e-Book Abuse of Power download

e-Book Abuse of Power download

by Theodore Draper

ISBN: 0670002402
ISBN13: 978-0670002405
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Books (July 14, 1967)
Pages: 244
Category: Military
Subategory: History

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Theodore H. "Ted" Draper (1912–2006) was an American historian and political writer.

Theodore H. Draper is best known for the 14 books he completed during his life, including work regarded as seminal on the formative period of the American Communist Party, the Cuban Revolution, and the Iran–Contra Affair. Draper was a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the 1990 recipient of the Herbert Feis Award for Nonacademically Affiliated Historians from the American Historical Association.

Theodore Draper provides an exceptional study of the factors, both in Great Britain and the colonies, that lead up to the revolution. He examines the social, political, economic, financial, religious and cultural elements of both societies that eventually made the soil fertile for revolution. You will understand all the founding fathers better for reading this book. "Ted" Draper was an American historian and political writer

Theodore H. "Ted" Draper was an American historian and political writer. Draper is best known for the 14 books he completed during his life, including work regarded as seminal on the formative period of the American Communist Party, the Cuban Revolution, and the Iran-Contra Affair. Draper was a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the 1990 recipient of the Herbert Feis Award for Theodore H.

Draper's elegantly written, masterful study overturns many preconceptions . I highly recommend this book is your desire is to study the America Revolution from every angle.

Draper's elegantly written, masterful study overturns many preconceptions about the causes of the American Revolution. Before 1763, he observes, the status quo worked largely in favor of the 13 colonies. The Americans dominated the governors sent to rule over them. A Struggle for Power deals primarily with the lead up to the American Revolution and the social, political and economic issues that brought it about. I know that in school and we were taught that the reasons for the American Revolution were primarily ideological but Draper paint a very different picture here.

Home Browse Books Book details, Abuse of Power. Subjects: Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975-United States. It has been said that we should concern ourselves primarily with the present state of the Vietnamese war and regard the question of how we got into it as of mainly historical interest. Yet we are constantly told that the United States is fighting in Vietnam by virtue of "commitments" made as far back as 1954.

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Abuse of Power, by Theodore Draper. The Labour Monthly (en inglés): 524-525. Coser, Lewis A. (diciembre de 1961). American Communism and Soviet Russia. by Theodore Draper; The Moulding of Communists: The Training of the Communist Cadre. Creagan, James F. (febrero de 1966).

Find nearly any book by Theodore Draper. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Abuse of Power (Pelican). ISBN 9780140210569 (978-0-14-021056-9) Softcover, Penguin Books Ltd, 1969.

"Mr. Draper believes that recent years have seen the suppression of political by military instrumentalities in the conduct of American foreign policy. After an opening chapter which briefly traces this process in two smaller instances - Cuba and the Dominican Republic - he devotes the rest of this book to a painstaking inquiry which seeks to dissolve the confusion that still envelops the story of our presence in Vietnam."
Good book!

Nothing personal
The Oak Grove police department has major problems on its night shift, with a particularly corrupt police officer blackmailing, threatening and cajoling the other officers on his shift to go along with him as he covers up various incidents of malfeasance. Into this walks Rachel Simmons, who is not particularly suited to be a police officer, but is forced to do so because it is the only job that she can get that will allow her to support her two children, her husband having died three years before after a protracted battle with cancer, leaving her with mounds of debt.

It's very hard to read Abuse of Power by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, because Rachel is so incredibly naïve and is completely oblivious to the things going on around her. Somehow she has made it through two years on the force without realizing what the men around her are really like. Sure, she knows enough not to let herself be caught alone with them in a dark alley while on the night shift lest she have to fight off their advances, yet, after she botches up a response to a convenience store robbery and one of her fellow police officers covers for her, she allows herself to get coerced into going to a beach party with them where she is slipped a mickey and sexually assaulted.

And here is the problem with the book--Rachel is like the ditzy blonde in the horror movies who opens the door when everyone in the audience is screaming at her not to. She makes a lot of her own problems in this book by being naïve beyond words, stand-offish, and somewhat prudish. She works herself into a situation where she thinks she has no options but to work the night shift, sticking her 14-year-old daughter with the constant care of her 3-year-old son, and refusing to consider the obvious outs for her situation--I have a hard time caring about the problems in the police department because I find myself getting so annoyed by HER.

