e-Book From Kursk and K-19 (The Widowmaker) to Titanic: A Century of Shipwrecks, 1901-2001 download

e-Book From Kursk and K-19 (The Widowmaker) to Titanic: A Century of Shipwrecks, 1901-2001 download

by Nicolas Kudrow

ISBN: 1894485130
ISBN13: 978-1894485135
Language: English
Publisher: Megapolis Pub Co (July 2002)
Pages: 202
Category: Military
Subategory: History

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The Widowmaker) to Titanic: A Century of Shipwrecks, 1901-2001.

From Kursk and K-19 (The Widowmaker) to Titanic. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. From Kursk and K-19 (The Widowmaker) to Titanic: A Century of Shipwrecks, 1901-2001. July 2002, Megapolis Pub Co. Paperback in English.

The Titanic disaster gets almost (but not quite) two full pages. The format of the book itself is quite unusual. The pages have a mimeographed look to them, many with lines running down through the text block. Finally, some on-line sites have appended the K-19 Widowmaker disaster to the title, probably to tie-in with the Harrison Ford movie that was released this summer. Don’t you believe it! There is exactly one paragraph, three sentences long, on the K-19 disaster in the book.

K-19: The Widowmaker is a 2002 historical submarine film directed and produced by Kathryn Bigelow, and produced by Edward S. Feldman, Sigurjon Sighvatsson. Feldman, Sigurjon Sighvatsson, Christine Whitaker and Matthias Deyle with screenplay by Christopher Kyle. An international production of the US, UK, Germany and Canada, the film takes place in 1961 and focuses its story on the Soviet K-19 submarine.

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ISBN: 1894485130 ISBN13: 978-1894485135 Author: Nicolas Kudrow Book title: From Kursk and K-19 (The Widowmaker) .

The revival of the secular book trade. By the last quarter of the century, largely as a result of compulsory education, the potential market for magazines had greatly increased, and the public was avid for miscellaneous information and light entertainment. Humanistic and vernacular books. The age of early printing: 1450–1550. The first man in Britain to discover this was George Newnes, who liked snipping out any paragraph that appealed to him. In 1881 he turned his hobby to advantage by publishing a penny magazine, Tit-Bits from all the Most Interesting Books, Periodicals and Contributors in the World, soon shortened to Tit-Bits (in 1968 restyled Titbits).

HMS Hood, the Titanic and the submarine, Kursk. All three were said to be unsinkable which we all know was false. ACTUALLY, The Admiralty DID KNOW that Hood had a FATAL FLAW and was susceptible to COMPLETE OBLITERATION; in 1938, as Hood was being refitted, The Director of Naval Construction (DNC), the SAME MAN who felt that Hood had NO PLACE in a POST WWI Royal Navy in 1920 while she was being fitted out; WARNED of "The Mighty Hood"'s flaw. Between her two funnel was one of her magazine bunkers, it was LIGHTLY PROTECTED with 2 INCH ARMOR! )

This is a detailed reference book on the always fascinating stories of the major sea disasters of the 20th century, including Titanic, Lusitania, Submarines Scorpion, Kursk, K-19 The Widowmaker, and others.
ISBN: 075650614X
ISBN13: 978-0756506148
language: English
Subcategory: History
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