e-Book 'Til Death download

e-Book 'Til Death download

by Ed McBain

ISBN: 0752857959
ISBN13: 978-0752857954
Language: English
Publisher: Orion Pub Co (December 2003)
Pages: 195
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Literature

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Ed McBain and Evan Hunter on Internet Book List. 2001 audio interview with Leonard Lopate of WNYC/NPR - RealAudio

Ed McBain and Evan Hunter on Internet Book List. 2001 audio interview with Leonard Lopate of WNYC/NPR - RealAudio. Ed McBain, Evan Hunter bibliographies 1–2 at HARD-BOILED site (Comprehensive Bibliographies by Vladimir).

Dusk was coming on, staining the sky with purple. In the woods, the insects were beginning their night song. In the woods, the insects were beginning their night song omorrow was another workday. Another day was moving into the coolness of the past.

Til Death (87th Precinct. has been added to your Cart. Evan Hunter, the author who as Ed McBain virtually invented the American police procedural with his gritty 87th Precinct series featuring an entire detective squad as its hero, died in 2005 at his home in Weston, Conn.

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Snow whips through the city’s streets like lethal daggers when a young actress leaves the theater after her latest performance. She walks home instead of taking the subway, and soon the snow on the ground is stained red with her blood. A cold, hard winter is blowing in, and it’s bringing greed and murder. For Detectives Carella, Kling, Meyer, and Brown, the sudden storm that has covered the city in a suffocating sheet of ice is only the beginning of their problems.

A great cast of oddball character. .You get a whiff of the madness that can send an angry city reeling into chaos. A page-turner! -Denver Post. McBain serves up a smashing read. Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Ed McBain was an American author and screenwriter. He was born in October 1926 and passed away in July 2005, at the honorable age of seventy-eight. He was born under the name Salvatore Albert Lombino, however he legally changed his name in 1952 to Evan Hunter. Despite this, he is far better known under the name Ed McBain, due to the fact that this is author title on his wildly successful collection of crime fiction novels. Ed McBain was a born and bred New Yorker. He was lived in Harlem, New York City from when he was born until he turned twelve. His family then moved to the Bronx.

Ed McBain (pseudonym of Salvatore Alberto Lombino) (legally changed name to Evan Hunter in 1952) ( 15 October 1926 - 6 July 2005) New York City, USA - Weston, Connecticut, USA. Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America - 1986. Ticket to Death (September 1954, Argosy; also - in Collection "Best Detective Stories of the Year 1955", ed. by David Coxe Cooke, NY: Dutton, 1955) as Evan Hunter aka: Death Flight (in the McBain's collections "The McBain Brief", 1982; and "Learning to Kill", 2006). Every Morning (September 1954, Manhunt, as Richard Marsten; also September 1954, Moongate de Homo Sentiens).

Similar to the previous book, this one follows the events of just one day.
Steve Carrela's sister is getting married and the groom receives a threatening note. He pulls in a couple of off duty members of the 87th squad room to attend the wedding and keep an eye on things.

This is also a very linear story, no secondary cases being investigated at the same time although this one has a couple of minor twists

Not bad and as with most of the books in this series so far it would make a good 1 hour TV episode.

This is another early installment in the 87th Precinct series and the second in a row in which the action all occurs over the course of a single day.

Steve Carella's little sister, Angela, is getting married in a big outdoor wedding in the backyard of the Carella family home. Steve's day begins early with a call from the bridegroom, Tommy Giordano. Tommy is alarmed about something and wants Steve to come over to his house. Carella arrives to find that someone has left a present "For the Groom" on Tommy's front porch. In the box is a Black Widow spider.
Is it a lame wedding day joke, or is someone seriously threatening Tommy's life?

Steve decides to take no chances and calls in a few of the other off-duty detectives to attend the wedding and keep a sharp eye out. They'd better, because it soon becomes clear that the danger is real and it seems to be coming from every direction. And as the afternoon wears on, there's the very real chance that Tommy and Angela's marriage might not even last long enough for the honeymoon to begin. To add to the complications, Steve's wife, Teddy, is very, very pregnant, and Carella has only a week or so to go before he's going to be a father.

This is a short, entertaining read, and all of the characters are in high form. Fans of the series will certainly enjoy it.

McBain managed to capture the changing public scene over more than a generation. His stories are akin to the well-made plays of the late 19th century. Or like the Father Brown mystery series. Formulaic? Sure - the same way opera is. But within the form he mastered so well, McBain was one of a kind.

I wish the Kindle versions didn't remain so expensive. When I have time I'm going to order some worn and tatty paperbacks just for the sheer enjoyment of watching a master perform.

I think only Ed McBain could take only one day and write a whole book that would hold my attention. Steve Carella's sister is getting married and maybe, just maybe someone is trying to kill the groom. Who and why? It could be one of several people but Steve and his buddies from the 87th are running out of time to find the killer. Bert Kling and Cotton Hawes are off duty but agree to come to the wedding to help. Myer Myer and the ones on duty are working on another angle. Also, Teddy, Steve's wife is expecting a baby any time. Does she have it in this book or maybe the next one, have to read to find out. You will not want to put this one down when you start it. A quick easy to read good book.

Steve Carella and the boys of the 87th Precinct can't even enjoy a wedding without a bunch of guys with guns crashing the party. Someone's got it in for the groom, and Steve has to find the culprit before his sister becomes an early widow. I love how all the little asides and conversational diversions end up connecting in the end. McBain is the master of weaving disparate threads of a story into one seamless tapestry. The wry humor is just an added bonus.

Filled with the usual sense of humor, it also has its share of close calls and unexpected twists. Very entertaining and a good read.

Always read this series

Ed Mcbain's Til Death is a very good book. He holds your attention, although his writings can be a bit flowery. Too many adjectives. That being said, I enjoyed this book very much. The writer knows cops. I'm a retired police detective with 25 years under my belt. Take it from me McBain knows cops.

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