e-Book The Conferences of John Cassian download

e-Book The Conferences of John Cassian download

by John Cassian

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John Cassian (c. AD 360 – c. 435), also known as John the Ascetic and John Cassian the Roman (Latin: Ioannes Eremita Cassianus, Ioannus Cassianus, or Ioannes Massiliensis), was a Christian monk and theologian celebrated in both the Western and Easter.

John Cassian (c. 435), also known as John the Ascetic and John Cassian the Roman (Latin: Ioannes Eremita Cassianus, Ioannus Cassianus, or Ioannes Massiliensis), was a Christian monk and theologian celebrated in both the Western and Eastern churches for his mystical writings. Cassian is noted for his role in bringing the ideas and practices of Christian monasticism to the early medieval West.

Conferences of John Cassian offer the modern Christian a glimpse into the lives of second and third century Christian monastics. It documents the thoughts of Christians who took Jesus' instructions to take up our own cross, leave our family, and renounce our possessions literally. The Conferences of John Cassian is an early archetype of the monastic way of life where the theology of denying self is implemented in daily living. Cassian's work was highly respected by his contem-poraries, as well as those who went on to have enormous influence on the monastic movement.

Translation and Notes by Edgar . For often too some guard their books so jealously that they will not allow them to be even slightly moved or touched by any one else, and from this fact they meet with occasions of impatience and death, which give them warning of the need of acquiring the requisite patience and love; and when they have given up all their wealth for the.

The Conferences of John Cassian.

Long awaited by medievalists, monastics and patristic scholars, these are the complete conferences of Cassian. Cassian was a major spiritual writer, a precursor of Benedict, and a bridge between the desert and the West. The conferences are a record of these dialogues and focus on the cultivation of virtue and purity of heart.

The views expressed by John Cassian to which critics have pointed as examples of his alleged semi-Pelagianism are found in his Conferences, in book 3, the Conference of Abbot Paphnutius; book 5, the Conference o. .

The spiritual traditions of John Cassian had an immeasurable effect on Western Europe. Many different western spiritualities, from that of Saint Benedict to that of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, owe their basic ideas to John Cassian.

John Cassian, THE CONFERENCES, Boniface Ramsey Translator

John Cassian, THE CONFERENCES, Boniface Ramsey Translator. Ancient Christian Writers, No. 57. Newman Press, New York . I remember the first time I discovered the writings of St. John Cassian with the freshness as if it were only yesterday. Not only does Cassian interview such spiritual giants as Paphnutius, Pinufius, Moses, Abraham and others we come across in other sources, but he quotes these elders quoting and sharing stories of their elders - the 1st century Elders such as Antony! Unlike other works of a similar content, Cassian purposely keeps narratives of miracles to a minimum.

Conferences of John Cassian book. Included in this volume is Cassian's masterpiece, the Conferences, which is a study of the Egyptian ideal of the monk

Conferences of John Cassian book. Included in this volume is Cassian's masterpiece, the Conferences, which is a study of the Egyptian ideal of the monk. The new translation by Colm Luibheid is coupled with an insightful introduction by the distinguished Regius Professor Emeritus of Modern History, Cambridge University, Owen Chadwick, who writes of Cassian's achievement: "Like the Rule of St. Benedict, his work was a protection against excess and a constant recall to that primitive simplicity where eastern spirituality met western.

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Book V. Book VI. On the Spirit of Fornication. WE have thought best to omit altogether the translation of this book. Conferences of John Cassian. I. First Conference of Abbot Moses. f the Spirit of Covetousness. Of the Spirit of Anger. Book IX. Of the Spirit of Dejection. Book X. Of the Spirit of Accidie. Book XI. Of the Spirit of Vainglory. Book XII.

During his visits to the Egyptian deserts John Cassian met with many of the most important spiritual fathers. The Conferences are the remembrances of these conversations and cover a wide range of spiritual topics. The fathers were from different backgrounds, and while some were able to communicate in Greek and had been born into wealthy families, others were required to use interpreters and had come from more humble origins. The topics covered in these conversations ranged from christian perfection, in the first conference of Abbot Moses, to that on penitence in the conversation with Abbot Pinufius.

The Conferences have been very popular ever since they were written, and were distributed widely in the West and the East. Benedict, the founder of organised monasticism in the West even ordained that the Conferences should be read after supper to the assembled brethren. They were so popular that almost every monastery library contained at least some portion of them.

John Cassian was suspected in the West of teaching in some measure the Semi-Pelagian heresy, but in fact his teachings were completely in accord with the Orthodox spiritual traditions of the East. If he has been sometimes doubtfully regarded in the West, he is most definitely venerated as a Saint in the East.

If you can deal with the very , very , teeny tiny print (did I say the print was small?), then this book is worth the buy. The larger volume is much more expensive. Greek or Latin words are blanked out, sadly. This is a very deep book. Cassian doesn't write fluff. You'll want to take this one a little at a time to digest the content. A good addition to any Christian's library.

Bought this for Kindle and it has no table of contents. Not sure why they still do this. You can find a better version with active table of contents in a PDF file here: www.documentacatholicaomnia.eu/03d/0360-0435,_Cassianus,_The_Conferences_Of_John_Cassian,_EN.pdf. I saved the file to Dropbox, opened it up on my iPad and was able to use it immediately.

Great content, awesome for spiritual growth deepening your faith.

This edition is horrible. They utilize only a small part of the page, put the lines really close and use tiny type font. It looks like someone printed this in their garage. Get a decent copy elsewhere.

Cassian brought Origen into Western monastic ism. The Conferences are wonderful.

Very good christian book, however the font of the text is small.

I have read many of the spiritual books concerning the Desert Fathers - mostly written about or by the Eastern or Orthodox church. John Cassian's Conferences is another excellent book. The John Cassian recounts meeting or conferences he had with the Fathers. Typically he would ask a spiritual question and the Fathers would respond, a common technique of those times. While the translations of many of the books I have read were poor this version is excellent.

Highly recommend

I must admit that John Cassian is one of my favourite spiritual writers so I wasn't surprised to find that I enjoyed this collection of his conversations as well. The main reason I rate it so high is that it is better value than any of the other editions which are available. I do recommend any of John Cassians writings that you can get hold of, and at the price this is probably the best edition at the moment of this particular work.

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