e-Book PopCo download

e-Book PopCo download

by Scarlett Thomas

ISBN: 1841157643
ISBN13: 978-1841157641
Language: English
Publisher: HarperPerennial (August 1, 2005)
Pages: 448
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Literature

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PopCo by Scarlett Thomas is one of those books that is a revelation. PopCo was the novel Scarlett Thomas wrote before The End Of Mr Y, though it's now being re-marketed after the success of the former

PopCo by Scarlett Thomas is one of those books that is a revelation. Every now and then, I come across a book wherein I know the author’s ideas and beliefs line up so well with mine that it is very nearly eerie. PopCo encapsulated so many of my own thoughts that I likely annoyed everyone around me as I recommended this book to one and all, even going so far as to purchase several copies at a book clearance store so I could give copies away. PopCo was the novel Scarlett Thomas wrote before The End Of Mr Y, though it's now being re-marketed after the success of the former. I found it as compelling as Mr Y but not as satisfying, particularly the ending.

Edinburgh, london, new york, melbourne. I work at a toy company called PopCo. Most people love working at PopCo. For Francesca Ashurst and Couze Venn. It’s a young, cool company with no dress code, no rules and no set working hours, well, not for the Ideation and Design (ID) staff anyway.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. PopCo tells the story of Alice Butler-a subversively smart girl in our commercial-soaked world who grows from recluse orphan to burgeoning vigilante.

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Scarlett Thomas's PopCo is a big, zeitgeisty novel that free-associates in the way that only cyberpunk science-fiction . Thomas’ ability to include mathematics in her fiction is impressive on several counts.

Thomas’ ability to include mathematics in her fiction is impressive on several counts.

Cannonball Read III: PopCo by Scarlett Thomas. The book started off being amazing balls. About a hundred pages in, I still had no idea if it would turn out to be a murder mystery, some kind of science fiction, a coming of age/reawakening story, or what

Cannonball Read III: PopCo by Scarlett Thomas. I admit it, I bought the book for the cover. About a hundred pages in, I still had no idea if it would turn out to be a murder mystery, some kind of science fiction, a coming of age/reawakening story, or what. What it turned out to be is a big fucking disappointment, people.

Scarlett Thomas (born 5 July 1972 in Hammersmith) is an English author who writes contemporary postmodern fiction. She has published ten novels, including The End of Mr. Y and PopCo, as well as the Worldquake series of children's books, and Monkeys With Typewriters, a book on how to unlock the power of storytelling. She is Professor of Creative Writing & Contemporary Fiction at the University of Kent.

Scarlett Thomas is the author of PopCo and The End of Mr. Y. She has been nominated for the Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction, and named Writer of the Year by Elle UK, one of the twenty best young writers by the Independent, and one of twenty best writers under forty by the Telegraph. Библиографические данные.

A gripping, topical novel about branding, code breaking, insidious marketing and strangely powerful toys from the acclaimed young writer Scarlett Thomas. Everyone loves working at PopCo. It's a very young, very cool company with no dress code, no rules and no set working hours. If you work at PopCo you're just as likely to pull all-nighters making prototypes as you are to suddenly decamp en masse to Prague for a week of trend-spotting or fact finding. It's that sort of place. Alice is the exception. She likes working for PopCo, but she doesn't love it. She's good at her job though. She's inherited a love of puzzles from her grandfather who was a code-breaker at Bletchley Park during the war, and is quietly becoming the star of PopCo's 'Ideation' team. Now Alice has been called down to a mysterious 'thought camp' in Devon with the rest of the team. They're brainstorming over the toy market for teenage girls. Boys have plenty of crazes from Pokemon cards to videogames, but no one has come up with a killer brand for teenage girls. PopCo want to be first and Alice thinks she's cracked it, but suddenly she's not that sure she wants to unleash her idea on the world. Could it have another application? And how sinister is marketing to children anyway? PopCo is a compelling story of rivalry, secrecy, big business and branding, an eye-opening work of fiction by a smart, edgy young writer.
I'll say from the get-go that Scarlett Thomas is not a writer for everyone, but she does resonate with me. I enjoyed this book immensely. I love how she incorporates elements of science and weaves it in and out of the story. Her protagonist is unique, odd and (for me, at least), totally and completely intriguing and lovable. I can see how some people might be put off by the end, and there were a couple places where our cultural differences shone through (I'm from the US), such as the mention of genetically modified foods (which are more commonly accepted here than in Europe), however I'd say keep an open mind. It's good to challenge our thinking and our acceptance of reality, and Thomas is the master of getting you to do that.

