e-Book The Tiger Ladies : A Memoir of Kashmir download

e-Book The Tiger Ladies : A Memoir of Kashmir download

by Sudha Koul

ISBN: 0755311167
ISBN13: 978-0755311163
Language: English
Publisher: Headline Book Pub Ltd (June 30, 2002)
Pages: 224
Category: Asia
Subategory: History

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The Tiger Ladies book.

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Sitting in her grandmother Dhanna's kitchen, surrounded by the aromas of mint and the smoke of a hookah, warmed by the kangri tucked beneath her thighs, young Sudha Koul listened to tales of She Who Fears Nothing: The Tiger Lady, stories Sudha would repeat to her own daughters in time, though in a kitchen many thousands of miles away from her beloved.

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The Tiger Ladies is immensely, gracefully sad, an elegy for the customs and the courtliness of an irrecoverable . Bryan Walsh, Time ASIA "Sudha Koul's writing is transportive, evoking beautifully the Kashmir we keep in our hearts.

The Tiger Ladies is immensely, gracefully sad, an elegy for the customs and the courtliness of an irrecoverable civilization. Yet there is a sensuality running through her story. provided by Ms. Koul's devotion to Kashmiri cuisine and her description of how she has, through her kitchen, sought to keep alive the old Kashmiri ways. Her book is at once a history, memoir, and lesson; the author is both to be congratulated and thanked.

The Tiger Ladies presents Kashmir through the lives of four generations of women. Skillfully interweaving the story of her family with the story of the gods and goddesses, myths and history of this rich and unique society, Sudha Koul reveals how the women of her region have attained their extraordinary power and place in their culture-and what a fascinating culture it is. Like Indira Gandhi and her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, Koul is a Kashmiri Brahmin, traditionally the highest caste of Hindus.

Sudha Koul was born in Kashmir the year that India was partitioned. Hers was one of the few Hindu families living in the predominantly Muslim area, though as a child the two cultures lived harmoniously with their neighbours

Sudha Koul was born in Kashmir the year that India was partitioned. Hers was one of the few Hindu families living in the predominantly Muslim area, though as a child the two cultures lived harmoniously with their neighbours. Sudha was educated in an Irish nuns' school in the valley and eventually became the first Kashmiri woman in the Indian Administrative Service, working as a roving magistrate in remote Indian villages. She returned to Kashmir only to witness it gradually ripping itself apart through religious bigotry and political incompetence.

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It is a haunting testimony to a beautiful, troubled land.

3. Description this book This remarkable book is the tale of the author s life growing up in a beautiful, remote valley in Kashmir. It is a haunting testimony to a beautiful, troubled land. co/9RK2e This remarkable book is the tale of the author s life growing up in a beautiful, remote valley in Kashmir.

The tiger ladies : a memoir of Kashmir. p. 146. ISBN 978-0755311163. Retrieved 31 October 2017. Zutshi, Chitralekha (2004). C. Hurst & Co. pp. 267, 297. ISBN 978-1-85065-694-4.

Most of this book is thoroughly engrossing. It is a memory, pure and simple. No attempt to analyze or rationalize, just a statement of life as it was, full of detail, painting the picture of an idyllic life with no fear of the future, not questioning any facet of existence, as a child views the world. As an insight into life in Kashmir at a certain period of time, it was a lovely portal, and certainly lends poignancy to all that appears in the news as to the wars that rage in the region.The beauty and richness of her culture and the family warmth that were hers shine through every page.

If the book had ended with her life in Kashmir, it would have been a beautiful book, but it continues on to detail a stereotypical immigrant existence in America. The author appears as a particularly impotent mother and representative of her culture. And in one very ironic paragraph, she refers to cultures that have been wiped out (native Americans) so that she might now occupy their place, but declares this a natural cycle, while at the same time lamenting the loss of her culture as an irretrievable tragedy. The childishness lingering into adulthood is not as appealing a read.

Overall, though, the loss of momentum at the end does not change the fact that it is a wonderfully vivid and captivating memoir and probably is a testimony to a lost way of life.

What a beautiful, haunting book. It evokes a storied past, of a mythical Kashmir that lives on in the gray-haired heads of its expatriates, where memory is revived in the bloom of narcissus bulbs. The sense of loss is palpable in the devastation that occurs in the conflict over Kashmir, between India and Pakistan. Koul successfully weaves the delicate lines of ethnicity, religion, the practices of generations, their stories, celebrations, sorrows and wonderful descriptions of crusted breads and hot milky teas, into a fine sari of pashmina that slowly disintegrates before almost falling away completely, beginning with the spilled entrails of a young Hindu college student returning home from college, to the senseless massacre of pilgrims to Amarnath, the Hindu shrine dedicated to Shiva. The ending however, like the book's title, portends hope for the future.

In Sudha Koul's beautifully written memoir of her youth and young adulthood in Kashmir, she brings the reader a vivid sense of her wonderful years spent there, and the bittersweet memories she revisits upon her return to a war-torn nation. Not having known much about the regional conflict, this book helped me understand who the people of the Kashmiri valley are today, and who they were before conflict came to rule their daily lives.
Ms. Koul's many stories of her grandmother, Danna, are a touching tribute to her grandmother's memory. Danna had her own particular ways of running her household. Many of these traditions have been passed down from mother to daughter through several generations. It is this sense of continuity from which the author draws her resolve and ambition to be both a respectful Brahmin daughter, and a successful 20th-century woman with a career outside the marital home.
There are many great stories to be enjoyed in this gem of a memoir. It is one of the best of its kind, and one of my favorite books this year.
I look forward to enjoying her other works.

Against the backdrop of the lives of three generations of Kasmiri women, Sudah Koul weaves a tapestry of life in the beautiful valley beneath the Himalayas which remained somewhat isolated and serene despite the political realities which would eventually tear it apart. I would disagree with the editorial review as far as the "subtle signs of segregation that later explode into sectarian violence...". On the contrary, Koul explains throughout the book, that the Kashmiris she knew in her community shared relationships of respect and acceptance despite their religious differences. The conflict that touches her life and the lives of those around her in the latter part of the book does not come from within this community where all are regarded first as Kasmiris. The lack of intermarriage between Muslims and Hindus, as well as cultural differences related to religion, are not a source of conflict and are no more elements of segregetion in Kashmir than they were at the same time in any other region in the world. The conflict comes from other sources (outside influences, broken promises, and political fragmentation and perceived imbalances in power)and Koul deals with them fairly and honestly, I believe. It is far too easy to oversimplfy the conflict in and over Kashmir, but Koul avoids that, providing the reader with the necessary historical background without detracting from the focus of the book which is the sharing of the richness of Kashmiri life as she experienced it. Sudha Koul's life blends threads of Kasmiri traditions, colonial remnants, and modernization into a work of light and color, and much like the climate, a contrast of warmth and biting cold.
Koul's writing pulls the reader into the tapestry, recognizing similar textures and colors from one's own experience despite the geographical location of one's youth. There is a universality to it as well as a uniqueness. I enjoyed it immensly and well never again think of Kashmir or its people in the same way.

A lovely and bittersweet memoir of Koul's life in paradise, the Kashmir region of India. It's a tale of a lost way of life in a region that has been sundered by strife, conflict, and ultimately war between India and Pakistan, Hindus and Muslims.
Of especial interest is the reverence in which women of the region were held - in a country in which women are often no more than chattel. The Tiger Ladies is a book rich in sensual detail, a book people can enjoy on many levels: as travel literature, as a cultural study, for the descriptions of the food - and most of all as a loving and haunting memoir of a time and place that no longer exist.

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