e-Book Garfield Classics (Garfield Classic Collection) (Vol 5) download

e-Book Garfield Classics (Garfield Classic Collection) (Vol 5) download

by Jim Davis

ISBN: 1841610224
ISBN13: 978-1841610221
Language: English
Publisher: Ravette Pub Ltd (August 31, 2000)
Pages: 384
Category: Comic Strips
Subategory: Graphic Novels

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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 980
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Garfield Classic Collection book. Three pocket books are included in this 19th volume of the 'Garfield Classic Collection'. The titles included are 'Wan2tlk?', 'Get Serious', and 'What's Not to Like?' Get A Copy.

This classic collection contains three pocket books: number 13 In the Pink; number 14 Just Good Friends; and number 15 Plays it Again. Garfield Classics (Garfield Classic Collection) (Vol 5). (Book in the Garfield Classics Series).

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Garfield classic collection. A collection of Garfield classics containing three pocket books in the series: "Who's Talking?". Read full description. See details and exclusions. See all 6 pre-owned listings.

Items related to Garfield Classics (Garfield Classic Collection) (Vo. .This classic collection contains three pocket books: number 13 "In the Pink"; number 14 "Just Good Friends"; and number 15 "Plays it Again".Davis, Jim Garfield Classics (Garfield Classic Collection) (Vol 2). ISBN 13: 9781853049712.

My son loves Garfield and he went from a student in "reading recovery" at school (that means below grade level) to a student who reads 2-3 grades above his grade level because of his desire to read MORE Garfield than I was willing to read to him at night. Luckily, unlike many book series, this series goes on forever! And Jim Davis, bless his heart, has made it so affordable to collect his books in these fat cat 3-packs (3 books in one cover) and Amazon has made it even MORE affordable. Unlike some books made for kids (like Cap'n Underpants, for example) there are no misspelled words as the author tries to mimic what a kid's comic would look like, there is little if any violence like in some comic books, no scantily clad comic character women, no racey themes are statements.... It's just perfect for a kid in elementary school learning to read... and now and then, I'll read a few pages... and grandma loves to steal one, too... so it's just nice for all ages. So glad we stumbled on to these! It's a long-lived interest that has helped him so much!

I thought these books were great! They were hilarious and I understood all of the jokes. I highly reccomend these books for grades 3-8. These books are really popular at my middle school. I love how they combined three of the books into one. I also love how Garfield insultes Jon’s intellect. By the way this was only thing I got from my parents for Christmas!!! I will ask my mom to buy me more for my birthday as the birthday gift. Jim Davis is my favorite author.(This is probably the only thing that I will probably get for my birthday*sigh*)

Oh My Dear Fat Sarcastic, Non-Empathic Garfield, How You do Make My Son and Me Guffaw with Laughter!

I have been purchasing these wonderful FAT CAT 3-PACKS for quite some time. My son is twelve and has been reading Garfield
Fat Cat since he was a Tot, and continues reading as a "Tween." For those who don't know, the book comes as one thick book, thus the "3-pack" although to be perfectly honest, that could seem to be a bit misleading. My first purchase many years ago had me thinking I was getting three books. I was very happy when I saw just how thick (a good inch or more) the big soft bound comic strip book was; so, no complaints here.
He had asked for Volume 1, but I couldn't understand why it was so expensive at some places and yet hard to find at others. Well, I found GARFIELD FAT CAT 3-PACK VOL 1 here, and decided to buy it used. It arrived in about two weeks in almost perfect/new condition.

I had no idea this existed until I heard it mentioned on Family Guy fairly recently. It is a taste creative genius that I did not expect from this old family classic comic writer. I love when you find these diamonds in a sea of norms. This was an artist that wanted to try something else because he can. He earned it. Thank you, Jim and everyone else that contributed.

I bought this book as a gift for my 8-year-old grandson who adores Garfield. He loved it! I was a bit anxious at first since they are labeled "graphic," but they are completely fine. They read just like one of his cartoons. They just happen to be in a book form.

I purchased for my 11 year old son who is obsessed with Garfield. This book is filled with classic Garfield comics, just like in the "Funny" Section of the Sunday paper, only now all in one place. We own several volumes of the Garfield Fat Pack books, and he said so far this is his favorite. I love that I can find on Amazon where I cannot find in stores locally. Well priced and fast shipping was an added bonus as this mom forgot as a Christmas gift. It arrived in plenty of time.

Bought as a gift for a Garfield lover. Makes a great Christmas present every year.

I have great memories of reading these from when I was a kid, and wanted to pass on the love to my kids as well. They all love Garfield (as well as Calvin and Hobbes), these are great to have in the house.

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