e-Book Learning Disabilities:There is a Cure, A Guide for Parents, Educators and Physicians, Revised and Expanded Second Edition download

e-Book Learning Disabilities:There is a Cure, A Guide for Parents, Educators and Physicians, Revised and Expanded Second Edition download

by Addie Cusimano

ISBN: 0972776273
ISBN13: 978-0972776271
Language: English
Publisher: Achieve Publications; 2nd edition (June 16, 2010)
Category: Schools and Teaching
Subategory: Learning

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Learning Disabilities book. Statistical reports indicate that . million students in the. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Learning Disabilities book. She presents her answers to the No Child Left Behind Act and Race to the Top, discusses the importance of teaching specific learning skills, and offers many valuable teaching techniques and strategies for the teaching of basic and learning skills.

Home Addie Cusimano Learning Disabilities:There is a Cure, A. .

Home Addie Cusimano Learning Disabilities:There is a Cure, A Guide for Parents,. Addie Cusimano holds a BS degree in psychology and a MS degree in education with New York State and Pennsylvania reading specialist certifications. She has worked for more than thirty-five years as a classroom teacher and reading specialist in public school districts and as a diagnostician and clinician for a private learning center that specialized in working with children from learning disabled to gifted.

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Her book Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure, based on her findings and .

She has designed and published a teaching program for the development of visual memory of words, entitled Achieve: A Visual Memory Program, and a workbook entitled Auditory Sequential Memory Instructional Workbook for the development of auditory memory of numbers, letters and words.

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Gavin’s new book is a must read for all educators and any parent who has a child who learns differently. You will note I have also ex-tended the title to include. Gavin’s clear style, unique care, passion and expertise help provide the keys to unlocking the potential of our young people with dyslexia. With his insights and practical recommendations this book will be extremely benecial in homes, schools and colleges worldwide. and Those who Help Them. It is important that parents should not be seen as separate or isolated.

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For years educators have been taught that learning disabled students, that is, students with an average to superior IQ but with serious learning skill deficiencies, were not able to learn like other children. Addie Cusimano in her book Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure shares her findings on how students with learning disabilities, ADD or ADHD, can be taught to overcome their learning deficiencies. She describes her findings in regard to the teaching of reading, writing, mathematics, foreign languages, thinking and study skills, and, most importantly, the development of the basic learning skills of visual and auditory perception and memory. She discusses how weaknesses in these areas affect students’ ability to learn just like any other child and offers a multitude of techniques to help students overcome their deficiencies. Her preface is that learning disabled students can and should be cured at an elementary level, and that the best approach for all students would be one that incorporates more facets of learning than are presently taught. Ms. Cusimano’s book offers a refreshing and assured method for the solution to present day academic concerns.
As a homeschooling mom with children with learning disabilities, I am constantly looking for resources to help me be a more effective teacher to my children. I have read many books on learning disabilities. I appreciate how the author has helped children actually OVERCOME learning disabilities, rather than advocate accommodations for children. She began a learning center in 1978, if I remember correctly, and repeatedly helped children gain the basic skills needed to succeed in learning. I have now purchased all her materials and look forward to using them in this upcoming semester. The author has given me proof and great hope that my children can truly overcome their learning disabilities.

I will leave reviews on her other materials at the end of this semester.

I have been an elementary teacher for a while and I wish someone would have told me about this book earlier. It explains how to help the students that don't qualify for special education but still are struggling. I don't know if the learning disability is cured but the student can work on the skill they lack to be successful.

As a school psychologist, it was frustrating to have so little to offer parents and teachers about how to help students strengthen specific areas of weakness which were found by the tests. The child has an auditory problem, a visual memory problem, etc. Well, what can be done?

This book helps parents and teachers answer this question promoting specific learning strategies. The revision offers more details about teaching reading in addition to applying learning strategies to the teaching of foreign languages and mathematics. Learning how to learn is an area often overlooked in today's busy, test-oriented classrooms.

Some of the best material I've found is Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure along with the author's other books. Read the editorial review for more about how these books developed from years of experience meeting specific needs of students.

I'd give this one 6 stars if I could.

Internationally known teacher and author Addie Cusimano has just published the second edition of her book, Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure. Mrs. Cusimano writes passionately about her work with LD students, infusing her clinically sound theory with inspirational accounts of the many students she worked with and the successes they achieved over the course of her career as an educator. The book is rich in descriptions of the various methods Mrs. Cusimano devised and the materials she created to help students overcome the obstacles that interfered with their academic success. Many of the methods and materials were developed while she served as director of a highly successful clinic called The Achievement Center. Since her retirement, Mrs. Cusimano has channeled her energy and passion for helping LD students into writing Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure, capturing the essence of the success she achieved for so many years, giving teachers, parents, and physicians a much clearer understanding of how they can help the LD student achieve success. Teachers will discover countless ideas and strategies that can help struggling students come out from under the weight of their learning handicaps.

One thing I found very informative about Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure was the simple and straightforward description that was offered to help the reader understand the problems faced by LD learners. Mrs. Cusimano sums up their difficulties as falling within four areas of a quadrant: Auditory and Visual Perception, and Auditory and Visual Memory. In all of my Special Education coursework and training over many years, I never considered that the difficulties faced by an LD learner could be summed up within the parameters of such a simple quadrant. Mrs. Cusimano devotes entire chapters to each of the four areas, first identifying and describing each particular learning difficulty, and then discussing useful strategies for remediation. Identifying the needs of LD students always seemed much more complicated than that. Mrs. Cusimano's book has taught me to consider identifying and remediating learning disabilities in these four areas: Auditory and Visual Memory, and Auditory and Visual Perception.

Addie Cusimano makes it clear in her writing that she loved working with students, and nothing made her happier than seeing them graduate from her center with newfound confidence in their ability to learn. She also makes it clear that she hopes that her life's work and her methods will carry on and continue to influence future generations of teachers and learners. Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure is a valuable sourcebook that gives teachers a simple framework and hundreds of ideas to help them as they guide their LD students on the road to academic success.

Addie Cusimano is also the author of the following companion materials: ACHIEVE: A Visual Memory Program; The Auditory Sequential Memory Instructional Workbook; and, Visual Discrimination: Noting Differences in Frequently Misperceived Words. They are available at [...]

After completing this book my first thought was "If the school that Addie Cusimano directed was close to us I would enroll my son immediately"'
Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure, brought hope back into my life. For years I have been told that my son will improve but will always have dyslexia and may never read on his grade level.

I found this book to be a valuable tool at my son's IEP meeting. I wanted to know how they were addressing his visual perception, visual memory, auditory perception and auditory memory. I learned that no matter how good the reading program is if my child is weak in these areas his reading skills will be hindered.
As a parent I agree that the "Everyday Mathematics" program that the schools are using are too difficult for children with learning differences. I love the different ideas and tricks Mrs. Cusimano suggested in Chapter 10, "The best Mathematics Approach". We have now adopted these ideas in our home.

The Department of Education in Harrisburg should have all administrators and teachers read this book. Withhope once this book is read and curriculums are changed then hopefully we would see a decreased in the 2.7 million public school students that have been identified as learning disabled.

I have recommended this book to friends, teachers and administrators. It is an amazing book that has open up my eyes in so many areas of my child's education. It is an extremely easy book to read.While reading this incredible book I found myself laughing and at times crying over her students success stories. I thank Addie Cusimano for giving me hope again.

Josephine DiMaio-Cleary

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