But, if you stay with it, you just might get some answers.

Thomas moves us in with Alice; and sometimes she isn't a great roommate. Some of her acquaintances are interesting, some are mysterious and some are a bit scary (in a non-lethal way - we hope).

Why did he leave (do I care?)? What do I do now? And what does the code on the necklace mean?

I don't know why I'm doing this PopCo thing since I don't like how they do things. But I don't know how to do anything else, do I? I once did. Can I again? Will I?

How did my mother know so long ago? Why am I so unlike her, but she's the one I want to know? Why did it take so long to get to know her again?

Some of Alice's values and morals are relative to the moment and place as she plays conformist to things that aren't really her; maybe. But there's that necklace.

Academic or artist? Grandfather, Grandmother (my favorite), neither or both? Leader, follower, merely playing a game? Will the real Alice stand up; show up; wake up? Can Alice find Alice? Necklace?

Is it harmful marketing to promote one way of life but not harmful marketing to promote the opposite? Is it wrong to help one group at the expense of another but right to redefine the groups but not the outcome? And, of course, there's always that favorite - does the end justify the means?

Did I mention the necklace? And the code on the necklace?

PopCo is Alice's story starting with math and logic, and ending with philosophy and feeling. A split storyline presents Alice growing up and Alice today. Both lead us, not too subtly, to Thomas's message about herself (uh, Alice).

Though a bit naive, the book is put together well and the settings add to the enjoyment. Thomas uses gloves rather than bare knuckles to push her agenda; so pads aren't needed. I was hoping for more, but I am satisfied with less.

Now, where did I put that necklace?

I really liked Our Tragic Universe and I loved The End of Mr. Y by the same author, so I decided to check out some of her other novels. While overall I liked PopCo, I liked the other two novels much more. PopCo has a slow start and it took me awhile to really get into the story. Once I did, it was a pretty entertaining read, except when the author started discussing prime factorization or some mathematical code breaking method. I've never been a huge fan of math, so those sections were kind of a bore to read. Thankfully, most of the novel is about the story (or should I say stories) surrounding our main character, Alice: there's her in present time trying to create a product for teenage girls, then there's her in the past living with her grandparents trying to decipher coded manuscripts while also dealing with school and growing up. There were also some interesting discussions between the characters about the nature of reality, god, the afterlife, and corporate greed.

Unlike some of the reviewers, I really didn't have a problem with the ending. For me, it was more satisfying than the endings for Our Tragic Universe and The End of Mr. Y. Overall, while I liked PopCo, I found the other two novels to be better. If you're new to this author, I'd recommend starting with The End of Mr. Y.

Here are my ratings for the three books I've read from her so far:

PopCo (3 and a 1/2 stars)
The End of Mr. Y (5 stars)
Our Tragic Universe (4 stars)

I'm looking forward to hunting down some of her earlier novels, because I do enjoy her style of writing.

I first encountered Scarlett Thomas's work three years ago, at a now defunct surplus book store in Reading, Pa. The book as "Our Tragic Universe", and I was attracted by the odd cover. This of curse made me grin quite a bit during the reading of "Popco", but "Universe" reminded me of several hundred discussions I was in back in the 70's and 80's.It invited me to think thoughts and admit to interests long buried. Later I obtained "Mr.Y" and continued to be amused, impressed, strangely inspired and always involved in the story. Scarlett personalizes, fantasizes, and humanizes abstract conceptual issues and modes of thought in a unique way. While not exactly page turners, (although it seems likely she is more than capable of doing that as well)the books absorb you as you also absorb many of their ideas. Both of these are a bit more speculative and slightly science/conceptual/philosophical "fictiony", to coin a term, than "Popco".

This is the first of these books that introduce the application of ideas into novel life situations, and is truly a work that presents a highly identifiable situation, and one that can be emphasized with if not outright identified with. I like the characters, understand the plot and between cryptanalysis, ciphers. codes, marketing and maths I was often reminded how much I have forgotten and that there truly IS a way to make these things work within a larger context. I liked it quite a lot.

Biggest waste of time and money! I don't think she even knew what kind of book she wanted to write. The entire part about PopCo wasn't even relevant to what I am assuming was the main story line... the code breaking for the treasure. The ending was absolutely abhorrent! It was like she just decided time was up, pen down. Awful.

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