e-Book Little Ship/big War download

e-Book Little Ship/big War download

by Edward Stafford

ISBN: 0515084182
ISBN13: 978-0515084184
Language: English
Publisher: Jove; 1st Printing edition (December 1, 1985)
Category: Military
Subategory: History

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Edward Peary Stafford, USN (Re. (1918-2013) was a naval aviator

Edward Peary Stafford, USN (Re. (1918-2013) was a naval aviator. He wrote for Naval History and Proceedings, as well as for National Geographic. He is best known for The Big E and four other books on naval history: Subchaser; Little Ship, Big War; The Saga of DE-343, and The Far and the Deep.

Stafford's volume chronicles the history of the Abercrombie from its construction through its many missions and ultimately to its sale as scrap. A fascinating and unique work for World War II collections" (LJ 7/84). CDR. Edward Peary Stafford, USN (Re.

Edward Peary Stafford, USN (Re.

Little Ship, Big War. 529 printed pages. Although the book focuses on events in a particular warship, it tells the story of every small ship and their valiant crews that rose to the challenge and fought with everything they had until the war was won. History

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Little Ship, Big War book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Little Ship, Big War: The Saga of DE343 as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Little Ship, Big War:. by Edward P. Stafford.

Commander Edward P. Condition: Good Hardcover. From Books Express (Portsmouth, NH, . The Saga of De343. By Stafford, Edward P. 2000, United States Naval Inst. ISBN 1557508909 Paperback, 336 pages

Little Ship, Big War. ISBN 1557508909 Paperback, 336 pages.

Little Ship, Big War : The Saga of DE343.

Manned almost entirely by reservists, the USS Abercrombie (DE343) and her sister ships did the dirty work of the Pacific War. They escorted convoys, chased submarines, picked up downed pilots, and led the landing craft to the invasion beaches, yet they received little credit and less glory. This book is a stirring tribute to their heroic efforts, written by a naval officer who served in the Abercrombie during the war and later became a best-selling author. First published in 1984, it has long been acclaimed for presenting a view of the navy as the sailors actually saw it--the joys and pains, the humor and gravity, the successes and defeats.

Ed Stafford provides an authentic, day-by-day account of life on board DE343, from the Battle of Leyte Gulf and picket duty against kamikazes at Okinawa to the signing of the peace treaty in Tokyo Harbor. To create an accurate picture he consulted ship logs and after-action reports and interviewed members of the crew. Although the book focuses on events in a particular warship, it tells the story of every small ship and their valiant crews that rose to the challenge and fought with everything they had until the war was won.

One of the ways I rate a book is by how much it taught me. Being from Houston, I was surprised to find the destroyer escort focused on by the book was built not far from here in Orange, Texas. I never knew such a shipbuilding company was located in Orange, where I have driven or ridden through several times a year for most of my 61 years. I also learned important information on The Battle Off Samar, which I had not learned from several other excellent books on the topic, and despite the fact the battle was only a small part of this book. The terror of the kamikaze attacks was also an education. I had only imagined what they might have been like, mainly by what I had seen in movies. I learned a lot from this book. Information rating: 5 stars.

Another way I judge a book is by how much, depending on the topic of course, it affects me emotionally. This one certainly did, and if you can read paragraph 4 on page 318 without getting at least a little choked up, then you must have an especially even emotional temperament. That was the most emotional moment in the book, but there were others, so I would rate the book high on emotional impact. Emotional impact rating: 4 stars.

Another aspect I judge a book by is its excitement level. Edward Stafford's writing style was perhaps a bit laid back in this regard, but I found myself reading on and on at various points because I couldn't put off finding out what happened next, so I would still rate the book fairly high in excitement. He doesn't write in the irritating flowery style of some authors, but still he somehow manages to effectively get what happened across. Excitement level rating: 4 stars.

