e-Book Vile Bodies download

e-Book Vile Bodies download

by Evelyn Waugh

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Publisher: Random House Value Publishing (August 13, 1994)
Category: British and Irish
Subategory: Literature

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Home Evelyn Waugh Vile Bodies. It was the first of my books to be a popular success. Vile Bodies caught the public fancy for extraneous reasons.

Home Evelyn Waugh Vile Bodies. The Bright Young People with whom it deals, and of whom I was a member rather on the fringe than in the center, were one of the newspaper topics of the time. They were totally unlike the various, publicized groups of modern youth, being mostly of good family and education and sharp intelligence, but they were equally anarchic and short-lived.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Evelyn Waugh's second novel, Vile Bodies is his tribute to London's smart set. It introduces us to society as it used to be but that now is gone forever.

Vile Bodies is the second novel by Evelyn Waugh, published in 1930. It satirises the bright young things, the rich young people partying in London after World War I, and the press which fed on their doings. The original title of Bright Young Things,. The original title of Bright Young Things, which Waugh changed because he thought the phrase had become too clichéd, was used in Stephen Fry's 2003 film adaptation.

Shelves: great-britain, classic-fiction. Evelyn Waugh was in his mid-20s when he wrote Vile Bodies (1930), but he had already seen enough of the foibles of the ruling class to provide ammunition for a lifetime of storytelling.

Book Source: Digital Library of India Item 2015. author: Evelyn Waugh d. ate. te: 0000-00-00 d. citation: 1930 d. dentifier. origpath: d/0105/834 d. copyno: 1 d.

Vile Bodies is the second book by Evelyn Waugh and was published in 1930. Like Waugh's first novel Decline and Fall, Vile Bodies is set in 1920s high society London

Vile Bodies is the second book by Evelyn Waugh and was published in 1930. Like Waugh's first novel Decline and Fall, Vile Bodies is set in 1920s high society London. This book is a witty satirical observation of the group of Bright Young Things whose privileged lifestyle entitles them to non-stop partying and wild antics that frequently made the gossip columns of tabloids. Evelyn Waugh's first book Decline and Fall was hugely successful, and Brideshead Revisited is Waugh's best known work. Vile Bodies never reached the same acclamation.

Vile Bodies was my Classics Club Spin book. In the past I have read and loved Evelyn Waugh's The Loved One and Brideshead Revisited. Amazingly good and contemporary feeling. FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Evelyn Waugh's acidly funny and formally daring satire, Vile Bodies reveals the darkness and vulnerability that lurks beneath the glittering surface of the high life. In the years following the First World War a new generation emerges, wistful and vulnerable beneath the glitter. The Bright Young Things of twenties' Mayfair, with their paradoxical mix of innocence and sophistication, exercise their inventive minds and vile bodies in every kind of capricious escapade - whether promiscuity, dancing, cocktail parties or sports cars.

10 Works in Vile Bodies - Evelyn Waugh. Navigation and Actions. Fandoms: Vile Bodies - Evelyn Waugh, Bright Young Things. Teen And Up Audiences. No Archive Warnings Apply.

I adore his outrageous sense of humor and accurate depiction of the British. It just seemed a less substantial story than “Scoop”, “Decline and Fall” and “A Handful of Dust”. All his heroes seem the same to me, rather hapless and victims of absurd circumstances. The women are always so vacuous, shallow and obsessed with material comforts, but nevertheless entertaining. Crazy characters like Lottie, the Colonel and the drunk Major. He definitely has strong opinions about the press, publishing and British high society. Also customs agents. How I would love to write like him!

I have read a half dozen or so books by Evelyn Waugh. I enjoy his style of writing but I am occassionally left wondering what was the point of the book. For example, "Brideshead Revisited" read like a classic of literature but I still haven't figured out its' purpose 8 years later. Well, I enjoyed it so what's the big deal. Yet this is the same author who wrote "A Handful of Dust" which was quite a moving experience for me when I read it. Fortunately, one learns right away in "Vile Bodies" that this is a satire on the "Noble Society" in the decade or so after WWI. It may not have had a point but it was a lot of fun reading it. I laughed out loud several times during the book. Waugh seems to enjoy poking fun at the idle rich (and formerly rich) and his gift for writing clearly extends into humor. The ending caught me a bit off guard. Once again I think I failed to grasp a meaning where there might have been one. No regrets, though: I had fun getting there just the same.

Robert Hardy's reading of "Vile Bodies" leaves much to be desired. He reads too fast, does not always enunciate properly, and changes the volume (loudness) of his voice to such a degree that the quiet parts are difficult to catch. He is a good actor, on stage and screen, but he needs more training as a book reader.

This excellent satire about 1920's British "Bright young things" started a bit slowly for me but steadily picked up steam as it went along. By the time the tale had ended ( too soon I might add ) it had offered numerous laugh out loud passages. This was one of the funniest books that I've read in quite awhile...reminded me why I loved the other works by Waugh that I had read years ago.

While not his finest novel of this period, it contains some memorably witty scenes while capturing the dawn of modern tabloid culture.

A quick read, but charming in its farcical action.

Though I rarely review books by classic authors who have no need of my support (or lack of) to make their reputations, I sometimes bend my rule for books that might be lesser known in an author's oeuvre. So, admittedly as a fan of Waugh, I'm going to take the time to write a few lines about Vile Bodies.

This is not one of my favorite Waugh novels. There is no plot to speak of. This book is really just a sequence of scenes that are meant to poke fun at the rich & foolish of post-WWI England; mainly, the "Bright Young Things". Though I'm sure this book was quite a riot in its day, I feel that it has aged less well than much of Waugh's work. This is also reflected in the use of what would be considered very un-PC language today. (Though, admittedly, the use of un-PC language doesn't really bother me personally.)

That being said, there's no denying that Waugh is a very funny writer and that there are plenty of laughs still to be had here. Waugh's dialogue in this novel really pops with energy. There are set pieces that can still speak to us--the couple whose state of engagement changes on an hourly basis, the writer who makes up his articles wholesale, the religious proselytizers who don't practice what they preach. In fact, there are a whole slew of ridiculous characters here which each have a moment or two in the sun.

Whatever its deficiencies, there's a reason some writers have their books still read over 80 years after they are first published: the worst book of a great author is better than most of the books out there. And I wouldn't say this is Waugh's worst. It's definitely worth a read.

One warms to Adam and Nina. The Colonel is one of the most hilarious characters in literature. If laughing can make one feel better, then the Colonel is the cure for what ails one.

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