e-Book Saving Grace download

e-Book Saving Grace download

by Julie Garwood

ISBN: 0517154714
ISBN13: 978-0517154717
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Value Publishing (June 13, 1995)
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Literature

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The beginning was depressing and I just didn't liking the heroine.

The beginning was depressing and I just didn't liking the heroine.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Bestselling author Julie Garwood has written an irresistible novel about a fierce Scottish Highlander and the English lady who will bring him to his knees.

Джулия Гарвуд - "Добрый ангел"). Barnslay Monastery, England, 1200. Holy Bishop Hallwick, will you explain to us the hierarchy in heaven and on earth? Who is the most esteemed in God's eyes?" the student asked. Don't the apostles stand first in God's good graces?" the second student inquired. Nay," replied the wise bishop. The archangel Gabriel, protector of women and children, our champion of the innocents, stands first above all others.

Home Julie Garwood Saving Grace. I believed the risk was worth it," she replied. It was an important paper to save. John's signature appears at the bottom, and his seal is affixed.

New York Times Bestselling Author.

Julie Garwood Saving Grace (Джулия Гарвуд - "Добрый ангел") - прим. Lady MorganaPrologue Barnslay Monastery, England, 1200 Holy Bishop Hallwick, will you explain to us the hierarchy in heaven and on earth?

Julie Garwood Saving Grace (Джулия Гарвуд - "Добрый ангел") - прим. Lady MorganaPrologue Barnslay Monastery, England, 1200 Holy Bishop Hallwick, will you explain to us the hierarchy in heaven and on earth? Who is the most esteemed in God's eyes?" the student asked.

In this splendid New York Times bestseller, Julie Garwood brilliantly crafts the majestic story of a young Englishwoman.

Lady Johanna, a widow in thirteenth-century England, is thrust into another marriage of convenience, but finds herself drawn to her gruff yet gentle husband.

Johanna came to this depressing conclusion after living with her husband for three long months. Gabriel was downright mean-hearted. He was outrageously stubborn, horribly set in his ways. Those were his better qualities. He treated her like an invalid. She wasn’t allowed to lift a finger, was waited on hand and foot, and was always followed around by one of his men. She put up with the nonsense for a good two months before her irritation got the better of her. She did protest then, but to no avail. Gabriel wouldn’t listen

Lady Johanna has recently become a widow, and against her wishes King John has commanded that she marry a Scottish Laird Gabriel MacBain. A warrior and leader, a man who has combined the strength of two clans, separate but together in harmony. Johanna knows that she has little choice, but she refuses to be treated the way her previous husband treated her. So in the moment where she meets her future husband, she feels fear, but she also feels an attraction she can’t explain. She senses he is a man of honor and integrity and has a son that is in need of a mother. Johanna married The MacBain. But as a English woman she never realized the difference in living with Scots…their culture, way of manner and speaking, very different but full of zest and passion. There are changes to be done, and Johanna is willing to do whatever it takes to win the hearts of the two clans and bring them together as one clan, to charm the little boy who needs affection and love, and above all to win the heart of her gruff warrior MacBane, who needs her compassion and love in a life where he has only known duty and loyalty.

The Hero
Gabriel MacBain, is the laird over two clans, both the MacBains and the MacLaurin’s. He is illegitimate, but has proved himself to be a talented warrior and leader. The responsibility of bringing them together is not an easy task, but marrying a woman he doesn’t know, brings him land and a place of safety and security for his people and will protect them at all costs. Gabriel has a son Alec, but isn’t sure if he is his by blood, but he claims him wholeheartedly with no regrets. Gabriel is such a great hero, and plays the perfect role for Saving Grace. I just couldn’t get enough of his hard and gruff exterior, but on the inside he is as soft as a teddy bear at times. You see his loyalty and strength, and I admired his manner toward those he protected and care for. He respects the opinion of those in his clan.

The Heroine
Johanna, has a sweet and loving nature. And this nature comes natural to her. She hasn’t had a easy life since she got married. She believes that she is barren and unable to have children. Her first husband was not kind to her. But she grew up with a loving family. Johanna has quite the cunning mind, and I loved this heroine…she never ceased to surprise me. She is intelligent, and strong-willed, she stands on her own, and demands respect and affection. She doesn’t back down from standing firm in what she believes in. I loved her passion for life, and how she wants to help the clan as much as her husband does.

