e-Book Backpack download

e-Book Backpack download

by Emily Barr

ISBN: 0747267359
ISBN13: 978-0747267355
Language: English
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing Ltd (2001)
Pages: 480
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Literature

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Showing 22 distinct works. Girls' Night In by. Lauren Henderson, Chris Manby.

Sometimes travelling alone can be murder. The original backpacking novel. As I’ve been writing for years and have thirteen books out in the world, I never expected that I’d be announcing a debut all over again

Sometimes travelling alone can be murder. As I’ve been writing for years and have thirteen books out in the world, I never expected that I’d be announcing a debut all over again. However, here it is: The One Memory of Flora Banks is my debut book for young adults. I started writing this as a thriller for adults, but as the story unfolded I realised that it was actually something quite different from anything I had previously written. I wrote it over the course of a couple of years, entirely as a labour of love as I had no idea whether anyone would ‘get’ it or.

Emma Fenney, Emily Barr. The wonderful first novel from the critically acclaimed author of The Sleeper and The Sisterhood. Like a lot of travellers on the Lonely-Planet-led Asian Grand Tour, Tansy is intensely irritating at first.

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I really enjoyed Emily Barr's previous best selling novel Backpack. Therefore, I looked forward to reading Baggage. I love Emily Barr's books! All my favourite elements rolled into one - travel, great characters, slight mystery - thoroughly great read. Baggage did start out very promising, but started floundering miserably toward the middle.

Emily Barr Emily Barr. Ella Black seems to live the life most other seventeen-year-olds would kill for.

When you wake up and realise you're trending Arty has always lived in the Clearing, a commune hidden in the forests of south India. But her happy life, separate from the rest of the world, is shattered after a terrible event. Until one day, telling her nothing, her parents whisk her off to Rio de Janeiro.

From the publishers of Thirtynothing comes a sparkling comic debut that asks: Can a twenty-something woman find true love, inner peace, and clean linen on a journey through Asia?

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Read "Backpack A dark suspense thriller with a shocking twist" by Emily Barr .

Book by Emily Barr
Tansy's mother just died and her relationship with her boyfriend is falling apart. So what is a girl to do except travel throughout Asia for the next year? While traveling, Tansy gets closer to her remaining family and friends, and she even meets a few new friends. But don't think Tansy is a backpacker -- she is adamant that is is not...until one day she finds she may be the type of person she always loathed. But is that necessarily a bad thing?

This book read like a non-fiction traveling book until the end. It was interesting to see Transy grow as a character and to explore these new countries with her. But the character was very hard to like, so much so that it was hard to read. This book is recommended for anyone who wants to have a bit of traveling but can't afford the plane ticket.



I purchased this book with the impression that this would be a romantic comedy.
After reading the first pages, I quickly realized that, in my opinion, I would certainly not qualify this as a comedy.
The writing was heavy and I just did not care for it at all.

I was reminded of Backpack by Emily Barr when I saw she had recently released a new book. I bought Backpack many years ago now, a few years after its initial release (I’m thinking 2007?), so with a bit of digging through my cupboards I found the paperback copy and gave it a read.

When I first saw this book, I remember thinking it was chick-lit (based on judging the book by its cover), not something I’d be interested in. But after I’d read the blurb and it talked of backpacking through Asia with a murderer following her, I took the plunge and bought the book. Once I started reading it I was so glad I did. So while it is categorised on Amazon as “Women’s Fiction”, I feel all sexes would enjoy reading this.

Tansy, in the beginning of this novel, is fairly unlikeable. Her mother has just died, and she’s hard drinking / hard drugging herself to forget about it. Convinced to take some time off from her life and go travelling with her boyfriend, she books a backpacking trip through Asia. Her boyfriend pulls out at the last minute and she’s forced to travel alone.

She arrives with impractical clothing and despising everyone, especially the backpackers who she believes herself to be above. Of course along the way she meets many interesting people who she begins to trust and love. As the novel progresses, news of murdered backpackers that look a lot like Tansy are showing up dead, in places she has visited. Of course she becomes less of a douche along the way, and embraces the backpacking way of life.

So part mystery / suspense, part self-discovery, part comedy, this novel deftly blends all three together into a thoroughly enjoyable read. The descriptions of life on the road as a backpacker and of the places and people Tansy meets along the way are immersive, obviously written by someone who has travelled the circuit.

"Sometimes travelling alone can be murder".... Backpack by Emily Barr opens with Tansy burying her Mother, the end of a lifetime of care that frees her up to leave her job and go travelling. Young Tansy is not a likeable character as she jets off to Vietnam, her demons plague the prose - alcoholism, drug-taking...you name it. To begin with she is a hugely self-referring character, critical of others, desultory about events, and just plain angry. It is, to be frank, a huge struggle to stick with her. But stick with her you should, because she takes her readers to all kinds of wonderful places on the backpacker trail, and introduces us to the obvious places like the Khao San Road in Bangkok, and amazing Lao and the Plain Jars (and what their purpose was, nobody knows) as well as China and Tibet. So, enjoy the read as she grapples with her sense of self in exotic surroundings, as the pathos builds with a rolling backstory of the murders of young women, all of whom bare a scary resemblance to her....

Having backpacked many places myself (although not the countries Tansy visits in this) I found this book to be really interesting. It was also a nice flashback reminiscing type read to what the backpacking scene was like when this novel was written about ten years ago. I really enjoyed it for the experiences Tansy Harris a middle class blonde white girl endures at the start of her trip and how after getting used to, and less afraid of getting outside of her comfort zone and UK middle class outlook on everything she really started to enjoy the cultures she lived amongst. I particularly liked the being seated next to annoying person on a plane chapter at the start of the trip, something I think who has caught a fair few flights can relate to.

The backpacking (and Tansy never sees herself in her eyes as a lowly backpacker which is interesting reading as that's exactly what she is) is only the backdrop to a wider story about tansy overcoming the rut of her daily life after having to be the primary carer for an alcoholic abusive mother for so many years. She's also got a deadbeat boyfriend although she can't see that. The trip was supposed to be with him but he pulled out at the last minute, she thinks knowing he would all along. Tansy never wanted to really go to south east Asia, she wanted to travel the USA which adds to her mood about Vietnam when she arrives. Then you can also throw in the serial killer aspect to this tale, where girls who look like Tansy are being murdered with possessions that are the same things she owns herself being left with each victim. Is someone after her?

I really liked how this tale looks closely at the negative and positive aspects of backpackers and other tourists on destinations, especially local cultures. I think this book pulls off that aspect better than non fiction travel books whose primarily objective is debating that issue.

It's a great read, I've already ordered the sequel The Life You Want.

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