e-Book Telecommunications Law And Policy download

e-Book Telecommunications Law And Policy download

by Douglas Gary Lichtman,Howard A. Shelanski,Philip J. Weiser,Stuart Minor Benjamin

ISBN: 1594601399
ISBN13: 978-1594601392
Language: English
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press; 2 edition (July 1, 2006)
Pages: 1208
Category: Intellectual Property
Subategory: Lex

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Benjamin, Stuart Minor and Lichtman, Douglas Gary and Shelanski, Howard . Telecommunications Law and Policy.

Benjamin, Stuart Minor and Lichtman, Douglas Gary and Shelanski, Howard . Stuart Minor Benjamin. Douglas Gary Lichtman (Contact Author)


2. Benjamin, Stuart Minor; Lichtman, Douglas Gary; Shelanski, Howard . Weiser, Philip J. Published by Carolina Academic Press. ISBN 10: 1594601399 ISBN 13: 9781594601392.

Howard A. Shelanski, Douglas Gary Lichtman, Stuart Minor Benjamin. This is a good book from good seller. The matainance is well, so the book is very good when it arrive at my house. Thank you the seller. Telecommunications Law and Policy, 2010 Supplement. Howard A. Shelanski, Stuart Minor Benjamin, Philip J. Weiser, James B. Speta.

Stuart Minor Benjamin is a Douglas B. Maggs Professor of Law at Duke University School of Law. Howard Shelanski is a Professor of Law and Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology at UC Berkeley School of Law. James Speta is a Professor of Law at Northwestern. James Speta is a Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law. Philip Weiser is a Professor of Law at University of Colorado Law School.

Find nearly any book by Douglas Gary Lichtman. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Telecommunications Law and Policy 2004 Cumulative Supplement. by Stuart M. Benjamin, Douglas Gary Lichtman, Howard A. Shelanski. ISBN 9781594600913 (978-1-59460-091-3) Softcover, Carolina Academic Pr, 2004. Find signed collectible books: 'Telecommunications Law and Policy 2004 Cumulative Supplement'.

Stuart Minor Benjamin, Philip J. Weiser. Stuart Minor Benjamin, Howard A. Shelanks. Douglas Gary Lichtman. Telecommunications Law and Policy : 2002 Annual Supplement (Law Casebook Se. by.

Telecommunications Law And Policy. Telecommunications Law And Policy 2005.

Stuart Minor Benjamin, Douglas Gary Lichtman, Howard A. Shelanski, Telecommunication Law and Policy . International telecommunication union, John wily, Sept,10,2002. Philip J. Weiser, University of Colorado, Telecommunication, Oct,2002. Shelanski, Telecommunication Law and Policy, Feb, 2001. . herry, Barbara (September 2002). James B. Speta, Northwestern Law School, Telecommunication Laws and Policy, Oct, 2002.

Telecommunication Law & Policy :Stuart, Benjamin Douglas, Gary Lichtman, Howard Shelanski, Philip Weiser. Carolina Academic Press, Aug-06. Chazen, . & Ross, L. (1970). Federal regulation of cable television: the visible hand. Anstine, D. B. (2004). The Impact Of The Regulation Of The Cable Television Industry: The Effect On Quality-Adjusted Cable Television Prices. Applied Economics, 36 (8), 793-802.

By (author) Stuart Minor Benjamin, By (author) Douglas Lichtman, By (author) Howard A Shelanski. We can notify you when this item is back in stock.

This new casebook in telecommunications law grew out of Thomas Krattenmaker's earlier casebook of the same title. Like Krattenmaker's two editions, this book not only examines the fundamentals of telecommunications regulation, but also engages in advanced analysis of the key constitutional, administrative, and economic issues that arise in the various telecommunications settings.

While building on Krattenmaker's foundation, the Benjamin/Lichtman/Shelanski text is an entirely new book. It covers new subjects - for example, the text now includes case studies of digital television and low-power FM radio; a full chapter on direct broadcast satellite service; a chapter on telecommunications mergers; and several chapters on the Internet and advanced services regulation more generally. The book also covers familiar topics but in significantly greater depth. The telephone and cable materials, for example, have been expanded and completely rewritten, emphasizing key economic concepts that are carefully explained and then tied to the relevant legal and policy issues.

In short, the new book mirrors the sweeping changes that have occurred in the field in recent years, while maintaining enough of Krattenmaker's original structure that faculty who have used the earlier two editions should find it easy to integrate the new text into the course they already love to teach.

A teacher's manual is available, and a 2003 supplement is forthcoming.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Quality Product and they sold what was advertised.

Good textbook.

On time delivery, was well-packed, hardback book was in near perfect condition, saved an arm and a leg. Not enough pictures for bathroom material, though. Plus, the material makes you wanna participate in competitive face-splitting. I'm only keeping this on a very high shelf so as not to expose it's soul-nullifying material to the other 98%

Step by step explanation is given for you to understand the technological regulations. Real life examples are also given.I recommend it to others.

Brand new book is defective. There are few pages missing in the middle of book. Seems like defective book is packed like new and sold out. No wonder why It is cheaper than retail price.

This is a good book from good seller. The matainance is well, so the book is very good when it arrive at my house. Thank you the seller.

Law students now have free or inexpensive access to online services offering cases and supporting documents. Big 100+ dollar leather-bound casebooks might as well go extinct (though the old-timers would never allow it) unless they can add some actual teaching to their reprints of information that is easily available elsewhere. This particular book is one of the few dealing with the esoteric subject of telecommunications law and policy, and the price is almost worth it because the authors actually seem to care whether students learn the deeper nuances of the topic, rather than just expecting you analyze case after case after case with no in-depth education on legal reasoning or the latest trends in industry.

In this book the cases are actually fairly rare and are supplemented fully with government agency documents from which new rules and laws are formulated (crucial background info that is rare to nonexistent in standard casebooks) and law review articles by experts in the telecommunications field, giving the student a robust non-judicial understanding of the factors involved in recent court decisions and government regulatory strategies. The subject matter is also comprehensive and presented in an order that makes sense and efficiently uses the space available. The key to this book's success are the frequent notes and questions that appear after cases, helping the student actually think about the dry legalese they just got finished reading (though the rhetorical "what if?" questions do get out of hand at times). Overall, this is a law school casebook that actually synthesizes the information presented in a way that helps the student, and not just a publisher whose idea of education is to charge monstrous prices for a never-ending list of reprinted cases. [~doomsdayer520~]

I had to read this entire book for a graduate level telecommunications law course. I hated reading this book every week because it is so long and drawn out (and boring). The book is around 1200 pages, but it should have been cut down to around 800 pages to give the reader what they need to know. Also, there are grammatical errors and typos every 2 or 3 pages which make an already tough read even more difficult. Every few minutes I would find myself re-reading a paragraph because it didn't make any sense and then I would realize that the author completely left out a word. I'm not exaggerating either. This book is so annoying to read because of all the errors that I corrected a few hundred in my own book. My professor would joke about the errors, but it pissed me off because I paid a lot of money for the book. For how expensive this book is you would think they could hire someone to proofread it. If you are a professor thinking about using this book, please don't. There are plenty of other great books out there. This one is garbage.

e-Book Telecommunications Law download

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