Plot and Story Line
I am in the process of re listening to all of Julie Garwood’s books, and I had such a fun time with Saving Grace. It has been way too long since I have had a chance to reconnect with this story, and I am still amazed in how much I truly loved this one. Saving Grace is an enriching romance that just had me listening as much as possible. The narrator is quite talented, and I loved her inflections. She handles the accents and various voices quite well. If you have yet to read Saving Grace or even listened to an audiobook from Julie Garwood…you are definitely missing out on something wonderful. Nothings brings me more joy than listening to one of her historical’s and we see such a charming and sweet romance. There are so many moments to love…I love how our heroine of the story fights for the clan in ways you don’t see coming. I love the scene where she teaches the men manners…and the throwing of dishes….spectacular. She is willful at times and a fighter, I love how this small timid woman stands up to these Scottish warriors. You gain respect for her pretty quickly. I also adored the little boy Alec….who is so in need of some good mothering. I love how he reacts to Johanna and they bond to each other pretty quickly. The story has a deep plot at times, with some intensity especially toward the end, that really grabs at you, and a twist I wasn’t expecting, but knowing Garwood I should have expected it. Saving Grace is a story of redeeming love, and carving a new life out of unexpected circumstances.

The Cover
I really like all the covers for this story. But I really adored the audio version, I love how you see the difference in the colors of the plaid, adds dimension and you see how that connects to the story.

Overall View
Saving Grace is a truly magnificent story that pulls at you, a tale of sacrifice, riveting emotion and a deep and abiding love.

I'd read this story back in 1993 when it had been first published. I loved it.

Fast forward 35 years and I couldn't remember the name of this book. I only remembered the heroine, learning her husband was dead, sobbing in the church. Everyone thought she was praying for his soul. Her whispered words were....

I won't reveal what she said because it's so good everyone should experience it themselves.

I will agree with some critics that Ms. Garwood has a particular type of female protagonist she likes to create time and again. It can get boring to read about that formulaic type of woman, but remember, it was 1993, and authors weren't allowed to write a woman outside of publishing parameters.

The big book publishers controlled it all.

Not like today where every sort of woman is created and we get to live vicariously through them.

Still and all, I'm delighted I asked the Goodreads discussion group to help me name the title, and within 30 minutes I had the answer. And now, 35 years later, the book is still wonderful. I will continue to revisit more of Ms. Garwood's stories in the coming months.

Love this author's writing! Strong, independent, loyal women. Overcoming adversity and finding love in trying circumstances. Strong, independent, protective, heroes. In this story Joanna is the heroine, having survived a cruel husband's mistreatment. Given in marriage to Laird Gabriel McBain, Joanna finds herself overcoming the prejudice of being an Englishwoman in the highlands of Scotland. As she helps her husband re-build and combine his clan into a strong united force, a dangerous secret from her English past threatens the lives of her and her new-found clansmen. Enjoyable read!

Based on the 5 Garwood medieval HRs and 2 of her regency HRs, I can say that her MCs are built on a pretty predictable template. In “Saving Grace”, while the basic characteristics are similar to the heroes/heroines from the other books, the heroine is a little different. She is a survivor of an abusive marriage and is trying to find her way in her new marriage, and in the process, finding her own place in the world. I think it is an interesting twist to the standard Garwood plot but it took half a book to get to the point when the heroine realizes that she needs to take control of her life (such as it is in 13th century Highlands). The heroine spends a lot of time dissembling and being evasive, which does get annoying at times. A part of the reason why the heroine has so little self-worth is due to the teachings of a bishop who was her confessor. I don’t know much about the church back in those days but it does sound plausible that he was so bigoted and demeaning to women. What is aggravating and unbelievable is to paint how naïve the heroine is in falling for all the bulls***, hook, line and sinker. The heroine spends a lot of her time evaluating her life in terms of religion (guilt and sin). I personally don’t like so much emphasis on religion and the church in my HRs.

Ms. Garwood spins a good yarn although her prose sometimes grates due to the overuse of certain words such as “blurt” (52 occurrences). It would seem that her editor should have pointed it out. Garwood also tends to have her heroines wring their hands a lot.

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