e-Book The Inhabited Woman download

e-Book The Inhabited Woman download

by Gioconda Belli

ISBN: 0446672068
ISBN13: 978-0446672061
Language: English
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (October 1, 1995)
Pages: 416
Category: Contemporary
Subategory: Literature

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The Inhabited Woman book.

The Inhabited Woman book.

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Lavinia is The Inhabited Woman : accomplished, independent, and fiercely modern. Gioconda Belli weaves Nicaraguan history and indigenous "roots" into a captivating and moving story about passion for love, justice, and one's country. She is sheltered and self-involved.

by. Belli, Gioconda, 1948-. New York, NY : Warner Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Gioconda Belli is a huge Nicaraguan figure to start-even though there . Raven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger. The Inhabited Woman by Gioconda Belli. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Abeng by Michelle Cliff.

Gioconda Belli is a huge Nicaraguan figure to start-even though there aren’t many in the US who probably recognize her name. She was a headliner of the Sardinista movement in Nicaragua and later left Nicaragua and then the struggle to find readership.

Gioconda Belli (born December 9, 1948 in Managua, Nicaragua) is a Nicaraguan author, novelist and poet. The novel follows two parallel stories: the indigenous resistance to the Spanish and modern insurgency in Central America with various points in common: women's emancipation, passion, and a commitment to liberation.

This book, by a highly regarded Central American poet, is an intelligent romance, an action-adventure with considerable depth. Lavinia Alarcon, 23, an aristocrat from & (read Honduras), has returned from her university studies in Italy to take her first job as an architect

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Home Browse Books Book details, The Inhabited Woman. By Gioconda Belli, Kathleen March. The Inhabited Woman is an intelligent and politically sophisticated adventure-romance in which the soul of an Indian warrior woman from the time of the Conquistadors inhabits the body and mind of Lavinia, a middle class woman living in a Latin American country. With daring and growing self-assertion, Lavinia abandons the confines of her own privileged life to join an underground movement against a dictatorship, undergoing a personal transformation in which she finds - through love - the power and courage to act.

In this love story set against the backdrop of revolution, Lavinia, a beautiful young woman from the upper class, becomes infused with the spirit of an ancient woman warrior and breaks free from her sheltered world, joining with rebels involved in a tragic, bloody struggle to free their country from an oppressive military dictatorship.
I just finished reading this for my Latina Literature class and adore it. Although it may mostly be because I'm a hopeless romantic, there's more than just love and fluff. The time parallel factor is brilliant, almost magic-realism like, there were so many beautiful lines and the writing style is gorgeous. Although romance plays a key factor in the story, Belli does not skimp on the ugly stuff, which brings a good balance. As well as generating discussion about class inequality, The Inhabited Woman also makes some wonderful points about gender differences, which as a Women's and Gender studies/English double major, I love. Do give this a try, this is probably the best book I've read in months.

I found it interesting that Belli would use the character of a Native American woman to be the emotional narrator of this book. At first, it would seem unlikely that a Native American woman who lived a few hundred years before her modern counterpart would have much in common with each other. Yet, Belli does a marvelous job of tying the emotions of the two women together. As a result, the reader is left with the impression that human beings are basically the same despite differences in circumstances and time periods.
While this theme isn't new, Belli presents it in a manner that is very typical of Latin American authors. The book displays a very strong narrative, well-defined characters, and a touch of mysticism to make things seem slightly otherworldly. I did find the revolutionary angle of the text a little dated. But, that fact didn't detract from an otherwise magnificent book. It should be read by anyone who's either looking for an introduction to Latin American literature, or looking for a reminder about the universality of the human emotional experience.

A wonderful book and a great translation. Great for the women in your life because of the strong female characters. Contains a bit of romance, action, suspense, political drama, and tragedy. Beautiful vocabulary, I loved the complexity of the language.

The Inhabited Woman was interesting for me because I spent 9 days in Nicaragua in February. I like to read books about or by authors from the countries that I am visiting. The book had a mystical feel to it but I don't feel it was as well written as Gioconda Belli's autobiography which I also had with me.

Gioconda Belli weaves Nicaraguan history and indigenous "roots" into a captivating and moving story about passion for love, justice, and one's country. Thank you!

if you want to understand the heart of Nicaragua, read this book

I am the reader who reviewed this book on May 6th, 1997, and I just wanted to, how should we say it, emphasize once again that this book is brilliant. I continue to recommend it to everyone from all walks of life. I have conned my whole family into reading it, and my in-laws, and work colleagues, and no one has left disappointed. Books like this make me wonder why some terribly written books sell millions by getting onto Opera's lists and others that are equally accessible literally get sidelined. The encouraging thing is that you can STILL buy it, so do it now!
I guess I need to back up a step and say that I am not saying this belongs on the Top 100 books of the century or anything like that. But if you read more than five books of fiction a year, this is a book that is a good read and very original in how the common revolution theme brings life and death to specific every-day individuals.

Gioconda Belli is one of Nicaragua's most highly regarded writers. Her poetry and fiction have been published in Spain, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Greece and Turkey. She currently lives in Los Angeles. THE INHABITED WOMAN was awarded "Best Literary Work of the Year" by the Union of German Publishers and Editors.
"[It] is a passionate story of love, courage, solidarity and death, where reality and legend blend harmoniously. The lives of the characters are intertwined with the destiny of a country and the struggle of a people for dignity. There is so much truth in this book, that it is impossible for the reader to remain indifferent. This is a story that needed to be told and Belli does it with talent." --Isabel Allende
"THE INHABITED WOMAN is engrossing, reading like an action adventure...[it] opens on a stunning, magical note..." --The Daily News
"THE INHABITED WOMAN revitalizes two literary genres that in recent years seemed to have lost their grips on the imagination of new writers and, as a matter of course, readers-magic realism and social realism." --The Hartford Courant

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