e-Book Jesus: The Evidence download

e-Book Jesus: The Evidence download

by Ian Wilson

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Language: English
Publisher: Harper San Francisco (June 1, 1988)
Pages: 208
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Ian Wilson takes you to the archaeological digs, shows you the crumbling documents analyzed by scholars. I've always been spiritual but this book with its scientific evidence and arguments made me a believer.

Ian Wilson takes you to the archaeological digs, shows you the crumbling documents analyzed by scholars. Solomon J. Yeoman II.

Ian Wilson (born 1941) is the prolific author of historical and religious books. He has investigated such topics as the Shroud of Turin and life after death. He was born in Clapham, south London, during World War II. Neither of his parents was religious. His school was nominally Church of England, but during scripture classes he was always, as he put it, "the number one sceptic". He graduated in Modern History from Magdalen College, Oxford in 1963.

Jesus: The Evidence is a three-part television miniseries made by London Weekend Television (LWT) for Channel . An accompanying book of the same name was produced with the series by author Ian Wilson who also appeared as an interviewee.

Jesus: The Evidence is a three-part television miniseries made by London Weekend Television (LWT) for Channel 4, and transmitted in the UK in 1984 over the Easter period (E. - 8 April 1984; E. -15 April 1984; and E. - 22 April 1984). The series was one of the first television attempts to ‘demythologize’ the Gospel narratives.

Ian Wilson takes you to the archaeological digs, shows you the crumbling documents analyzed by scholars, and highlights the latest discoveries, including recently uncovered bones and papyrus, that affirm that Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected in the Holy Land.

Reissued for the first Christmas of the new millennium, Ian Wilson's best-selling update of the latest evidence confirming the truth of the New Testament is now back in print, lavishly illustrated, and with a new introduction by the author.

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Ian Wilson’s Jesus: The Evidence is misnamed. It should be titled something like Jesus the Charismatic Hypnotist: A Fairy Tale. Far from providing us with evidence about Jesus Christ, this book provides us with Wilson’s own subjective fiction. 1 Ian Wilson, Jesus: The Evidence (San Francisco, CA: Harper and Row, 1984), p. 11. 2 Ibid. p. 106. 3 Charles Leach, Our Bible: How We Got It, (Chicago, IL: Moody Press, 1898), pp. 35ff.

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Evidence for the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth (the Christ) allegedly occurs in several places: the Bible; other early Christian writings (including various early churches c. 100 CE. . 100 CE); and what could be referred to as "the usual suspects", a lineup of writers generally consisting of Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny the Younger - and, on occasion, Thallus.

Examines the historical evidence concerning Jesus Christ, discusses the nature of his miracles, and compares his teachings with those of the modern Church
I've always been spiritual but this book with its scientific evidence and arguments made me a believer. Photos are great.

The book has a very noticeable mildew smell (coming from the spine). I have it in a freezer, in a plastic freezer bag, in an effort to reduce the mildew. If that doesn't work, I may try to return it. It's probably an interesting book, but the mildew may keep me from reading it. This has put a big dent in my previous enthusiasm for buying hardbacks through Amazon.

Many Christians have a rather simplistic view of Jesus and what happened immediately following His death and resurrection. Some, in fact, believe that the remaining eleven Apostles merely dispersed and went forth to preach his teachings to the world. Sad to say, however, little is factually known about this period, and not much is known about the evolution of Christianity from that time until 312 AD; when, following his victory at the Milvian Bridge in October of that year, Emperor Constantine proclaimed Christianity (the catholic or ‘universal’ church) the official religion of the Roman Empire.

This book attempts to fill in many of the gaps in our knowledge by examining Jesus’ life, His teachings, the historical record apart from the gospels, and the gospels themselves. In so doing, the author endeavors to answer a number of long-standing questions. Among them: Is there any historical evidence that Jesus actually lived? Based on a consensus of the gospels, what did Jesus actually do and say in his sermons? How did Jesus perform the miracles cited in the gospels? Did He ever claim to be ‘God’? When were the gospels written, who wrote them, where were they written, and why? Why do the gospels often contradict one another? Who were the supposed authors of the gospels: Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John; and further, did these men even exist? Which of the gospels is the oldest and which the most reliable? When, and how, did Jesus become ‘God’? And finally, when, and how, did Jesus’ mother, Mary, become divine?

If you’ve ever pondered any of these questions, or if they somehow peak your interest, there can be little doubt that this book will be of great interest to you. For the answers to these and other questions, as presented in this book, may surprise you and perhaps even disillusion you, but they certainly go a long way toward dispelling any simplistic view of Jesus, the events following His death, and the development of the Christian religion.

Ian Wilson (born 1941) is the author of many books, such as The Blood and the Shroud,Mysterious Shroud,The Shroud of Turin,After Death Experience, etc.

He wrote in the Preface to this 1984 book, "[This book] came into being through an... invitation from London Weekend Television to write a book to accompany their three-part film series of the same name... the task has had its difficulties, not the least of them being matching the timing and the content of the television production and attempting to be fair to both historical and Christian viewpoints... Too often Christian writers have neglected Jesus' essential Jewishness, and this is one deficiency I have especially tried to rectify." (Pg. 8)

He observes that "the Mark gospel exhibits a lamentable ignorance of Palestinian geography. In the seventh chapter, for instance, Jesus is reported as going through Sidon on his way to Tyre to the Sea of Galilee. Not only is Sidon in the opposite direction, but there was in fact no road from Sidon to the Sea of Galilee in the first century AD, only one from Tyre. Similarly the fifth chapter refers to the Sea of Galilee's eastern shore as the country of the Gerasenes, yet Gesera... is more than thirty miles to the south-east..." (Pg. 36) He adds, "Since it is demonstrable that the author of Matthew drew a substantial amount of his material from the Mark gospel, it is virtually impossible to believe that the original tax-collector Matthew, represented as having known Jesus at first hand, and having traveled with him, would have based his gospel on an inaccurate work whose author clearly had no such advantages. Bluntly, the original disciple Matthew could not have written the gospel that bears his name." (Pg. 36-37)

He points out, "Further doubt about the overall accuracy of the gospels in reporting these events (which occurred, after all, when Jesus' followers were either absent or in considerable disarray), arises from Jesus' inquisitors being said to have handed him over to Pilate because: 'We are not allowed to put a man to death' (John 18:31). the unlikelihood of this is evident from the fact that the book of Acts describes the martyr Stephen being stoned by the Jerusalem Sanhedrin for an apparently similar blasphemy (Acts 7:59-60)." (Pg. 122)

He suggests, "Post-hypnotic suggestion as an explanation for Jesus' resurrection appearances does not, however, account for ... the emptiness of Jesus' tomb and the evident inability of anyone to produce the body. Yet it seems that even these elements of the story cannot be relied on... Paul's writings omit any mention of an empty tomb, which raises the possibility that the body was still inside... the idea of the tomb being empty might well have been written into the gospel stories only after the sack of Jerusalem in 70 AD, at which time such worship would have been interrupted and the tomb perhaps actually emptied." (Pg. 142)

Profusely illustrated, although Wilson's interpretations will not convince all (or perhaps even most) readers, this lively book will nevertheless be of interest to anyone looking for a "journalistic" overview of the historical Jesus.

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