e-Book The Delight of Hearts: Or What You Will Not Find in Any Book download

e-Book The Delight of Hearts: Or What You Will Not Find in Any Book download

by Ahmad al-Tifashi,Winston Leyland

ISBN: 0940567083
ISBN13: 978-0940567085
Language: English
Publisher: Gay Sunshine Pr (June 1, 1988)
Pages: 240
Category: Literature and Fiction
Subategory: LGBT

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ISBN-13: 978-0940567092. Why is ISBN important? ISBN. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle.

It is a book from the late 1. .Käyttäjän arvio - lilithcat - LibraryThing. An English translation of a French translation from the Arabic. Edward A. Lacey, René R. Khawam.

Find in Any Book, a 1988 publication of the poetry of Ahmad al-Tifashi. The Delight of Hearts won a Lambda Literary Award in 1989. While working in Thailand, Lacey suffered life-threatening injuries in 1991 when he passed out drunk in a street in Bangkok and was run over by a vehicle Author Fraser Sutherland published a biography of Lacey, Lost Passport: The Life and Words of Edward Lacey, in 2011.

Ahmad al-Tifashi (or Ahmad ibn Yusuf al-Tīfāchī), born in Tiffech, a village near Souk Ahras in Algeria (1184- died 1253 in Cairo) was a Berber poet, writer, and anthologist, best known for his work A Promenade of the Hearts. Little is known of al-Tifashi's life. He appears to have lived mostly in Tunis, Cairo, and Damascus, although he may even have been nomadic. He was highly educated and cultured.

Ahmad Al-Tifashi, The Delight of Hearts: Or What You Will Not Find in Any Book. tags: god, literature, religion.

Flag as Inappropriate. A scholarly translation by Edward A. Lacey of the homoerotic sections was published in English as The Delight of Hearts, or What You Will Not Find In Any Book (1988). Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Excessive Violence Sexual Content Political, Social. This version won a Lambda Literary Award in 1989. al-Tifashi also wrote several treatises concerned with sexual hygiene, one of which is preserved in a copy at The National Library of Medicine.

The Delight of Hearts. Or What You Will Not Find in Any Book. Published June 1988 by Gay Sunshine Pr. Written in English. Homosexuality, Gay men, Sex customs.

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A Promenade of the Hearts is a collection of stories, anecdotes, and poems from the Arab Middle Ages, including some poems on homosexual and lesbian themes. Ahmad al-Tifashi, the compiler (1184-1253), was born in Tiffech now in Algeria and studied in Tunisia, Egypt and Damascus. A French translation by René R. Khawam, titled Les Délices des cœurs par Ahmad al-Tifachi, was published in 1971 and 1981, and an English translation by Edward A. Lacey, titled The Delight of Hearts, or What You Will Not Find in Any Book, was published in 1988 by Gay Sunshine Press.

Another interesting Arab from that general period is Ahmad al-Tifashi.

It was written in Arabic in the 13th century, and is a look at the sexual practices of the time. Another interesting Arab from that general period is Ahmad al-Tifashi. He was a poet, writer, and anthologist, mainly known for his anthology "Promenade of the Hearts" of poetry, jokes, and anecdotes of an erotic nature or about sexual practices. I've got it, and it is an amusing, entertaining, and eye-opening read.

The Prince of Darkness by Joan O'Grady. Between Good and Evil: Polarities of Power by William Gray. Understanding Ismailism: A Unique Tariqah of Islam by Akbarally Meherally. Nicholas Roerich: The Life and Art of a Russian Master by Jacqueline Decter.

Entertaining, educational, and pretty darn funny; this book runs the gamut. Described as "an anthology of stories, anecdotes, and poems from the Arab Middle Ages", this book focuses on the gay culture of that time. This book has tales of "young hustlers" and "queens and their ways" and "most unusual facts about homosexuals." Of course this book is going to be mainly of interest to gay readers, particularly those who want to know more about the history and customs of gay communities back around the 1200s, when the original compiler of these tales lived. But it's also interesting to anyone wanting to know more about the history and sexuality of the period. And indeed, this book has some very eye-opening chapters about what life was like for gays during those times in that part of the world, especially the attitudes towards such "forbidden" activities as homosexuality. You may find yourself skipping past some of the poetry or dryer portions of this book, but overall this is a fascinating read with a lot of very humorous passages.

Dancing Lion
this is the sort of thing you'll like.

Back in the 1200s or so, a curious book was written

about sexual mores and manners in cosmopolitan,

urbane Muslim society. Much MUCH later, it was

translated into French. Somewhat later, the

French version was translated into English. This

accounts for occasional awkwardnesses, but overall

this is quite readable.

As Gay Sunshine Press is known for books of gay/lesbian

interest (duh), this book has been edited to emphasize

the sections of interest to that reading population.

To be frank, most of this is of limited general interest;

a recitation of jokes and snapqueen insults traded by

people who lived almost a thousand years ago is of

necessity a minority taste. The very idea that a

given society had a recognized homosexual subculture

that long ago is a big part of this book's appeal.

There are a number of anecdotes and stories that

give one a fair impression of this subculture.

All in all, I'm glad I have this book.

This is an English translation by the late E. A. Lacey, based on the French translation by the late Rene Khawam, of a book called Les Delices des Coeurs. But this is only half the book. The other half consists of heterosexual anecdotes. The Khawam book was brought to the publisher's attention (Winston Leyland) by Stephen Wayne Foster, but Foster is not given credit in the book. Khawam invited Foster to translate the heterosexual half, but this was not done.

The book is full of amusing anecdotes and gives us a great view of medieval Arab homosexuality.

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