e-Book Bear Like Me download

e-Book Bear Like Me download

by Jonathan Cohen

ISBN: 1560234180
ISBN13: 978-1560234180
Language: English
Publisher: Harrington Park Pr (April 1, 2003)
Pages: 204
Category: Literature and Fiction
Subategory: LGBT

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Rating: 4.5
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Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Bear Like Me. by. Jonathan Cohen. Fired from his job at Phag magazine, Peter Mallory has to find a way to make a living - and get revenge!

Jonathan Cohen’s most popular book is Al Que Quiere!.

Jonathan Cohen’s most popular book is Al Que Quiere!. Bear Like Me by.

Blurb: Fired from his job at Phag magazine, Peter Mallory has to find a way to make a living.

Jonathon Cohen was born to non-bear parents thirty-five years ago. After a brief dalliance at the altars of Gillette and Nair, he realised who and what he was - a bear. Terminally shy and terminally single, Jonathon lives in the urban wilds of Vancouver, Canada with his feral cat, Shadow. This is his debut novel.

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Written by Jonathan Cohen, Audiobook narrated by Wes Smith. When Peter's sabotage campaign works only too well, he starts to run the risk of discovery.

Jonathan Cohen, New York, New York.

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Fired from his job at Phag magazine, Peter Mallory has to find a way to make a living - and get revenge! When his best friend suggests writing a book about the bear community - and using his new "bear" look to go undercover at Phag - Peter is soon letting his body hair grow and practising the fine art of flannel couture. When Peter's sabotage campaign works only too well, he starts to run the risk of discovery. With an envious fellow bear set to unmask Peter as a fraud, and a relationship with an intriguing bear on the line, things are about to get very hairy!
The drama isn't to much but it's just enough to keep you interested. hoping for a sequel to come out.

I'm a fan of audiobooks and finding more and more titles from Lethe/Bear Bones and Bold Strokes has been a real joy to add some quality audiobooks to my two-plus hours of commute every day.

"Bear Like Me" works on many levels - on the surface, this is a fun and light story of a guy in way over his head: a gay clone twink type who is unjustly fired from his job at a magazine is left twisting in the wind, and his friend convinces him to go undercover into the bear community and write a book about the experience. Hijinks begin from the first confusion over "husbear" and then a second plot wrinkle enters: he has the opportunity to maybe do some sabotage to the magazine that let him go. Juggling identities, lies, sabotage and a romance that is starting with a burly bear makes life complicated, but the biggest struggle might just be realizing that the only thing better than pretending to be a bear might be actually being one.

On that fun mad-cap level alone, the story works. It's actually mildly a period piece as well, and keeping in mind the tale takes place as the internet age is dawning will also make some of the chuckles all the more amusing - I didn't get his absolute confusion about computers for a moment or two, until I realized that.

On a deeper level, though, there's more here. On his quest to investigate the bear identity, the hero also bumps into the same struggles I remember all too well from my brief foray into the bear world when I first came out: the community can be the most supportive and wonderful culture, but just like anywhere else, there are some who take the rules as permission to be exclusive and cruel. Being new (and fake), the hero of the tale gets a double-dose of that double-edged reality, and there were more than a few moments that made me want to reach in and strangle a character or two on behalf of my younger self, even as I shook my head in amusement at the antics of all involved.

"Bear Like Me" ultimately left me smiling, and I can happily recommend it - especially to anyone who didn't fit any of the molds when they first came out.

Peter Mallory doesn't take it well, when he is "downsized" from his job with a gay magazine, and dreams of getting revenge. Meanwhile, a friend suggests he consider writing a book about the "bear community" - using the approach of an outsider who changes his appearance to conform to that norm, and see what happens. Initially reluctant, Peter gradually gets more comfortable with his ursine contemporaries, learns from some of the regulars, and has more than a few of them interested in the newcomer. When one of them starts to get serious, and Peter thinks there could really be potential for a lasting relationship, he faces the problem of having to admit that he is essentially a fraud, a "twink in cub's clothing" and even using a fake name, and faces a deadline in trying to get back at his former employer.

The novel is smart and funny, although I have problems buying the whole "undercover bear" concept, and have no idea what he really hoped to accomplish by going after the magazine people. That said, it's a light, fast read, and provides a (rather one-sided, in my opinion) look at "bear" culture. I give it four stars out of five.

- Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

Not a sub-genre I would have chosen for myself, but I won my copy from the publisher (thru Jessewave). So I'm game to try, and quickly realized this would be no hardship.

Largely defined by what I didn't find...no hits on the pet-peeve meter, no eyerolls, no obvious editing problems. I quickly settled into an enjoyable reading experience. The story is interesting, well paced, and well written. Amusing without being silly. I'd definately read this author again, and can easily recommend this book to other fans of the m/m genre.

And my copy arrived with that new suede texture cover, which I already adore. Feels good to hold, and doesn't mark or smudge as easily as the glossy type covers, making this an all around great reading choice!

Peter is not your typical gay man -- he has an upscale life with a fancy job working for a stylish magazine and everything is going his way, until the day he's fired, and in the always increasing competitive job market of gay culture, can't find a job. He has a friend Mac who convinces him to write about a subculture, one often overlooked but growing, and that is the bear culture.
Peter undergoes a transformation to being a bear, changing his clothes, his diet, his attitude and expectations along the way. This isn't simply a drag culture, but is one where the people live in a bearish fashion. Peter's partner Danny doesn't always quite know how to take this, and part of the tension of the story is the relationship with Peter and Danny. Another part is Peter's continuing struggle to come to terms with his past and his future.
Cohen writes in an interesting manner, and I was able to finish the novel in just a few days, because it was hard to put down. The characters were interesting, and the plot kept my attention.

There have been several books about and for the bear community of gay men, including Ron Suresha's "Bears on Bears" and Ray Kampf's "The Bear Handbook". Now we have "Bear Like Me" by Jonathan Cohen, which is about Peter who is fired from his job at "Phag" magazine. At a friend's suggestion, Peter decides to go undercover in the bear community to get material to write a book. So he sheds his stereotypical gay image for the stereotypical bear image, and eventually breaks up with his twink boyfriend. He plots revenge on "Phag" magazine and its staff, and navigates the bear dating world. He finds love, but will this new guy love Peter for who he is when it's revealed he once was not a bear? What sounds like a madcap adventure quickly becomes a tedious, inane, and self-conscious story that fails to entertain. The bear community deserves better.

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