have bought every book he has ever written! Love love love this book!

Like the others, above, I am amazed this book is not in print. It is on my "must read" list; my father read it to me, I read it to my wife and children, and I encourage lots of people to read it. The publisher who didn't want to reprint it must be the cousin of the guy who turned down publication of the first Harry Potter book.

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