e-Book In the Flesh download

e-Book In the Flesh download

by Portia Da Costa

ISBN: 0373605633
ISBN13: 978-0373605637
Language: English
Publisher: Spice; Original edition (December 20, 2011)
Pages: 384
Category: Erotica
Subategory: Literature

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Rating: 4.1
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Award winning Black Lace author Portia Da Costa presents 10,000 words of delicious erotic romance, plus an 800 word bonus . A version of this story was originally published in The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance.

Award winning Black Lace author Portia Da Costa presents 10,000 words of delicious erotic romance, plus an 800 word bonus excerpt of her novella Power of Three. Portia Da Costa is the best selling author of over thirty novels and novellas of erotica, erotic romance and romantic fiction, as well as 100+ erotic short stories in magazines and anthologies.

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Victorian society already believes she’s a scarlet woman. Why not become one? Beatrice Weatherly’s reputation is in tatters. With scandalous photographs of her being scrutinized by the ton and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice’s only hope - a respectable marriage - is dashed. Then powerful, wealthy Edmund Ellsworth Richie offers an indecent proposal: for one month of hedonistic servitude he’ll pay off her brother’s debts. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Portia Da Costa has an incredible talent for writing erotic romance. She is particularly adept at creating dominant heroes. and Harlequin HQN. In the Flesh. More from The Ladies’ Sewing Circle. who push their lovers’ limits hard, but fall in love so sweetly. She fills the pages with an unparalleled level of eroticism that singes. Forget about the rest and read the very best: Portia Da Costa. A Gentlewoman’s Predicamen.

Автор:Portia Da Costa. RITCHIE COULDNâ?™T RELAX in the damask-upholstered wing chair. It was comfortable enough, and not the usual delicate ladiesâ?™ morning-room chair; but waiting, waiting, waiting, he couldnâ?™t find ease in it. Whatâ?™s the matter with me? Why am I here like this, sneaking around and behaving like a youth in rut with his brains all addled by his first-ever sniff of a real, live woman?

Portia Da Costa’s most popular book is In Too Deep. In the Flesh (Ladies' Sewing Circle, by. Portia Da Costa (Goodreads Author).

Portia Da Costa’s most popular book is In Too Deep.

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Society already believes she's a scarlet woman. Why not become one?Posing nude to appease her now ex-fiancé perhaps wasn't the most prudent idea Beatrice Weatherly has ever had. With the photographs scrutinized up and down the ton and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice's hopes of making a respectable marriage are dashed.

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In The Flesh - Portia Da Costa.

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Society already believes she's a scarlet woman. Why not become one?Posing nude to appease her fiancé perhaps wasn't the most prudent idea Beatrice Weatherly has ever had. Because now her money-hungry beau is gone…and the photographs of her lush body have been scrutinized up and down the ton. With hopes of a respectable marriage dashed and her brother running them into debt with drink, gambling and debauched encounters, Beatrice needs security now more than ever.After one glance of Beatrice's infamous racy cabinet cards, wealthy, powerful and roguish Edward Ellsworth Richie is aroused…and soon obsessed with Beatrice's voluptuous figure. When he offers her an indecent proposal—one month of hedonistic servitude in exchange for enough money to pay her brother's debts—she can hardly refuse.Determined not to let the rogue best her, Beatrice sets out for the infamous House of Mme. Chamfleur to learn sexual acts to appease Edward's well-known appetite—and her own. Soon the couple is playing out exquisite fantasies…and feeling emotion that goes deeper than flesh. Yet when Edward reveals he's already married to a crazed woman locked away, Beatrice must decide if she's prepared to give up everything to be with the one man who can reveal her true nature.
This is definitely a STEAMY novel. The story line is interesting, but not one that has drawn me in so I can't put the book down. I'm still working on it several months after starting reading it and I usually finish "Good" books in about 48 hours.

In The Flesh is book five of The Ladies' Sewing Circle series, but it doesn't matter if you haven't read any of the others (though I recommend that you do), as this book will still make perfect sense.

It tells the story of Beatrice Weatherly, who has been named a scarlet woman because she was tricked into posing for some nude photographs. Now polite society believes her unmarriageable. Add that to the state of her and her brother's finances, and things aren't looking too good for the Weatherlys.

At a public occasion, though, it looks as though their luck is set to change. Edmund Ellsworth Ritchie has been quite taken with Beatrice ever since he saw those infamous cabinet cards, and when he meets her in the flesh, his interest becomes obsession. He makes a proposal that will see the Weatherly finances fixed, but will further besmirch her name. Beatrice decides that since she is already seen as a fallen woman, she may as well behave like one.

So the fun begins. Beatrice is not as experienced with men as the sexy photos would have everyone believe, so she visits the House of Madame Chamfleur to learn how to appease Edmund's appetite. Life becomes incredibly exciting for Beatrice, until a dark secret in her lover's past threatens everything they have built together.

Portia Da Costa is one of my favourite erotic romance authors, and has been for a long time. In The Flesh isn't my favourite of her books (that title goes to In Too Deep), but I enjoyed it very much. The historical part of it felt very real and was immersive, and I thought the storyline and the heat level were apt for that era. The writing, as always, was superb and I watched the characters' journeys with interest, and found the ending satisfying. Definitely one to add to your bookshelves if you enjoy historical erotic romance.

There are some Hot Romance Novels that scatter the rocking the headboard around the plot, taking you through the story and using the sex scenes as an accompaniment. Then there are books like In the Flesh, by Portia Da Costa, that use the opposite tactic: you move from sex scene to sex scene, with a little plot thrown in for fun.

The basic story here focuses on Beatrice Weatherly, the so-called Siren of South Mulberry Street due to her posing nude for some racy photos, and Edmund Ellsworth Ritchie, a wealthy rake who is utterly captivated by her. Ritchie proposes that Beatrice become his courtesan, and in exchange, he will cover the debt her brother has incurred. Beatrice figures why not; everyone thinks she is a woman of loose morals, thanks to those pictures, so she might as well shed her virginity and hop into bed with Ritchie. Within minutes of meeting each other, Ritchie has her skirt up and his finger You Know Where, and we are off to the races.

A side story involves Beatrice's brother, Charles, who enjoys not just women, but men. Yes, kids, we have a threesome! I'll say that the threesome scene is pretty hot. Sadly, there is only one.

Most of the sex scenes involve Ritchie and Beatrice, as he brings her to "crisis," as Da Costa calls it. In one of their first assignations, Ritchie actually achieves "crisis" in his pants. Each is nervous; in fact, it takes a while for Beatrice to actually see Ritchie's throbbing male member, the reasons for which somewhat relate to one of the plot threads, and she has to overcome her own sense of feeling self-conscious. Still, Ritchie is bewitched by her: "Last night she'd been delicious and responsive and he knew she could and would be just as willing soon. Yet still she seemed nervous about exposing herself.
How strangely contrary. You'll pose unclothed for photographs that are circulated to hundreds of avid men, yet you won't show your naked puss to me in private. You're a conundrum, Beatrice Weatherly, a veritable mystery."

The man behind the pictures also becomes a plot point, as Da Costa tries to shake up the monotony of puckered nipples and aching erections with story lines.

In terms of literary merit, In the Flesh can be found wanting. But in terms of hot sex scenes, it's pretty good. The headboard rocking got a little repetitive, but the threesome scene? THAT was hot.

Thanks to NetGalley for a preview. This review also appears on cupcake's book cupboard.

ISBN: 0027936600
ISBN13: 978-0027936605
language: English
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