e-Book Never a Bride download

e-Book Never a Bride download

by Amelia Grey

ISBN: 0515130621
ISBN13: 978-0515130621
Language: English
Publisher: Jove; First Edition edition (June 1, 2001)
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.4
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To find the man responsible for her best friend's death, Mirabella Whittingham risks her reputation kissing bachelors all over Regency London to find a man bearing an unusual scar on the back of his neck, only to come face to face with her long-lost fiancT, a man she has never even seen before. Original.
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This is a slow moving romance with an obvious plot (everything, including the identity of the "mystery man" that drives the plot, is predictable). It's based on a bizarre premise -- Camden doesn't want to marry Mirabella, the fiancee he never met (despite them being from the same social class in the same city), so he leaves the country for years and years, thinking he can just delay the marriage forever. While he's out of the country, he expects his unwise spendthrift of a father to somehow magically change his ways. But, of course, he doesn't and Camden is forced home to marry the heiress he abandoned. Meanwhile, Mirabella has resigned herself to the fact that she will apparently never marry. Her father, despite his desperation to have her married off before his rapidly approaching death, does nothing to address the languishing engagement. Mirabella is pretty and rich. Why her father never addresses the situation makes no sense, as she wouldn't have wanted for a substitute for long. The reunion, which probably wouldn't have been joyous under the best circumstances, is further complicated by the fact that Mirabella has been kissing every guy in the ton while Camden was away. Because she wanted to? No. Because she needed to solve a mystery.

It's the ultimate "Accept it as you find it, don't ask too many questions" plot.

In more skillful hands, this plot -- providing an excuse for all sorts of misunderstandings -- may have worked. But it just doesn't work here, partially because the setup is so implausible and partially because the solution to the mystery is so obvious.

I downloaded this because it was free and sometimes I just like a good Regency romance. This one was...meh. The denouement was rather a let down. The whole point of what Mirabell was doing was to get to that point and then it fell very flat with no drama and no excitement. While the characters were likable, the dialogue wooden and too monologish. The writer seemed to feel the need to throw every detail of everything in the book, often with the characters speaking it. Who describes someone else's outfit as a compliment? "You are perfectly handsome in your new brocade waistcoat and silk neckcloth. And you look simply dashing in that cutaway jacket with double buttons." Good grief. She also felt the need to go into great detail about the foods set out at the balls. I don't read romance novels to find out what the characters are eating. A mention is fine, but a complete menu? It was exhausting.
My biggest issue with the book is the authors apparent complete lack of familiarity with British titles and correct forms of address. The Countess of Glenbrighton would never introduce herself as Countess Irene. She would have introduced herself as Lady Glenbrighton. A countess would also never refer to a duchess AS "Duchess" while speaking to said duchess. A countess would call her "Your Grace" when speaking to her. Mirabell frequently talks about Countess Glenbrighton or Countess Irene. She would be referred to the Countess OF Glenbrighton and after that, Lady Glenbrighton. This mistake was made over and over by calling characters Duchess So and So or Countess So and So instead of Lady So and So and was very annoying. If you're going to write a Regency with characters from the ton, know how they are to be addressed and styled.

Mirabella has given up hope that her fiance, Viscount Stonehurst, will ever return to marry her. Their fathers fixed the match six years ago after which he left for the Americas declaring he'd only return and marry her when he was old and gray. Since she was destined to be a spinster what would it hurt if she let a few gentlemen steal a kiss in the garden? Especially if the kisses revealed the identity of the man who drove her best friend Sarah to suicide? When Viscount Stonehurst returns unexpectedly, it creates more than one embarrassing moment for Mirabella.

This is the author's first Regency and it does show. What was surprising is that this isn't this author's first novel, she writes under a different name as well. My biggest criticism of this book was the dialogue. Mirabella is no novice to the ton or to the rules of society. It is not quite believable that she would as if she had no social filter on what she says or that she would be so forthcoming and unguarded with her returned fiance, especially at first.

In addition, the author does not fully establish why some characters would act as they do in the story. The "bad guy" for example, (he's not the actual antagonist in this story) is not really established as someone who would act as he does. There are no flaws revealed in his character until the last handful of pages when he's "revealed". It wasn't a surprise he ends up being the baddie, but Grey does not establish his character in this vein. Finally, the characters are likable, but they don't work as a couple. The chemistry feels forced.

It's a nice little story, just don't have great expectations.

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