The accuracy of the book is also important. If I read a book and it has glaring errors, then I feel that I can't really trust any of its information. Those parts of the book that covered WWII knowledge I already possessed did not contain any errors. This was especially true about The Battle Off Samar portion, the way the sailors generally acted on and off ship, and the interactions with Japanese civilians and military while on shore leave in Japan immediately after the war. The author does not let his writing be tainted by any prejudices, and he seems to have none. In other words, the book rings true. Accuracy rating: 5 stars.

Lastly and perhaps not least is readability. The book was well edited. I don't recall any specific typo or misspelled word, though there might have been a couple. I am currently reading a book that has so many typos, extra words, and missing words, that it is like it was not edited at all. I am plugging away at it, but it's a real task to have to reread and reread several sentences each page to discern the meaning of them. You won't have that trouble with this book--it is well written, grammatically correct, and well edited. Readability/editing rating: 5 stars.

In summary, this is a highly educational book, emotionally evocative, exciting without hyping the topic, accurate (as far as I can tell), and well written and edited. I highly recommend this book to anybody even just marginally interested in WWII naval matters.

I forget how I found this book, but I read the The Last Stand of The Tin Can Sailors first, which I now see seems to have been inspired, at least in part, by this one since it was first published in 1984 and also relates the action of the DEs Sammy B, Johnson and Hoel.

The Abercrombie saw far less action than its namesake, a Devastator pilot shot down at Midway, but what it did see was hair-raising. Fighting off sixteen kamikaze attacks, etc. I had no idea they did not just dive down on a ship, but also came in low, on the deck, out of the night to collide with the front, back or side of a ship. And not just fighters but twin-engine suicide bombers.

After surviving all that we get to go along on a visit to post-war Japan immediately after the surrender. Visions of civilians wobbling about on their wooden sandals amid the rubble. Collecting souvenir rifles and swords to take home.

What really sticks, though, is just the elegant telling of the day-to-day detail of life aboard a little warship. She was, indeed, a microcosm of the war and its civilian and professional sailors. Even down to her irascible captain who fled her, unceremoniously, in the midst of the nightmarish Okinawa campaign. The author, grandson of Admiral Peary of North Pole fame, is a masterful writer of description, especially of controlled emotion. I'll read the Big E now. For that matter anything Stafford has written.

The author's description in detail of the action of DE 354 in WW2 is the result of his
own memoirs, the log of his ship, and a tremendous amount of research in other sources.
He served as an officer aboard, rising to the role of executive officer. He does an excellent job of portraying
the different characters who made the ship function as well as the training process that improved
its efficiency as time progressed.
As a naval officer who served on a destroyer in the Korean war, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's
a great story of survival in spite of participation against kamikazes in the Philippines and Okinawa.

I'm a Russian Occupant
Bought the book because my father served in WW II on a DE in the Pacific. Met the son of one of Dad's shipmates on a DE web site. We visited a few days. This contact recommended the book to me. While my Dad's ship was another number, it was built in the same yard. My Dad now 97 has not spoken much about his experience in WW II. This book fills in many of the gaps. Highly recommended for anyone with personal ties to the DE group from WW II

Absolutly riveting. I read military non-fiction and this booki had me right into the author's mind and his time in battle. There is plenty of action from almost keel up, making fighting sailors out of young men, shakedown cruises, and into the Pacific fighting the Japanese during WWII. The little ship, a destroyer escort, certainly had its time in action. It's a cradle to grave for this formidable vessel. If you like sea stories, you will love this one..

Excellent day by day narration of one officer's experience on a Destroyer escort in the Pacific during WWII. He makes it seem like you are there with him. This book is hard to put down. I would also like to recommend "Subchaser" by the same author. It is the retelling of his 9 months in command of a small wooden ship in the invasion of Italy early in his career.

This is an interesting book coving the operations of the Destroyer Escort in World War II. The writer has a tendency to ramble a bit and covers aspects of the personalities as he perceived them of other officer I found somewhat distracting and irrelevant. It was sufficient enough to take away some of the enjoyment of the read.

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