e-Book King Leopold's Soliloquy download

e-Book King Leopold's Soliloquy download

by Mark Twain

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Publisher: International Publishers Co (January 1970)
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Subategory: Literature

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King Leopold's Soliloquy is a 1905 pamphlet by Mark Twain. Its subject is King Leopold's rule over the Congo Free State.

King Leopold's Soliloquy is a 1905 pamphlet by Mark Twain. A work of political satire harshly condemnatory of his actions, it ostensibly recounts a fiction monologue of Leopold II speaking in his own defense.

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Let us be franker than Mr. Chamberlain; let us audaciously present the whole of the facts, shirking none, then explain them according to Mr. Chamberlain's formula. Chamberlain's formula ‎ Встречается в книгах (21) с 1901 по 2004.

King Leopold's Soliloquy, by Mark Twain. responsibility, - intelligent, thoughtful, conscious of the perils and the advantages, discounting with an admirable prescience the great results of a near future. M. Alfred Poskine in "Bilans Congolais. A memorial for the perpetuation of my name. King Leopold's Soliloquy, by Mark Twain. King Leopold's Soliloquy.

This is an EXACT reproduction of a book published before 1923. Samuel Langhorne Clemens is internationally known by his pen name, Mark Twain. The Writings of Mark Twain, Volume 14. Mark Twain.

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This is Mark Twain at his political satirical most incisiveness. It was well documented that at this point in his life, Twain spoke out bravely against many of the world's atrocities and this "soliloquy" is so wry that at times it feels nearly sympathetic, a literary device that brings the reader into a greater sense of anger and disgust at the callousness of deeds and thought from the King of Belgium. Historically, it is a must read for anyone studying world history and the story of King Leopold and his influence at the Berlin conference of 1884-85 is a fascinating side note to the events and political infighting that eventually would lead to the first World War. For Twain buffs, its a departure in tone that makes it even the more fascinating.

Simple fellow
Brilliant, dark satire by Mark Twain who becomes Leopold for a little while, with unexpectedly devastating results. If you know nothing about the history of the Congo and the Belgian King's depradations there, you could do worse than start with this slim little number. It will inspire you to find out more about what really went on.

Very good book as mark Twains books are. Great mind and sparkling intelligence.

As a Belgian it was quite interesting !

Great book ...fast service ...Thank you!

I got this for the subject matter not so much because Mr. Twain wrote it. If you've read other comprehensive books on the subject you won't find any new information here. It basically takes the witness reports and court records of the time and concocts them into a running dialogue from king Leopold. It's probably a great way to introduce people to the topic of Congo history who don't like reading dry and long history books. Has a few illustrations but they don't add much, and the introduction is a bit fawning. Might end up giving it to the library as it has nothing for me. Prefer "King Leopold's Ghost" for a history of the period with some storytelling flair.

Disappointing, not worthy of Mark Twain. The made up soliloquy totally unconvincing. Little relevance for today's times. When the publishers decided there is no market for this, they were right. We read the book and disposed of it, not worth keeping.

"King Leopold's Soliloquy" is one of Mark Twain's most incisive and important works and deserves to be as famous as his best-known. He had previously written "The Czar's Soliloquy," a vicious satire on Nicholas II's rule purportedly from the czar's own perspective; this uses the same device for Belgium's Leopold, cutting to the very heart of his brutal Congo rule. Though less well-known than some later events, Leopold's Congo reign is one of modern history's saddest events - an unimaginably horrific time of murder, exploitation, racism, and more. The events behind it were part of the lead up to World War I and are generally the kind of history everyone should know, lest it happen again. Twain was one of several world figures to denounce Leopold, most famously here. The work is hard to categorize; though a fictional soliloquy, it is filled with facts and is historically and biographically plausible. It is a good place for anyone wanting to know more about the event to start, though it helps to have some knowledge before reading. The piece is important as a rare example of literature having a very real effect on world problems, as it played a significant role in leading to reform, and it still has great historical value. However, it is also sadly still relevant; colonialism, racism, xenophobia, ethnocentrism, and the other unsavory traits leading to Leopold's rule unfortunately remain, and this work will be powerful as long as they do. Twain bitterly denounces intolerance, religious hypocrisy, imperialism, and other evils more heart-wrenchingly here than anywhere else, which truly says much. Few works have more fire and venom; it brims with the vitriol of a deeply stirred soul. This is also a good example of the cynical misanthropy infusing the later Twain. Even at third-hand in this semi-fictional guise, even after more than a century, the bare recital of Leopold's crimes is almost painful to even read; almost no one who has ever lived can even imagine what it must have been like to actually suffer through them. The soliloquy is so viscerally powerful that I had to take several breaks from reading and was tempted to take more; it indeed took a considerable effort to finish. An enduring triumph to Twain's deep-rooted humanitarianism, this is satire and political writing at its best. Anyone even remotely interested in Twain or the Congo Free State must of course read it, but so should everyone. Works of such insight and fervor are very rare and should be a part of the collective conscience. It is available in collections - such as Library of America's Tales, Sketches, Speeches, and Essays 1891-1910 - but well worth reading in itself.

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