e-Book A Kept Woman download

e-Book A Kept Woman download

by Louise Bagshawe

ISBN: 0755340574
ISBN13: 978-0755340576
Language: English
Publisher: Headline Review (2001)
Pages: 448
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 566
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He steepled his fingers, which he thought made him look statesmanlike. Jack Fineman’s cool, air-conditioned office looked out over Gramercy Park. Jack Fineman’s cool, air-conditioned office looked out over Gramercy Park rges and the chess-players hustling the rubes, and considered he information, his lawyer had dug up. ‘So how much exactly would you say Cicero was worth?’ o A nanny in jeans and a soft cashmere sweater. strolled by, pushing a double stroller. So many New York wives were on fertility treatments now that you saw twins and triplets everywhere.

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Diana Foxton is the Toast of New York. She's rich, British and beautiful, with a designer wardrobe to die for.

The internationally bestselling author of Sparkles is back with an irresistibly juicy novel about three powerful women-once best friends, now deadly rivals. Texan honey Sally Lassiter, English rose Jane Morgan, and exotic Jordanian beauty Helen Yanna meet at an exclusive girls' school in . and vow that nothing will ever tear them apart. But when catastrophe strikes, two of the young women find themselves grieving and penniless, and the third will be forced into a fate she could never have foreseen. Diana Foxton is the Toast of New York.

Louise Bagshawe writes novels about strong women and even stronger me. ong Reasons Why are . Louise Bagshawe updated their cover photo. 26 December 2015 ·. Louise Bagshawe.

Louise Bagshawe writes novels about strong women and even stronger men. She's a 'More is More' type  . PagesPublic figureAuthorLouise BagshawePosts. 25 September 2015 ·. So on my sebagshawe twitter feed today I see an interesting blog post by another writer, laGriffith, about male protagonists on the Man Booker prize.

by. Bagshawe, Louise. General, Fiction - General, Women.

UGC Certified Member. A Kept Woman by Louise Bagshawe. I thought in the beginning that it’s going to be a book that I chose ‘wrongly’ from the library, but apparently not. Are you familiar with this? Feel free to rate it! I have just finished reading this amazing novel, A Kept Woman by Louise Bagshawe just yesterday night. agree +1. disagree ? discuss I thought in the beginning that it’s going to be a book that I chose ‘wrongly’ from the library, but apparently not. In fact, I love the characters of Diana Verity. and Michael Cicero pretty much.

Jack Tolliver was born rich. He was good looking and a player. He was groomed for football and politics. His football career was going great until his injury. His staff decided that a playboy reputation would keep him out of the Senate so they picked a divorced, nearly destitute, mother of three to pretend a love affair. The problems arose when the two fell in love. Instead of acting love they felt it, only they had to pretend to their friends and family it was still a contract. Throw in an unexpected pregnancy, some misunderstandings, the ex husband, a conniving ex girlfriend and you get a great romance, a fun read and a happily ever after.

Sam is a harried single mother of three. Her ex declared he was gay and skipped out before her youngest was even born, and has never paid child support. At a girl's night out, she gets a little tipsy and admits she would not mind being a "kept woman" to a wealthy man. One of her friends is the campaign manager for Jack, a womanizing politician in need of an image makeover since the last time her ran for office and made sexist remarks that lost him the female vote. She proposes that he pretend to be engaged to Sam to soften his image when he runs for the US Senate. Sam balks at first, then when she realizes how much she could gain financially as a result, she decides to do it for her children.

The press eats up the relationship between the two, which almost immediately turns physical. But Jack's former lover Christy is a journalist who will do anything to discredit the relationship to secure a better media job. As she schemes to locate the long lost husband to get Sam to admit the truth of the relationship, Sam and Jack are finding themselves falling for each other and wanting to stay together after the primary. Will Christy's scheming be successful?

As always, Donovan infuses her story with great bantering dialogue and lots of sensuality. Yes, the plot is recylced, but Donovan's skill with a written word makes this one a winner. The pair oozes sex appeal off every page, and make for one fun ride to the finish!

I'm VERY picky and know a good read when I see one and this is it.I thought The Kept Woman would be the usual cheesiness I'm use to but Susan Donovan created some likable characters.

Samantha Monroe is a divorced mother of 3 who's ex husband walked out on her while she was pregnant with their last child claiming he's now gay. Sam is such a strong woman to look up to. She's a great mom who does her best to live her life and support her kids as best she can while working her butt off.

Enter her friend Kara a political consultant for US Senate candidate Jack Tolliver. After boasting that she sees nothing wrong in being a kept woman, Kara pitches the idea to Jack and the rest of the team and they bring Sam and the kids on board.

Once the show gets on the road you REALLY start to like Jack despite his playboy ways. Once you meet his MDT, dragon lady of a mother you see that the rumors ARE true. Absent and cold mothers make little boys grow into men who treat women like dirt. Sam however gives Jack that womanly love and affection he never got from his mother AND from women of his past who only want him as a rich name and former NFL player. Especially one jilted ex girlfriend in Christy Schoen, a news reporter determined to be the whistle blower on Jack and Sam's arrangement in order to advance her career while sending Jack's up in flames.

It's laugh out loud funny with Sam's youngest Dakota and his potty training mishaps. The ONLY thing that annoyed me was Sam's best friend Monte. I assume Susan Donovan thought the book needed some diversity but it was DULY noted that Monte was black and the few 'black behind' and 'that Sam is one fine white man' comments annoyed me. After their relationship progresses there is a sort of sped up feeling towards the end but Ms. Donovan set up all the character players perfectly so if something seems out of place, it's place IS revealed perfectly when revealed.

Other than that I'd HIGHLY recommend you pick this up.

Tyler Is Not Here
The Kept Woman was pretty good. It's about Sam who has 3 children and can't get a head in life. Her husband turns out to be gay and leaves her, her kids all have issues going on, and Sam is working constantly just to survive. Then she gets into a deal with Jack, a handsome rich politician who ends up being advised to rent Sam to win the upcoming election. Although the book had some predictability it was fast, fun, and easy to read. I liked Sam as a character. She was sweet, funny, a good mother, and had a naughty side to her. I was a little mixed about Jack, but began to instantly like him after the contract was signed. Sam and Jack hit it off and had quite a few steamy sex scenes. Dakota was one of my favorite characters also. He made me laugh at his cute little behaviors and it was so easy to picture him in a T-shirt with no diaper on.

There were a few things in the book I wasn't sure fit in well. For one, Sam really liked Jack, but she didn't get him a Christmas present. Wasn't sure why she didn't. I know she blurted out the contract to her ex-husband to shut him up, but that seems a little careless on her part and I was surprised she did. I think the author could have found another way to get that part of the story out. The only thing I really didn't like sometimes was the story's POV changing half way through the story. It started out being just Sam and Jack and then all the sudden someone else was added in and then half was through the book another person was added in. I know the author was just telling the story so you could see it from all angles, but sometimes that became distracting and gave things away in the story to easy.

Overall I liked the book and will probably read other books by this author.

ISBN: 0440215838
ISBN13: 978-0440215837
language: English
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