When a teen fight goes bad and a young boy is killed, Rachel is so infuriated that she confronts the police officer responsible for the boy's death (yes, the bad cop) in a meeting in front of everyone else on the shift and the sergeant, and then is surprised when no one takes her side. Hello--she already knows the sergeant is corrupt because he participated in the sexual assault at the beach and threatened to fire her if she told anyone what happened. So why does she suddenly think that he would be on her side now?

Okay, so why did I keep listening to it? Well, because despite Rachel's character flaws, I did actually get caught up in the story and the emphasis on doing what is right, not what is comfortable. I kept listening to find out if Rachel would compromise her principles in order to keep her job or if she would fight against what was being done to her. At the beginning of the book it was pretty much like a train wreck-- I could see what was going to happen to Rachel but it was impossible to look away. The train wreck feeling pretty much continues until about the last fourth of the book when it starts to get very interesting, leading with an ending that surprised me. And, I have to say, I appreciate the way Rosenberg wrapped up everything so there were no loose ends. She may not have done so with any real consistency for Rachel's character, but since the character wasn't consistent throughout the book, there's no real reason to expect it to be so at the end.

Many police officers, especially those that work the street,
respect the code of silence concerning fellow officers. It is the
first commandment that thou shalt not fink on a fellow officer
regardless of what terrible crime he has committed or how far over the legal line he may have crossed. Breaking the covenant brings terrible repercussions to the reporting officer. This "punishment" ranges from ostracism to making
the whistle blower seem like a liar to outright refusal to back up the officer in a dangerous situation.
....Thirty-four years old Rachel Simmons is a widow with two children
and numerous financial problems. She is well aware of the sacred
conduct code after being a member of the Hudson Valley, California
police department for three years. Rachel remains a rarity on the force, being an honest and honorable cop. When she sees a fellow officer use a juvenile as a
human shield during a minor riot, she feels compelled to report it.
That decision of conscience carries a heavy price, one that Rachel, her family,
and the entire police force will have to pay.
....Once again Nancy Taylor Rosenberg creates a powerful police and
legal thriller that is a gritty indictment of the juridical system as
only an insider can tell it. Readers will feel the betrayal that
results from the realization that the very people who are sworn to uphold the law are its biggest offenders. ABUSE OF POWER is a gripping, taut, and moving work that showcases a protagonist who is willing to venture into hell to do
the morally correct thing in a system that encourages immorality. Rachel is
Ms. Rosenberg's finest heroine to date, a shining example of what the
human race should strive to be. A sure fire hit that deserves both
bestseller status and award consideration.

....Harriet Klausner

Who am I to criticize a successful author like Rosenberg? Well, maybe I am just not cut out to be one of Nancy's fans. This book is set in a town, Oak Grove, CA, which is populated, or at least policed, by people of staggeringly limited intelligence. The officers are apparently hired without discernable background check (one is a Pakistani illegal immigrant who, stunningly, has passed himself off as a Mexican-American, accent and appearance notwithstanding) and supported with negligible training. The heroine is a total incompetent whose keystone cops routine is hilarious but presented as tragic (she locks her keys in her police car while the motor is running and the lights and siren are on). There is a shooting scene where neither the wrongfully accused nor the shooter are given a paraffin test for gunshot residue, there is a stolen drug money event where no one's house is searched, there is a habitual abuser of arrestees on the force (steel toed shoes, blackjack gloves) who never draws a complaint. A female officer is drugged and gang-molested on a public beach in daytime during a party for the night shift and ALL of the present officers refuse to object or rat out anyone involved. The heroine, aware that she has been sexually molested by and is the object of hatred by all her fellow officers, nonetheless decides to calm herself by stripping to her running gear and going for a jog through a pitch black orange grove at four in the morning. Try to guess what happens.

The simple, contrived denouement was conceived by an author who it seems was understandably sick and tired of the book and wanted it over as quickly as possible.

I think Nancy is having us on.

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