e-Book Hex download

e-Book Hex download

by Rhiannon Lassiter

ISBN: 0333726472
ISBN13: 978-0333726471
Language: English
Publisher: Macmillan Children"s Books (1998)
Pages: 192
Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Subategory: For Kids

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Rating: 4.4
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Rhiannon Lassiter (born February 1977) is a children's books author. Rhiannon Lassiter was born on 9 February 1977 in London to children's books author Mary Hoffman and Stephen Barber.

Rhiannon Lassiter (born February 1977) is a children's books author. She started writing the first book of the Hex trilogy, set in a totalitarian futuristic Europe, when she was seventeen, and sent the first chapters to Douglas Hill (a friend of the family) and Pat White (her mother's agent).

Rhiannon Lassiter's HEX: Shadows is a worthy sequel to HEX. What makes Lassiter such a great author is her characters. Raven is one of the most interesting protagonists that I have ever come across. She's not a particularly good person, she doesn't really care about other people.

A fanpage for Rhiannon Lassiter, author of the Hex Trilogy and other books fo. .

Rhiannon Lassiter began writing when she was still at school  . See if your friends have read any of Rhiannon Lassiter's books. Rhiannon Lassiter’s Followers (66). More follower. hiannon Lassiter.

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Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Hex - Rhiannon Lassiter. RHI. 1. Hover through the fog. It was the middle of the night in London but two miles above the ground the city was wide awake. Winter was drawing in and the thick fog that wrapped itself around the towers made visibility poor.

About Rhiannon Lassiter. But the image was basic and two-dimensional. He shrugged, used to Raven’s secrecy about her Hex abilities, understandable since any of them was enough to get her killed. His expression grew grimmer at the thought but he smiled as Raven raised an eyebrow to ask: Want me to drive?

Raven and Wraith are looking for their sister Rachel who may be dead and they are in danger also.

In the 24th century, London towers five miles into the sky, and the citizens of its upper levels are safe from the gangs below. Feared more than gangs are Hexes, humans with a mutant gene that allows them to interact with computers that are labeled as security threats.

Rhiannon Lassiter The CPS, a secret government agency, is on a mission to seek and destroy the Hex, human mutants with.

The CPS, a secret government agency, is on a mission to seek and destroy the Hex, human mutants with supercomputer minds. They look like you or me.

In 24th century London, the mutants known as Hexes are being ruthlessly hunted down by the government, who see the Hex ability to interact with computers as a major threat. Raven is a young Hex hunting for her younger sister.
I love this trilogy and wish it hadn't gone out of print. A great read for teenagers (or those of us bookworms still teenagers at heart), with a very unique setting. I have yet to read a story similar. Highly recommended.

The most dangerous person in the 24th century is a 15-year-old girl named Raven --- and officially she doesn't even exist. Why? Raven is a Hex --- part human, part super computer. In the late 21st century, Hexes were created by genetically enhancing human children. Hexes can reach into the Net and access information systems from around the world. They can move around the World Wide Web the way other teenagers stroll around a mall. Raven has awesome powers --- she can control computers with her thoughts. Raven is in hiding, though, and she would like to keep it that way. If the secret government finds out that she is alive, she will be killed.

Children with the Hex gene must either fight for their lives, hide away, or be exterminated. The government doesn't want its people to know that Hexes exist. The CPS, a secret government agency, is on a mission to seek and destroy all Hexes. Most die no matter what they do. Raven's sister, Rachel, is already presumed dead, even though she had never shown any sign of being a Hex. While searching the Internet for some sign of Rachel's existence, Raven runs across another fate that Hexes face. A fate worse than death. It is this discovery that will eventually lead Raven, along with her foxy non-Hex brother Wraith, to the place where Hexes die.

HEX is book one of what promises to be an outstanding series by Rhiannon Lassiter. Lassiter does a great job of making the people in her books as real as possible. Even the minor characters have great personalities.

There is a reference to a New York disaster and some talk about terrorism, which takes some of the fun out of this book. This is minor, though, and doesn't take away from the fact that HEX is a book that you are cursed to enjoy.

--- Reviewed by Kat, recent high school grad and young adult fiction diva

In the late twenty first century a gene was created that enabled human beings to connect directly with computers, to access information in systems all over the world. Now, three hundred years later, the Hexes are being hunted down by the government and systematically exterminated. Raven is one such Hex. Together with her brother Wraith, she has come to London to seek her sister Rachel, who may or may not be a Hex herself. Along with street kid Kez and Ali, a spoilt, rich Hex, Wraith and Raven hunt for clues to Rachel's whereabouts - a search that will lead them to a CPS laboratory, built for the purpose of research into the Hex gene and for testing and exterminating the Hexes themselves.
The first instalment in a trilogy, Hex is a compelling mix of action and sci-fi that will keep you reading until the very end. The pace is incredible, the action is non-stop and the atmosphere is so convincing that you can really imagine travelling through twenty fourth century London. The characters, particularly Raven herself, are fascinating and memorable and really bring this futuristic world to life. I can't wait to read the remaining books - Hex: Shadows and Hex: Ghosts - in the trilogy. Definitely recommend to all teen sci-fi fans.

I don't usually read Sci-fi but we were on holiday and this was the only book in the store that looked like it was worth anything. I found this book to be really good.
It's the story of Ravan a fifteen year old hex who has a strong talent for using her special abilites. She is distant and doesn't relate well to humans, but she is completely confident all the same. Her kind has been hunted by the CPS for centuries, their power to control computors with their mind makes them to dangerous to live. Most had been caught and exteminated but they never caught Raven. She had ensured that they do not even know of her existance. In fact only her brothe reallly knows. Wraith, a kind man who wants to help people. Together they search for Rachel, their young sister who may have been a hex. But they find out something that the government had kept hidden for years. A secret that will warp every hexe's life. With Ali,a frightened clumsy hex from the topmost society of England dragged out of her perfect life into one of total chaos, and Kez, a boy from the slums, they start the fight against the CPS.
This is the first book in the trilogy, I have read the other two since they are allready out in England. I strongly hope you will read them as well.

Hexes. What are Hexes? They're people with a computer brain. They're people that the CPS are after. A Hex named Raven (who happens to be the main character) is the most dangerous teenager of the 24th century. Raven is determined to destroy the plan(with the help of her brother, and friends) that the CPS has, that does tests on her kind. That mat include killing them too. I would recommend this to all young - adult readers, and I also guarantee that they will love this science fiction book

Smart, thrilling, and glam, this is a young adults trilogy that has been sadly overlooked. Set in a futuristic world where some humans have adapted to interact with machines naturally, and are persecuted for their gift, a young spoiled rich girl, a rock star, and a revolutionary all join forces to fight an oppressive government. It has the sizzle of a good page-turner, but isn't as hollow as so many YA books. If you liked Nix's "Shade's Children" or Haddix's "Among the Hidden" series, or TV shows like Alias, X-Files, or even Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you'll enjoy this series.

ISBN: 141430272X
ISBN13: 978-1414302720
language: English
Subcategory: Literature and Fiction
e-Book Hex download

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