e-Book Sisters, Long Ago download

e-Book Sisters, Long Ago download

by Peg Kehret

ISBN: 0525650210
ISBN13: 978-0525650218
Language: English
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile; 1st edition (April 5, 1990)
Pages: 149
Subategory: For Kids

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Dutton children's books. First published in the United States by Cobblehill Books, an affiliate of Dutton Children's Books, a division of Penguin Group (USA) LLC.

Dutton children's books. Published by the Penguin Group.

Sisters, Long Ago book. Peg Kehret writes middle grade fiction and nonfiction. When she was twelve, Peg was paralyzed with polio. Most of her protagonists are the age she was then. A volunteer with animal rescue groups, three of Peg's books are co-authored by Pete the Ca. Books by Peg Kehret.

Peg Kehret (born Margaret Ann Schulze on November 11, 1936) is an American author, primarily writing for children between the ages of 10 and 15. Margaret Ann Schulze was born on November 11, 1936 in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Peg Kehret (born Margaret Ann Schulze on November 11, 1936) is an American author, primarily writing for children between the ages of 10 and 15. Margaret Ann Schulze was born on November 11, 1936 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She contracted polio at age 12 in 1949. She had each of the three types of polio: spinal, respiratory, and the least common kind, bulbar. She was paralyzed from the neck down and had a nine-month hospital stay.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Sisters, Long Ago - Peg Kehret. When Willow Paige nearly drowns, she envisions scenes from a past life which lead to an exploration of reincarnation and mental telepathy and set her on a quest to help give hope and strength to her sister who has leukemia. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Penguin GroupReleased: Apr 5, 1990ISBN: 9781101660843Format: book.

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Peg Kehret eBook Online Read. Published Year: 1998 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2001 History & Fiction. Author: Peg Kehret. Five Pages a Day. Published Year: 2016 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2011 History & Fiction. Published Year: 2014 History & Fiction. Published Year: 1990 History & Fiction.

When Willow Paige nearly drowns, she envisions scenes from a past life which lead to an exploration of reincarnation and mental telepathy and set her on a quest to help give hope and strength to her sister who has leukemia
A story about a young girl feeling connected to a sister from long ago as the title states. The girl feels this similarity between herself and a young girl from Egypt in ancient times. Lovely way to bring in some history and creativity to the concept of being present in a previous lifetime. Still remember this book from when I was a child and the story still reads the same.

I remember reading this book in Junior High. I really enjoyed it back then, and am enjoying it as a grown adult, just remembering my first reactions to reading it as a child. Good find.

Risky Strong Dromedary
I've been looking for this book for decades. I read it in elementary school & remembered the title, but couldn't find it anywhere for years. So excited to add it to my library!

Willow is 13 years old and on the day of her birthday, while at the lake with a friend celebrating her birthday, she almost drowns. In doing so, Willow sees a memory from early in her childhood of her and her grandparents as her family celebrates Mother's Day. She had made a drawing on yellow construction paper of red lines and squiggles and gave it to her grandmother.

Another memory is recalled as well. That of a girl named Kalos, who lived in ancient Egypt around the time of the New Kingdom. The memory is of Kalos steering her raft toward the East bank of the Nile River. In a moment of distraction, Kalos steers the raft into the snout of a crocodile and the raft is snapped in half, dumping Kalos and her bags of grain into the river.

Kalos is rescued by her little sister Tiy from drowning, just as Willow is rescued by a girl named Helen. Willow had seen her on the beach earlier that day and felt a connection with her. The dreams of Kalos start that night and Willow began keeping track of them to find out what they meant and as a distraction from the fact that her older sister Sara is slowly dying of leukemia.

Willow begins to put things together with the help of Mrs. Evans, a well known psychotherapist, who deals with past life regressions, and during a school project, Willow finds out that she was right; she was Kalos in a past life.

And it all started with the phrase: "Nuk ua em ennu en Xu ammu Xu." "I am one of those shining beings who lives in the light."

Theres a girl name willow.She started to have these weird dreams about her and a young girl name Helen.It all started the day on Willow's birthday.Willow drove to the beach for her birthday.Willow decided to take a swim and she almost drowned.Helen helps her survive and every since that day Willow has dreams about her.They became sisters a longtime ago during the Egyptian times.Now Willow can't stop thinking about it.Willow asked Helen to meet her at Mcdonalds so she could tell her about it.Helen became very shocked.Now Willow has found out that her younger sister was very sick from having leukemia.As her sister ,Sarah, got sicker her dreams got crazier.So Willow visit a therapist.Her therapist told her she had these problems all the time.Mrs.Evans told her that the dreams bothered her because it was up to her if Sarah would live or die.She had to make good desisions.Willow believed if the white light that was in her dreams meant strength,she could use it in Sarah.Willow went to the hospital where Sarah was sent.Willow took her hand and held it.She fell asleep and began to see the light.Willow felt it going into Sarah's body then Willow awoke.She saw Sarah awake and knew Sarah was ok.But then the docter came in and told Willow that Sarah needed surgery.After Sarah's surgery,the docter said she was ok but things could change.A couple of days later Dr.Rogers came in and told Willow parents that Sarah....

This book is about two girls that really think they know each other, but they're not sure. Then one girl goes to a place in the library and finds out that they were sisters long ago. So the sisters meet at the restaurant and tell each other, but the other thinks she's crazy. So she wants to stop thinking about it, but she can't.
I love this book so much that my mom had to drag me to bed. The book was the first thing that popped into my head. I know that I'm bragging, but this book is great! I think it's the best book I've ever read. If you think you've read the best, then take that back and read Sisters, Long Ago.

I think I read this book when I was about 12 (I'm now 21) and I have to say that it was a very awe inspiring book. I didn't know much about reincarnation before this book, but the book isn't (in it's story) really about reincarnation. What I mean is... it's more about learning to deal with loss, and learning how to cope and have faith in whatever you choose to. I also vividly remember this book having almost a sci-fi sort of feel to it while it kept me guessing on why she was having these "visions/dreams" of a past life. This book truly influenced my young adult reading experince almost as much as "A Wrinkle in Time" did. I think it's educational while not trying to force any ideals/beliefs on you. Also, it's sure to keep the reader entertained. This book has heart, mystery and education all in one... what more could you want?

Dear Reader,
Have you ever heard of Reincarnation? In this book the author gives the dicription of a girl who's sister is dying of Lukemia while she is having past regressions. The girl uses the regressions to help herself deal with her sisters problems. It is very interesting! I have read the book three times! Happy Reading

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